Wednesday, March 11, 2009

have you ever wondered what a gchat between two of 20SB's most popular blogger is like?

well now is your chance to find out what a whole bunch of ridiculousness it is (in the best way possible).

i'm lucky enough to talk to two of my favorite los angeles bloggers
RS27 and SO@24 on on a regular basis and the conversation below is a pretty standard - them bitching.

just kidding, they don't
always bitch.

from reading their blogs both of them have, how you say, bad luck with the ladies - or do they?

killing the ladies since 1995

7:43 PM SO@24: You're right. We need her to get us in The Playboy Mansion. We must latch onto her like piglets
Beardsy: Yes.
SO@24: The blogging material / pictures on its own is worth its weight in blogging gold.
Do you think if we hollered "we're bloggers" that'll get us in VIP?
Beardsy: only if we have passes
7:55 PM like a blog pass that says "We're cool..on the Internet"
7:56 PM SO@24: "I get fucking comments!"
and then be drug away by security
7:58 PM Beardsy: Look at my Google Analytics dammit!
7:59 PM someone sent me an e-mail today wondering how to get a lot of comments
I just told them to write about striking out with women
the blogosphere eats that crap up
I hope you linked them to me.
8:02 PM Beardsy: its unreal
not to mention some people think I should turn gay now
SO@24: What's with all the gay stuff?
You love boobs just as much as I do
Beardsy: these people don't realize that I post maybe 1/100th of the conversations I have with women
8:03 PM but no one wants to hear the good stuff
if they want that go read a mom blog
8:04 PM SO@24: Or every other entry on mine
8:06 PM Beardsy: I've had some good comments the last two weeks
"Maybe you should play for the other team"
"Girls might not be your thing"
"You're not gay? Really?"
uplifting stuff
8:07 PM SO@24: Who the hell are these people?
I've gotten the "gay" thing before.
It's like McCarthyism on the fucking blog world to accuse everyone of being gay
Beardsy: hahahaha
what do these people want?
"Yeah I banged 7 sluts last weekend"
they would hate that too
SO@24: Blogging hunnies - can't live with them, can't talk to them in real life

ohhhhhh boys.


  1. "look at my google analytics dammit!"

    if i were the bouncer, i'd let them in, solely based on that comment!

  2. Those boys need to make move on female bloggers. Blogcest is where it is at.

  3. homos...

    just kidding. gays are gross.

  4. That's special with a capital S

  5. LOL Hilarious! "Can't live with them can't talk to them in real life" hahhahahaha

  6. The last line is too awesome! LMAO. Look at my google analyctics dammittttttttttttttttttttt :P

  7. Could there be a douchier picture of me on this blog right now?

    I say no.

    Be right back, going to bang some sluts.

  8. lol "Blogging hunnies - can't live with them, can't talk to them in real life" damn right! =)

  9. more men need to be like these two. anyone who disagrees with me then hates to anything hilarious.

  10. what i meant was hates anything that is hilarious.

  11. I totally agree with them too! Who wants to hear about success stories? I like to read about other peoples failures as horrible as that sounds. The more gore, the more entertaining!

    Jamie is going to LOVE this post:)

  12. Oh my lord, this is priceless.

    How do I get one of the blog passes?

  13. haha, i agree. and i know from experience: it's no fun to post about GOOD dates, just the FREAKISHLY BAD ones ;-)

  14. hahahaha love this. seriously amazing.

  15. these guys must definitely be gay.

    also, why is gchat so amazing?

  16. Never heard of these two guys. They seem kinda lame to me.


    This conversation was hilarious and it will get you those blogging hunnies.

  17. I love that they are having a man snuggle in the pic.

  18. Those guys sound totally gay.

    I kid, I kid. These guys have just learned what most women I've dated learned long ago - seem like you need a little help, and people come running.

  19. I aspire to be in the middle of a so/rs manwich one day.

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