i'm a bit of a spazz today

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

things i'm currently thinking...

...would it be worth it to gain 75 pounds to get cast on the biggest loser to eventually become a skinny mini?

...how i can't wait for my cavs to be the NBA champions.

...that in a few short weeks i'll be partying down with some of my favorite bloggers in the nation's capitol - watch out DC!

...why does cleveland magazine hate me? my only goal when i started this flippin' awesome cleveland themed blog a year and a half ago was to get a cleveland magazine mention. seriously, they won't even follow me on twitter! don't make me beg - i preach cleveland for christ's sake.

... it's may on friday? how the hell did that happen?

...what am i'm going to do without georgia peach and nameless living next door to me? i hope a weirdo doesn't end up in their apartment.

...i have a list a mile long of restaurants i'm dying to check out - the greenhouse tavern, l'albatros brasserie, and tartine bistro to name a few. i'm also craving guacamole from momocho.

...winning mega millions would be nice. winning $100 would also be nice.

...can the 'red exclamation point' be permanently removed from all email programs?

...are some people afraid of me? am i intimidating?

...today i'm going to traffic court which sucks.

...just when i think HIMYM is the best it can get it only gets better - have you SEEN the "three day rule?" brilliant.

what are you currently thinking? it's got to be better than the crap mulling about my brain - enlighten me.

i am who i am

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

i'm not here today.

i'm guest posting over at on the road with cavy where i share some very interesting information about myself that i bet only the smallest fraction of my readers know about me.

while i'm there though i'm also calling out some of my favorite bloggers so it's worth your click through.


so click here.

why are you still here?


my '09 wedding season opener

Monday, April 27, 2009

like the title of this post suggests, this weekend was my wedding season opener and there couldn't have been a better one to kick off the season then my friends jason and sara's (the slappe's) nuptials.

the weekend started on friday with a rehearsal dinner cocktail party at la strada on east 4th. holy crap was this restaurant cool, great food, excellent service and plenty of wine for me to drink. i definitely want to go back for dinner very very soon.

it was so nice of the couple's family to include all of us for this part of the celebration.

nameless being uber creepy in a jason and sara friday night shot

after la strada the group minus the bride and groom headed to maproom (surprise, surprise) to continue the party. so much for taking it easy friday night to save up for saturday. who were we kidding?

saturday was the big day. with the ceremony starting at 6pm we had plenty of time to sleep off our multiple shot mistakes from the night before.

the ceremony and reception was held at the cleveland botanical gardens - talk about a beautiful venue, a beautiful day and a beautiful couple, but there was an itty bitty little snafu.

while the ceremony was going on so was case western's annual springfest in the field next to the botanical gardens. which wouldn't have been a big deal but the black keys were performing during the whole ceremony and it wasn't just a muffled background noise, it was loud and clear.

so not only did i get to see two of my friends get married but i got to hear a black keys concert too!

in all seriousness though, jason and sara were really good sports about the simultaneous concert going on while they were saying their vows - even cracking themselves up at one point during the ceremony.

well after jason broke the glass, and everyone shouted mazel tov was when the party really started.

the slappe's!!!

i now need to mention the food because it was excellent, rack of lamb? yes please. bon appetit catering did an amazing job with everything from the appetizers to the entrees, all very creative and tasty choices.

and now back to the party pics...

alymcjew and jewfroblue shaking what their mamma's gave them

chairs up!! hava nagila, hava nagila, hava nagila!!

carol, donkers, georgia peach and nameless doing...something.

this isn't weird or awkward at all... boys will be boys.

while this weekend was all about friends getting together to celebrate it was also bittersweet because these friends are the friends that are leaving me, and cleveland, for their residencies all over the US in a little over three weeks.

and i'm sad, boo.

but i got my "downtown family" picture like i wanted it - we are pointing at you, yes you.

the gangs all here

i'm so excited for the slappe's and i wish them nothing but happiness!

hope you all had a great weekend like i did, and happy monday kids.

blades of glory

Friday, April 24, 2009

i don't have many irrational fears. i feel like generally speaking i'm a pretty even keeled person.

snakes - whatevs.

spiders - so what?

mice - i couldn't ever hurt

but what does scare the bejesus out of me are things that fly.

birds? i'm petrified of them, they are the rats of the sky and i'm in constant fear of them dive bombing my head.

i even wrote a whole post about birds while i was simultaneously trapped in my apartment because a renegade sparrow had taken over my hallway.

but this post isn't about my fear of birds.

this post is about my fear of an appliance.

the ceiling fan to be exact.
every time i see a ceiling fan spinning ultra fast with the pully cord tassels whipping around, all i can imagine is the fan blades flying off and decapitating someone.

decapitation is cool..... but only in zombie movies.

another scenario that goes through my head is that if the blades don't fly off and decapitate someone i'm petrified that when i'm walking under the fan it's going to fall from the ceiling onto my head.

i told you guys it was an irrational fear - the blades just move so fast and the fan shakes so much - i can't but think it's going to fall!!!

don't judge me and my anti-ceiling fan self.

they are tacky anyways - i'm pro air conditioning all the way. ceiling fans are for suckers, yo.

so what's your most irrational fear?

sidenote: i just spent the last hour watching youtube videos involving ceiling fans - the following two are my favorites:

this one cause i think it truly was an accident.

and this one cause the kids face is priceless, plus he dazed and confused movie poster in the background makes me happy.

this is my collection

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

wanna find out some useless personal information about me to start off your wednesday?

you don't?

too bad - you already clicked through.

so today after work while i was standing in my messy room thinking about how i should clean it i started mulling around my nightstand drawers (not the naughty drawer), and came across a container full of spare buttons.

you know, the spare buttons that come in a little plastic bag (not that kind of little plastic bag), with colored thread
when you buy a new shirt?

well i have TONS of those little bags. i've been saving them for years and i have multiple containers of single buttons - i should probably make something with them (ha, yeah right).

so upon looking through my room a little more, spare buttons aren't the only thing i hoard collect.

i also have multiple containers of homies (little plastic action figures with an east LA chicano feel), that me and my friend sweet moves bought for fifty cents a pop every sunday at BW3's candy machines back in the day. i need to count all my homies but i think i have well over a hundred.

i own 18 out of 24 of this series alone - i'm awesome.

if you go to as many work/networking related events as i do you are inevitably going to acquire quite the collection of "hello my name is...." name tags. after every event i attend i bring my name tage home and add it to the pile of stickers reminding myself who i am and who i work for. it's turning into yet another awesome collection of mine.

after all of those less interesting collections there is one other little thing that i'm most proud of that i collect and keep track of....

notches on my best post.


(kidding mom, kidding)

what do you collect?

this is how you weekend

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

ok i'm a bit more in a blogging mood than i was last night at this time.

A BIT - although up front i'm going to tell you that this post is C- material at best.

as i mentioned in my last post i had a really great weekend caused from most excellent work accomplishments, the fact that it was over 70 degrees on saturday, it being greek easter weekend and simply having my normal case of awesomeness.

friday night poo poo was in town for the last time before little sampson is born and myself, poo poo, georgia peach, the klutz, beaver, jilly, MOB, foxxy and martha all got together at muffin's house for an angelo's pizza and wine party.

we laughed so hard we cried, set up some twitter accounts, made fun of each other and hugged. yes, hugged.

saturday afternoon in cleveland was friggin BEAUTIFUL out. the klutz, georgia peach and i sat outside on my deck in downtown cleveland with shorts, tank tops and tanning oil. yes, we applied tanning oil in april. surprisingly we all got sun burnt while listening to the cavs win - woop woop.

getting my summer bronze on put me in an excellent mood, but also getting an unexpected blogher ad check, and a surprise gift from paulius and the famous velvet tango room was the icing on the cake!

saturday night muffin, the klutz and i had tickets to the chelsea handler show at playhouse square which was entertaining yet awkward all at once. i'm not sure how to explain awkward, it's like some of her comedy was just weird and kinda of out of place. being a fan of her books more so than her talk show maybe i should have just gone to a book reading instead.

after the show we headed to southside and allison came and met us for a couple of bottles of pinot blanc. muffin headed home but the rest of us ventured out to the barley house and maproom.

a funny thing about both nights out was that each night at least one person made a comment about what a good mood i was in. what can i say? if i'm in a good mood you know and if i'm in a bad mood you really know.

and sunday was greek easter!!!

i made the trek to canton with georgia peach in tow to hangout with the family and eat lots of lamb at my uncle david and tia jo's house.

here's the rundown - we drank wine, laughed till we cried and made fun of each other.

night with the friends = night with the family

my cousins criseyda, cathi, cara and my tia jo cleaning up - i was on the couch.

cathi holding baby nina who is basically too cute for words

georgia peach and my cousin jenna

after that weekend i think i had the right to be a bit tired sunday night.

shit, i don't believe it's tuesday already.

how come every time you come around my london, london bridge wanna come down?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

it's 10:37pm on sunday night and i had an absolutely wonderful weekend that i want to tell you all about, but ya know what?

i'm tired.

i don't feel like forcing myself to stay up late to put a half assed post together.

so i'm being very un-alexa like and just not posting a weekend recap.


don't cry though, just know that this weekend was such a happy one for me. surprisingly the line of the weekend was my being so deliriously happy that i was actually reflecting out loud to my friends saying, "i love life, i love people, i love love".

so NOT me.

i'll fill y'all in later on, and until then watch this very funny hangover regrets tattoo video. with all the thought i have been putting into my next tattoo i have tattoo's on the brain.

many moons! many moons!

it's a blog off!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

tuesday night i had wonderful dinner with my cleveland blogger besties (always a bridesmaid, confessions of a cohabitant and postcards from christina) at the flying fig in ohio city.

we caused a ruckus with our loud laughter, ooing and ahhing over the delicious food, and trying to make our male waiter blush
. all of which are pretty standard occurrences for when we all get together.

another common occurrence is when always a bridesmaid and i decide to talk "blog talk".

for example:
blosse (blog + posse)
blend (blog + friend)
blogma (blog + drama)**
blival (blog + rival)*
blunt (blog + you know what)

the above is reason #294 why blogging makes smart, successful, professional women giggle/act like we are still in high school.

we are awesome. the proof is in the pudding.

anywho, after the three hours at the fig we decided to walk over to bier market to turn this happy hour into a real party...

but as we were walking a girl that always a bridesmaid randomly knows came up to us and it was apparent she knew a lot more about us because she reads our blogs. long story short she starts talking to me about how she met another cleveland blogger recently who didn't like me or my blog.

according to this random girl this blogger actually called me his/her "blog nemesis"! I'M A BLOG NEMESIS, SWEET! in my words though it would be blival* - blival is way cooler.

at first i was pissed, because i personally know the blogger in real life, but then i was like who the heck does this random girl think she is to come up to me and start shit (blogma**) like that.

reason #295 why blogging is like high school, cliques and all. you know i'm right - don't deny it.

after anger came hysterical laughing (the wine helped), and the whole situation became more and more comical to me. i kinda felt flattered.

so the next morning as i was emailing with the accused "blog nemesis" (we are fine by the way), filling her/him in on the story of the night before the idea of "the blog off" came up - a la zoolander.

"listen to your friend billy zane, he's a cool dude", hansel (so hot right now).

wouldn't it be amazing if every blog beef could be settled via a walk blog off? indeed. indeed.

i can't see ya

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

it doesn't matter how expensive your eye glasses are, if you are blind as a bat they will still look ugly as heck once your glass block frames are added.

my prescription: -11.25 (left) -10.75 (right) and throw in an astigmatism for good measure**

technically i'm not legally blind because my eyes can be corrected, i.e. with contacts or glasses i can see perfectly fine. but i would kill to wake up in the morning and just be able to see, which is probably why i choose to fall asleep with my glasses still on 6 out of 7 nights a week.

what happens is i'm usually watching some late night monologue from bed about to doze off when the obvious happens, i fall asleep.

(insert dreams of unicorns, rainbows, sex with russell crowe, volcanoes, and bloggers being inappropriate)

around 6:15am my alarm goes off for the first time, i say first time cause i hit snooze approximately 6 times. after hitting snooze for the first time i move my hands around my bed to look for my glasses, if they aren't still on, check my alarm clock and go back to sleep - glasses on.

for the next hour of snooze buttoning my right arm subconsciously hits the top of my clock radio while my face is in the pillow with my glasses smooshing into my face.

by the time my lazy ass finally drags myself out of bed my glasses have been back on my face for at least an hour causing a nice indent in my forehead above my left eyebrow.

just picture waking up to an indent on my forehead, coke bottle glasses and bed head every morning - and i wonder why i'm single.

thankfully prada makes good sturdy eye glasses cause they haven't broke yet.

now, if only someone will donate that ridiculously expensive and non insurance covered eye lenses implants to me i wouldn't have to deal with the above crap. any takers?

**just in case you are wondering, if i was able to get lasik i would have gotten it many, many, years ago - my eyes are actually too bad for the surgery.

but i don't wanna write a recap

Monday, April 13, 2009

-when you start drinking at noon on a friday for the indians home opener and stop drinking at 2am on a saturday you probably aren't going to remember much of anything that happened on saturday.

-i like my friends.

MOB, muffin, martha, babs, plummy, the klutz, court and nikki at the jerk's

who drinks old skyy blue from the jerk's fridge? muffin, plummy and court do.

-skyy blue tastes good, like sprite - who knew?!?!

-if you ask me to take a picture of you, and then ask for it to be posted on my blog the likelihood of it ever making it on my blog is slim to NONE.

-being a total bitch to a good friend for no reason because of something stupid i got in my head after a night of drinking is not cool at all.

-mccarthy's downtown has a surprisingly good chicken quesadilla

-a night at harbor inn where you actually get to do shots with dan is a harbor inn night to remember, or forget - however you want to look at it.

-seeing two of your friends randomly make out like college students at maproom is hilarious - especially at our age.

-my jeans were on the kitchen floor saturday morning, again - i'm glad opening day is only once a year.

-getting a speed ticket driving down 77S to canton on saturday morning isn't fun.

-going to dinner with one of my oldest and dearest friends erin and our mothers at primo's restauranti in downtown canton makes up for the crappy speeding ticket i got earlier in the day.

-out of the three movies i saw in the theater with my mom on sunday i'm going to rank them like this: 1.sunshine cleaning 2.taken 3.duplicity

-you have one more day to enter my photo caption contest.

-have a good week friends.

chief wahoo wants you to caption this...

Friday, April 10, 2009

today is the cleveland indians home opener and upon looking at weather.com it's supposed to be raining non-stop from 3am to 6pm so i think it's pretty safe to assume that the game is going to get rained out.

but you never know, it IS ohio and the weather changes as often as i blink, so we'll see.

honestly though, i don't care if it's raining. i have the day off of work, friends to hangout with, beer vodka to drink and if it happens to not rain - a baseball game to watch.

but just in case it does rain i have a back up plan - bars have roofs.

the show must go on.

even though baseball is my least favorite sport to watch, the main thing it has going for it is that the season is during the summer and you can sit at a bar outside and pretend to watch the game even though it is the slowest sport known to man.

good thing there's hot dogs, and the opportunity to get on the jumbotron.

so in honor of opening day, and the fact that i haven't had a blog contest in awhile i'm asking you my loyal blog readers to caption this photo of me.

the picture below was taken during an indians night game on my 26th birthday (2 and a half years ago), and i think only god knows what the hell i was thinking/doing when this picture was taken.


whoever comes up with the best caption for the above "it's alexa's birthday and she can yell really loud if she wants to" picture by tuesday night you will win a yet to be determined cleveland themed prize.


but can you do it with your eyes closed?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

i love to type.

and thank god i do because it's something that i spend a lot of my time doing between work, blogging, twittering and gchatting the faster i type the quicker i can move onto the next thing.

personally i think i'm a freakishly fast typer - typeracer told me so. i'm also such a badass typer that i don't even have to look at the keyboard while i'm typing proving me a queen multi-tasker.

need me to approve an ad design?

no problem.

just put it in front of my face and i'll seamlessly approve the design while i'm continuing to type a perfectly punctuated email to the mayor of cleveland accepting his invitation to present me with a key to the city of cleveland in appreciation for my work on spreading the word to the masses about how awesome cleveland is through my work on this blog.

impressive i know.

so i've decided that i need to put my skill to the test with a little experiment. i'm going to write the next section of this blog while wait for it.... i'm blindfolded.

who needs to look at the keyboard when you have skills like mine?

as i'm typing this i have no idea where this is going. here i am sitting trying to make perfect words without any misspellings when i realized that i am a horrible speller and if i can't look at the screen how an di supposed to be able to tell if i have alittle red line under the words? wortks like deinintely? i ALWAYS spell definietly wrong, always. i'm not sure why it is so hard dore me to spell but i guess i'lll just have to deal with it and come to the realization that i am never going to know how to sepell definitelt without the help of spell check while simultaneously looking at the the computer screen.

well that experiment didn't go as planned now did it? i'll give myself a B- on that test.

think you can do better? leave me a comment, but you aren't allowed to look at the comment form or your keyboard while typing it. then you must hit publish - no cheating!

it figures as much

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

you know when everything is going well?

the stars are aligning, the words that are coming out of your mouth are surprisingly making sense, you're having a good hair or outfit day, and that boy you have a crush on just called and asked you out.

but you see, whenever everything is going peachy keen for me i somehow end up making an ass out of myself.

i like to call it my life's natural balance.

something always ends up going wrong when everything is going right to remind myself not to be a cocky b@tch who is way too full of herself.

now i promise i'm not getting all pessimistic on you, what ends up going wrong isn't necessarily all doom and gloom. it can be something as simple as spilling water down my shirt, or getting a massive zit on my chin right before a major event.

OR perhaps while walking down the street towards home with a couple of friends after an AAF happy hour at d'vine wine bar you trip on uneven pavement falling on your face.

true story: i fell flat on my face tonight.

and right now as i'm typing this i have a bloody knee, skinned palms of my hands and a fat upper lip.

and no i wasn't beat up - it was my 4 inch heels and my life reminding me that i'm not perfect.

life's natural balance giving me a nice little dose of reality.

although i think i'm in denial of the fact that this stuff only happens to me...

or does it?

baby mamma party

Monday, April 6, 2009

this weekend some of my best college friends and i all gathered in cleveland to celebrate a duo baby shower for mistiburr and poo poo (pictured on the right).

friends from as far away as LA, st louis and chicago all made the trip to help celebrate the baby mama's party.

the party was hosted by myself, beaver and muffin and was held at muffin's home in lakewood. it was catered by duet's (which i highly recommend) and was an evening cocktail party shower (which i recommend even higher).

night time showers for both bridal and baby are the way to go, i'm a huge fan. at least when the shower is at night you kinda have an excuse for drinking a bottle of wine in an hour and a half.

i know i have mentioned before on this blog that i'm ridiculously lucky in that i have the most wonderful group of friends. friends that i can count on for anything - people that share and celebrate all the major events in our lives.

we're all pretty lucky to have each other.

beaver, shelly, holler, MOB, court, muffin

big pete, tigger, shna and mistiburr

everybody now - HANDS UP!

everybody now - do the muffin face! nailed it.

at dinner at brio on friday foxxy brought up the idea that we should all watch some of the home videos from college and after the wine, presents, and dinner we decided to do just that.

let's just say my stomach hurts from laughing so hard.

the videos we were watching were from september 2001, i.e. a loooooooooong friggin time ago. it was a combination of a dream and a nightmare for all of us watching the videos whose general theme was "you think you know, but you have no idea" - dear lord.

late night parties, karaoke to enrique, 21st birthday celebrations at tim's, card tricks, binge drinking, school projects, college, college and more college.

my next goal is to convert these videos to DVD, edit and share them. they are just too good to keep to ourselves.

but officially after watching these videos none of us could ever run for public office.

good times, good times.

rock and roll is finally back in cleveland

Saturday, April 4, 2009

even though i unfortunately won't be able to participate in the 2009 rock and roll hall of fame induction ceremony that is going on a few blocks away from my apartment due to prior obligations i still think it deserves a mention here on the plum.

as many of you know i try my hardest to show everyone how flippin' awesome cleveland is and this weekends festivities prove it.

tonights induction at cleveland's historic public hall is bringing the attention of rock and roll finally back to where it all started, cleveland. after twenty some odd years of the induction being held in new york city the agreement is now that cleveland will host the ceremony every three years.

here's to hoping i won't have to turn down two sets of tickets to the induction ceremony and concert again in three years.

if you are interested in watching the induction ceremony it will be broadcast live tonight on Fuse.

the performer inductees are:
jeff beck
little anthony and the imperials
run dmc
bobby womack

early influencer category inductee:
wanda jackson

sideman category inductee:
bill black
dj fontana
spooner oldham

with some of the notable presenters at the induction are eminem, jimmy page, ron wood and flea of the red hot chili peppers. (OMG!)

all these people are in cleveland right now, this is a celebrity dream for ohio! and i'm frankly ridiculously jealous of anyone going to the ceremony tonight.

induction ceremony > baby shower


friends > musicians i don't know

it evens out, right?

anyways if you are in cleveland right now enjoy the weekend, have fun, stalk celebrities and damn it fuckin' rock and roll bitches.

move along, move along now

Friday, April 3, 2009

i was lucky enough to be asked my one of my favorite bloggers to guest post for her while she is gallivanting around florida. and considering she is one of the very first blogs i ever started to read AND was the first non friend or family member to comment on my blog it's pretty cool to be pinch blogging for her.

so click on through to jamie lovely's place and read about the dangers of drinking while internetting.

it's an epidemic people, trust me, don't drink and internet.

you'll thank me in the morning...


step by step

Thursday, April 2, 2009

i'm going to do you all a favor and share with you the best prank ever. frankly it's my signature and i'm kind of shocked i'm sharing it with you all but it's too good to keep to myself.

step one:
take your friends cellphone while they aren't looking

step two:
look up your name in their cellphone address book and edit your name as it is currently listed to someone of importance to your friend. i.e. an ex boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse, mother, father, sister, brother, boss or current crush

step three:
put your friends cellphone back just as you found it

step four: from your cellphone text something fabulously naughty. you see, as you are texting from your phone your unassuming friend will think it is coming from someone else.

step five:
continue the charade, f@ck with them, pull their leg, play along, but do it from a distance, your phone can't immediately buzz the second they hit send.

step six: eventually you will have to fess up to your friend and let them know that it was you all along. but damn it's fun to see them squirm.

but remember kids, this is a hilarious and great prank but don't cross the line and be malicious - it's all for fun.

happy pranking!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

for six months after i graduated from college i lived on a beautiful and historic magical island in a land far far away.

this island was only 8 miles around and my only mode of transportation was a bike. you see, i didn't ride the bike because i didn't have a car, i rode the bike because cars were forbidden on the island.

if you didn't ride a bike, you rode in a carriage that was pulled by a horse. when you hailed a "taxi", it was a horse drawn carriage. a horse is a horse of course of course, but nobody likes horse poo on their shoes or bike wheels.

the overwhelming stench of horse shit was also mixed with the smell of fudge. do you know what horse shit and burnt fudge smell like in 90 degree august weather?

here's hoping you never do.

during my time living on this magical island i served and bartended at a restaurant that i also lived above. but not only did i live with my fellow coworkers i also lived with crazy jamacian ladies that acted like my island mothers all while speaking in a language that was supposed to be english - god knows that i couldn't understand them.

when i wasn't working i would spend my time drinking mass amounts of alcohol because there truly wasn't anything else to do. you worked, you drank, you worked, you drank. while we all partied our faces off i would tip my fellow bartenders 100% of the bill. it was a ridiculous, it's basically like we would just pass the same $20 bill around the island.

my sandwich was $7.95? Here's a $20, keep the change.

i would make $300 a night in tips, spend $150 the next day on my food and alcohol, have a day off and spend the other $150 the next night on my bar tab.

it's like the tips i made on the island was actually monopoly money.

one big excitement for me was to take a ferry to the mainland and go to walmart. i was itching to shop so badly that i thought the clothes i found at the middle of no where walmart were actually stylish.

hooking up with a 19 year old line cook was standard, so was having a man who didn't realize he was gay confession his love to you. when you would go on a company outing you would take a hayride up the hill while sipping on blackberry brandy.

yacht races brought the cutest men to the island and if you batted your eyelashes just right they would tip you more than the bill itself.

the magical island also made me think that all of the above mentioned was completely, 100% normal.

it's like a spell was cast on me. i went to the island with 6 friends who all left months before me. i couldn't leave, i didn't want to grow up. i even contemplated "following the sun" moving to florida to work on the beach - screw the degree i just completed.

it was a constant party and i didn't want it to stop. i was basically hiding on an island full of horse shit and fudge.

you would think that a story like this is an april fool's day joke but it's not. it's what life is really like on mackinac island, michigan.

even with the reality tv show type life i was living on the island i would love to go back and raise some hell and visit.