but i don't wanna write a recap

Monday, April 13, 2009

-when you start drinking at noon on a friday for the indians home opener and stop drinking at 2am on a saturday you probably aren't going to remember much of anything that happened on saturday.

-i like my friends.

MOB, muffin, martha, babs, plummy, the klutz, court and nikki at the jerk's

who drinks old skyy blue from the jerk's fridge? muffin, plummy and court do.

-skyy blue tastes good, like sprite - who knew?!?!

-if you ask me to take a picture of you, and then ask for it to be posted on my blog the likelihood of it ever making it on my blog is slim to NONE.

-being a total bitch to a good friend for no reason because of something stupid i got in my head after a night of drinking is not cool at all.

-mccarthy's downtown has a surprisingly good chicken quesadilla

-a night at harbor inn where you actually get to do shots with dan is a harbor inn night to remember, or forget - however you want to look at it.

-seeing two of your friends randomly make out like college students at maproom is hilarious - especially at our age.

-my jeans were on the kitchen floor saturday morning, again - i'm glad opening day is only once a year.

-getting a speed ticket driving down 77S to canton on saturday morning isn't fun.

-going to dinner with one of my oldest and dearest friends erin and our mothers at primo's restauranti in downtown canton makes up for the crappy speeding ticket i got earlier in the day.

-out of the three movies i saw in the theater with my mom on sunday i'm going to rank them like this: 1.sunshine cleaning 2.taken 3.duplicity

-you have one more day to enter my photo caption contest.

-have a good week friends.


  1. I'm gonna guess a speeding ticket on Saturday morning is WAAAAAY better than a kind-of-still-drunk-from-the-day-of-drinking-before ticket that lands you in the slammer.

  2. Girls drinking Sky Blue, this is why I am part of the Red Sox nation. Our girls drink proper drinks.

  3. nilsa - thank god no slammer for me! ha.

    justjp - im a vodka rocks girl. the skyy blue was a complete joke.

  4. At least your pants made it INSIDE your apartment. I've had nights that they didn't quite last that long.

  5. Sounds like a fun day. That is about how my saturday went. Yet I am feeling a bit tired still to try and post it.

  6. balls. DC's home opener is tonight, so only some drinking. and knowing the Nationals, we're gonna want to do a lot more than some.

  7. Tickets suck!!
    Sounds like you still had a wonderful weekend!!

  8. That sounds like the perfect home opener weekend. Pants on the floor and everything. :-)

  9. i have never even heard of this "sky blue". when i glanced at the pictures i though y'all where just drinking straight vodka from the bottle....which in restrospect, would be pretty awesome!

  10. I'm going to have to try this Skyy Blue stuff. Sounds like a winner.

  11. Hm, already saw "Taken" and loved it, and I've wanted to see "Sunshine Cleaning" so I think you swayed my decision. Thanks.

    Skyy Blue, huh? Hmmmm... Might have to try that out.

  12. LOL nice weekend! Don't EVER lose your camera or people might stop reading your blog!!

  13. Oh my lord, I wasn't sure they still MADE Skyy Blue.

    It was my malt beverage of choice, freshman year of college.

  14. Sometimes, bullet lists are just the way to go. The shiz speaks for itself.

  15. Skyy Blue... hmmm. I have never had that! I must give it a try.

    Sounds like you had a crazy weekend!

  16. This post made me want my old life back.

    Yeah, like that's going to happen.

  17. ALL of you went to the home opener?

    Hold on, moving to Cleveland.

  18. Sunshine cleaning is good but I would rank Duplicity a little higher, SO good. And you are a drinking rockstar

  19. The pictures scream fun. How nice.:)
    I never tried skyy blue. I really should.

  20. So sorry to hear about your speeding ticket :( I feel like that would happen to me too -- but as you said, there is always a silver lining*


  21. Your weekends are always fun. I found your tweets very entertaining, especially the picture of the police lights in the rearview mirror. Thanks for thinking about your fans during a not so happy moment. =)

  22. I'm not gonna lie: I am kind of jealous of your weekends, even though getting a speeding ticket totally sucks. Here's to hoping it clears itself up (or you know someone who can make it do this.)

    Happy Monday!

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