slappe and brit brit

Monday, March 30, 2009

so the question of day on saturday was, "how was the britney spears concert?".

my answer?


it was entertaining that's for sure, a massive production with hundreds of performers and dancers, but i felt like it all was one big rouse to mask the fact that britney wasn't singing.

from reading previous reviews i knew that the majority of the circus tour was lip synced but i guess i didn't realize how boring that really is to watch.

when muffin, court, the klutz, erin, lastic, julie and i all traveled to pittsburgh on friday to see britney's concert i was looking forward to a fun night with my girls with some brit brit on the side. but the fact that there was literally a 6 song run during her performance of songs that i have never heard of i realized that maybe i hit the realization to make me appreciate live singing musicians that much more.

i felt like i was at an oversize dance club where the dj played only britney spears songs. i'm not going to stop loving britney, she's still an icon. i'm also not going to stop getting excited when i hear her songs come on, but would i see her in concert again? only if it was free.

thankfully her performers added some spice to the show - them and the people watching of my fellow concert goers.

for example, the group of high school girls sitting in front of us. these girls were WASTED. and not only were they wasted but two of them were making out with each other - while i know that this is probably a girls gone wild dream, i couldn't help but think that these two were simply putting on a show. for who i'm not sure.

these same two making out girls also offered court money for her beer. these girls had guts, that's for sure.

after the concert it was raining and i got lost from the group, but i randomly got to meet jenn (hi jenn!), which was very cool.

but let me back up a bit here. because something worth sharing happened on the way to pittsburgh.

we ran out of gas. well, court's jeep ran out of gas.

the whole situation was one of the singular funniest moments of my life. we knew it was going to happen - being on the turnpike the exits are all that plentiful. lucky for us we were able to coast our way off the highway within eyesight of a gas station.

court making her way back from the gas station

you would think that once we got the can of gas we would be fine, but the gas wasn't going in the tank and we had to flag down a guy in a truck. because if you drive a truck you obviously know how to do handy things, duh.

moral of the story? fill up your gas tank before getting on the turnpike.

saturday night i had my friend slappe's bachlorette party!!!!

a group of us got together at her friends house in cleveland heights before we headed to zocalo on east 4th for lots and lots and lots of tequila. ole!

slappe even got in the upside down margarita chair. she took it down like a champ.

mother-in-law and mother of the bride (slappe). mom's and penis straws make me giggle

after zocalo we bowled our hearts out at the corner alley dancing, singing, drinking, shot taking and generally having fun. it was the pre-game before we got dirty on the dance floor.

next we headed to cadillac ranch/barroom because slappe wanted to dance. there were insane lines at both doors AND we had to pay to get in - these things alone helped us make the decision to head to the warehouse district.

people that hang out at those bars at midnight on the weekends for the most part just aren't my people. frankly that place scares me. but moving on.

we made our way to ultra where the tequila theme continued but this time with dirty dancing. slappe made it on the table to be specific.

looking back on the evening i don't think i have ever seen slappe have so much fun. she was so happy and i hope she wasn't too hungover on sunday. helping her celebrate her bachlorette party with her friends and family made me that much more excited for her and jason's wedding in april.

all in all this was a busy but very fun weekend, and spending sunday on the couch was just what i needed to prepare for a busy work week.

but on a random blogger note. not once, not twice but three times this weekend people that i have never met before came up to me out of the blue saying that they are fans of this blog.

words can't even explain what a compliment this is to me. it means so much to me that people actually read this blog, it's shocking actually. but i thank each and everyone of you that keep coming back to read about this train wreck that i call my life.

have a great week everyone.


  1. I would have thought with all the publicity Britney gets for not singing, she would do something to fix that, this being her "comeback tour" and all. Oh well! At least you still had fun!

  2. Your life experiences make for excellent blog material!

    Glad you had a good weekend!

  3. as much of an icon as britney is, i still wonder why guys go to her concerts. i think it's not as much for her as much as they would the high school girls making out with each other.

  4. See? I love Britters too but ain't no way I'm paying to see her not sing in concert. If I'm going to see someone live...I expect to see them LIVE.

  5. You're kinder than I am when it comes to drunk teenagers. I would've had some sharp, old lady words for them. Ha!

    Chalk up the money spent on the Britney concert as money to get that girl back on her feet. If she didn't have this tour, who knows how she'd be handling the real world. Know what I mean?

    BTW, THANK YOU for your donation to my cause. You're one in a million, my dear!

  6. omg, i DREAM of the day that someone recognizes me from my blog! how awesome!! :-)

  7. I am SO glad I didn't spend $$ on that concert.

  8. So you didn't take pics of the girls making out for your good friend Chris?

    For shame.

  9. Did Britney show you guys her beave? I hear shes been doing that alot lately.

  10. Did you make Court go get the gas by herself, or did it just look like that in the picture?

    Penis straws + moms = always a good time

  11. What kind of dudes get invited to a bachelorette party?

    I want in..

  12. the party is cooler than a concert huh? I think so :P Im not big on lip sync-ing..

  13. I don't mind the lip synching, but not for 150 bucks.

  14. Your experience with the brit concert makes me glad that I didnt go. I actually thought about it.

    I love the random things that happen to you and your friends.

  15. yeah i dont know if i'd be able to handle any of britneys songs besides the #1 hits.

    Except for 'email my heart' of course!

  16. That Vojta girl is all trouble.

  17. "...three times this weekend people that i have never met before came up to me out of the blue saying that they are fans of this blog."

    It is so freakishly awesome (read: the best moment of my life ever) when someone walks up and is like, LILU! I don't think it will ever get old, truly. Let's make a pact to do it to each other in May, just so we both get that high again ;-)

  18. I'm SO psyched on Britney. I go next month. I love her even if she lip syncs!

    You're awesome. Come to Chicago again so I can randomly find you and tell you how much I love your blog and your face.

  19. Sorry that the concert was a bit of a disappointment. A friend of mine tried to talk me into going and I just couldn't bring myself to buy the tickets, but after reading this I'm glad I didn't.

    How exciting that someone recognized you from your blog!

  20. Keeping a positive attitude about running out of gas is a unique talent. Not many can pull that one off!

  21. Alexa, Don't say your life is a trainwreck. I live vicariously through you.

    You can't let us down!!!!

  22. That's too bad about Britney. As for highschool girls making out, I saw that last weekend too, and left thinking the same thing 'i feel like this is just for show, but i don't know who the audience is supposed to be'. It's one thing to be in love, or lust with someone and want to make out, it's another to make out with someone and continually look up to see who is watching you. Oh I weep for the future.

  23. You came to Pittsburgh?! There could have been a mini meetup!

  24. I would have imagined the BS (Britney Spears) concert was going to be all that, since it's gotten a lot of publicity, at least around here... and it doesnt surprise me that she'd be lip synching.... but whatevs

  25. Bowling? Shots? OK, why aren't there bowling alleys like that anywhere near me. This is a college town, alcohol is like a beacon to college kids.

    It's funny. I drove a truck in high school and my first year of college. Lost count of how many times I would get asked for some kind of help. Then I bought a regular car and it's like I'm invisible. Once had a lady tell me she needed to wait for someone that actually knew what they were doing.

  26. sounds like one hell of a weekend as always, haha. love it.

  27. That's so great people came up to give you props! That's so awesome and such a good feeling.

  28. If I am ever in Cleveland I am going to wander the streets calling your name. But not in a scary stalker way, well maybe.

  29. My sister saw Britney in Boston a couple of weeks ago - she said the same. The dancers were great, Britney was eh.

  30. i also was at the pittsburgh show. it was a SHOW, not a concert lol. kind of sad about no singing from brit brit except on everytime when she was on the umbrella in the air!
    love the blog and seeing a fellow ohio blogger :)

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