st. jerk day

Sunday, March 22, 2009

i hate when the weekend ends, especially a fun one.

on friday night i successfully didn't ruin a friends surprise party because of twitter. this time i waited till AFTER we yelled surprise to twitter -
i learned my lesson.

my friend the jerk's birthday being close to st patrick's day, and going with the "saint" theme his birthday has become known as "st. jesse's day".

so friday night to celebrate the 29th st. jesse's day the jerk's wonderful girlfriend planned a surprise party in the maproom basement for all of his friends, and she did it from denver no less. there were even special t-shirts.

and shockingly, i think he really was genuinely surprised.

babs, the jerk and hatchel - court, that was an excellent use of glitter btw

besides lots of quality time with MOB and muffin there was a raffle! but not just any raffle, a raffle with the most wonderful prize....

a creepy tootsie roll hair doll with a crocheted sweater

is that not one of the creepiest things you have ever seen? it's like a candy chucky doll!

amazingly muffin and the captain won the grand prize and got to take home the baby.

the happy family: muffin, captain and creepy candy hair doll

saturday night court and i started off with a bottle of my new favorite wine at d'vine wine bar before meeting up with muffin and erin at market avenue wine bar. could you tell by our tastes in venues that we were in the mood for wine?

after all the wine bars we headed to house of blues to check out the adele concert. i was lucky enough to have two free tickets to the show courtesy of Scene Magazine but when i got to will call my tickets weren't there.

concert fail. screw you Scene Magazine.

so while muffin and erin went into the sold out show court and i walked to wonder bar on east 4th to pass the time. i could go on about my experience at wonder bar but i don't feel like being negative - i'll leave it at that.

once the show was over the four of us reconvened and headed to barroom. why, i'm not sure but i think we just wanted to dance. we should have turned around when they were charging $5 at the door.

i don't do covers. and again, i don't feel like being negative so i'll stop. hey, if this place keeps bringing people from every square inch of northeast ohio to downtown cleveland i'm not going to knock it. i'm just never going to go to a bar that has a fog machine ever again.

today was university of dayton basketball day at bw3's. i was really surprised how many people were there, it was like a reunion in the back room of the bar. too bad all that support didn't help the flyers win. boo.

and that's a wrap. have a good week kids.


  1. Shutup. It has a fog machine. I never walked over to barroom. We stayed on the Cadillac Ranch side because there was line of tan and pooka shell necklace wearing guys in line that night.

  2. That is the scariest doll I have ever seen. Really, I may have nightmares tonight.

  3. Where in the hell did they get that doll?? Really?? Definately a relaive of chucky - for sure!! If I won there is no way I would take that doll home!! AAHhhhh

  4. May I please know how I can get the doll? LOL too awesome.

  5. I woulda been SOOOOOOOOOO ticked about the Adele show

  6. Fog machines are most horrible. They always fuck with my contacts.

  7. You're right about that doll being creepy.

    I'm pretty sure that image is going to haunt my dreams tonight.

    so thanks.

  8. St Jesses day looks a lot more fun than Paddy's, for sure.

  9. Fog machine...NO!
    Tickets not there...NO!
    Creepy baby...YAY! Kinda cool?!
    At least you made the best of it, right?!

    PS...I actually picked Cleveland State over Wake Forest and totally thought "Alexa in Cleveland" when I picked them!! It worked!!!
    Hubby didn't belive me...booyeah biotch!! ;)

  10. Well, I know what my nightmares will consist of for the next two months.

  11. Yikes! Scary doll. Or whatever it is.

    Also, where did they find that much glitter? I love glitter. I even love staring at glitter. Ok I'll stop here.

  12. I'm with you on covers. I'm adamantly against them. It's actually quite frustrating because one of my favorite bars that's right around the corner from the boyfriend's is a jazz club that's always got live music. So they always have a cover. Even on, say, a Tuesday night. Annoying.

  13. I drove past the line for that Adele show and wished I had a ticket.

    Apparently so did you.


  14. There were a lot of "not going to be negative" in this post.

    this hasn't stopped you on gchat.

    HEY OH!

    double burn high five for me and Narm.

  15. holey crap who comes up with the idea to make a doll with tootsie roll hair? and that doll? its like the ones my grandma made us in the 70s. I had a crocheted purse with a face like that on it.

    Yea. I was that awesome.

  16. (Sigh) One day we shall play together, Alexa. One day.

  17. I feel that your sister would do just about anything to get her hands on a doll like that. Just a hunch, based on your post from last week.

  18. I will probably have a nightmare about that doll tonight.

  19. Aaaahh that doll is scary. Tootsie rolls will never be the same again.

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