it's a blog off!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

tuesday night i had wonderful dinner with my cleveland blogger besties (always a bridesmaid, confessions of a cohabitant and postcards from christina) at the flying fig in ohio city.

we caused a ruckus with our loud laughter, ooing and ahhing over the delicious food, and trying to make our male waiter blush
. all of which are pretty standard occurrences for when we all get together.

another common occurrence is when always a bridesmaid and i decide to talk "blog talk".

for example:
blosse (blog + posse)
blend (blog + friend)
blogma (blog + drama)**
blival (blog + rival)*
blunt (blog + you know what)

the above is reason #294 why blogging makes smart, successful, professional women giggle/act like we are still in high school.

we are awesome. the proof is in the pudding.

anywho, after the three hours at the fig we decided to walk over to bier market to turn this happy hour into a real party...

but as we were walking a girl that always a bridesmaid randomly knows came up to us and it was apparent she knew a lot more about us because she reads our blogs. long story short she starts talking to me about how she met another cleveland blogger recently who didn't like me or my blog.

according to this random girl this blogger actually called me his/her "blog nemesis"! I'M A BLOG NEMESIS, SWEET! in my words though it would be blival* - blival is way cooler.

at first i was pissed, because i personally know the blogger in real life, but then i was like who the heck does this random girl think she is to come up to me and start shit (blogma**) like that.

reason #295 why blogging is like high school, cliques and all. you know i'm right - don't deny it.

after anger came hysterical laughing (the wine helped), and the whole situation became more and more comical to me. i kinda felt flattered.

so the next morning as i was emailing with the accused "blog nemesis" (we are fine by the way), filling her/him in on the story of the night before the idea of "the blog off" came up - a la zoolander.

"listen to your friend billy zane, he's a cool dude", hansel (so hot right now).

wouldn't it be amazing if every blog beef could be settled via a walk blog off? indeed. indeed.


  1. you could refer to her as "blemesis" - which sort of sounds like a pimple. just like in high school.

    but since you're fine, i'd like to see this blogoff.

  2. blog off! blog off! blog off!

    The chanting is like high school too. I was just trying to fit in.

  3. I was waiting to hear who the blivel is!! I say bring on the blog-off...i want some blama...too lazy to see if I got the word right ( blog+ drama) but ya know what I meant!!!!

  4. What a blitch! Wowww probably just jealous because you're so much cooler.:)

  5. Cavy is right - blemisis is an awesome nickname. This is hysterical!

  6. All discrepancies should be settled by rock paper scissors - even in the blogosphere. This isn't opinion it is fact.

  7. A blogoff? Like where we all get to stand around in a circle and watch, just like when two kids in elementary school would fight? Hell yes! Count me in!

  8. Yeah, what exactly would a blogoff (bloff?) involve?

  9. This settles it, the blogsphere needs its own personal dictionary.

  10. I think you and maxie should do a blog off.

    Just because it would be hilarious.

  11. having a cyber rival sounds like too much work. How can anyone have a blog nemesis. I dont get why people care so much.

    I like blemesis.

  12. If only all of this wasn't so blivial.* hahaha.

    * blivial = blog + trivial

  13. i just dont get how you could be someone's blog nemesis! what?

  14. It's Narm isn't?? He is your blog nemesis?

    Seriously how can someone not like you or your blog? But I so would love to see a blog off.

  15. True...but I also think it would just be way cooler if you ended every one of your posts with a picture of Derek Zoolander.

  16. that's a first. a blog nemisis. something I've never been called in all my life.

  17. I want to be someone's blival. That way on days I have nothing to post, I could just load up the smears and trash talk.

  18. ok. blogma is the best word eva

  19. Happy to hear you and your "blival" are cool with each other :)

    Perhaps they were a little envious of all your bloupies (blog groupies)! hehe


  20. cavy - it tots sounds like a pimple which is probably why i stick with blival. ha.

    just playing - everyone's doing it

    lady jane - i didn't think it was right to call them out, ya know - to make them "hate me more"

    insominacolita - obviously, isn't that what so many instances of hate is stemmed from?

    shannon - please use those words from now on

    MG - bloff? i like it!

    narm - it is a fact, the blog off is just the opening act, the RPS is the main event

    mandy - as long as you chant for me

    peter - i'm not sure yet, maybe like who can blog the best? get the most comments? page views? beats the hell out of me

    marie - start writing it baby!

    matt - most excellent idea, let's see if she can beat me...

    fizzgigg - i don't know why either, it seems rather exhausting. which is why i found the whole situation so entertaining

    nilsa - AGREED

    brookem - i don't know either. but hey, the blog world is crazy weird - we knew that getting into this right?

    lbluca - yeah it's totally narm, i already beat him up in the parking lot after school

    maris - maybe i'll start, the images/quotes could be endless

    allison - i'll start calling you that if you want me to

    fB - i'll be your blival, your love blival though. yeah, that didn't make sense

    deutlich - start using it sister, as long as it's not towards me :)

    kelly - yes, let's hope.

  21. i have never even heard of those words!

    i guess i'm a loser in the blog/high school hierarchy.

  22. For your entertainment today:
    Zoolander's Guide for People Who Want to Brand Themselves Good:

    Oh, that Billy Zane is not only cool, but super hot.

    Bloff! LMFAO...

  23. your blog lingo sucks-- the only one I agree with is blosse.

    however I will support any effort in a blog off.

    so@24 officially became my blog nemesis last night. he's dead to me.

  24. David Bowie is reading and overseeing this blog off.

  25. How weird!!! You're starting to get entirely too famous, Alexa.

  26. So, is this the beginning of the Famous Blogger Wars of 2009?

    If so, you should stake down Flying Fig as your territory.

    Also, you should figure out a creative way to tag it.

  27. hahaha the new series blog and the city... good lord.

  28. no link to the blog nemesis??

  29. Narm should have the decency to talk trash to your face.

  30. love all the blog words, it's just like twitter. too many options, haha.

  31. BLOG SPEAK! I just used Blog-mance , love it.

  32. I'm going to shamelessly steal all of these, except for blosse, I was already using that :) Blog-mance is hilarious too.

  33. a. I love blemesis!!! Ha ha ha.
    b. This post is a BILF.

  34. Blogma alert!!
    I'm just so shocked that someone walked up to you to tell you that you have a blenemy. I think you've clearly made it in the blog world.

  35. Alexa, you forgot "blevert," which was my only blog lexicon contribution during the evening.

  36. i so want a blog nemesis / blival! it totally means you've ARRIVED :-)

  37. Those terms are amazing. I wish I had a blival, mostly so I would have an excuse to say "blival"

  38. i'm dying to know who your blemisis is - hrm, Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Your Boyfriend?
    i've started to notice how the blogosphere feels a little like high school cliques. not gonna lie, i don't really love it.
    but i think your blingo - (blog lingo) is cute. ;)

  39. hahaha totally hear you on this!

    A few weeks ago a girl was following me on twitter so I checked her out and she was totally biting my style---like even copy-catted my tag line of my site and spun it for herself.

    Now, at first I was a bit flattered. After all, imitation is the highest form of flattery. I felt like the popular girl at school (which I definitely, was not!)

    Only in her tweets she said "i found someone with ALMOST the same concept as me, but don't worry, I do it so much better"

    Excuse me What?? Game on! Bring it, bitch!
    It was like high school drama at its finest :)

    Sadly, her & I are not "fine'

  40. The internet can be so weird, right?

    Glad things are worked out, but seriously!? WTF, high school??

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