my '09 wedding season opener

Monday, April 27, 2009

like the title of this post suggests, this weekend was my wedding season opener and there couldn't have been a better one to kick off the season then my friends jason and sara's (the slappe's) nuptials.

the weekend started on friday with a rehearsal dinner cocktail party at la strada on east 4th. holy crap was this restaurant cool, great food, excellent service and plenty of wine for me to drink. i definitely want to go back for dinner very very soon.

it was so nice of the couple's family to include all of us for this part of the celebration.

nameless being uber creepy in a jason and sara friday night shot

after la strada the group minus the bride and groom headed to maproom (surprise, surprise) to continue the party. so much for taking it easy friday night to save up for saturday. who were we kidding?

saturday was the big day. with the ceremony starting at 6pm we had plenty of time to sleep off our multiple shot mistakes from the night before.

the ceremony and reception was held at the cleveland botanical gardens - talk about a beautiful venue, a beautiful day and a beautiful couple, but there was an itty bitty little snafu.

while the ceremony was going on so was case western's annual springfest in the field next to the botanical gardens. which wouldn't have been a big deal but the black keys were performing during the whole ceremony and it wasn't just a muffled background noise, it was loud and clear.

so not only did i get to see two of my friends get married but i got to hear a black keys concert too!

in all seriousness though, jason and sara were really good sports about the simultaneous concert going on while they were saying their vows - even cracking themselves up at one point during the ceremony.

well after jason broke the glass, and everyone shouted mazel tov was when the party really started.

the slappe's!!!

i now need to mention the food because it was excellent, rack of lamb? yes please. bon appetit catering did an amazing job with everything from the appetizers to the entrees, all very creative and tasty choices.

and now back to the party pics...

alymcjew and jewfroblue shaking what their mamma's gave them

chairs up!! hava nagila, hava nagila, hava nagila!!

carol, donkers, georgia peach and nameless doing...something.

this isn't weird or awkward at all... boys will be boys.

while this weekend was all about friends getting together to celebrate it was also bittersweet because these friends are the friends that are leaving me, and cleveland, for their residencies all over the US in a little over three weeks.

and i'm sad, boo.

but i got my "downtown family" picture like i wanted it - we are pointing at you, yes you.

the gangs all here

i'm so excited for the slappe's and i wish them nothing but happiness!

hope you all had a great weekend like i did, and happy monday kids.


  1. I wish the weddings here are that fun, it's more all formal and stuff I'd like to get seriously drunk on weddings but that never happens with the exception of the post parties :P

  2. Ahhh...weddings...I did a whole post about being a bridesmaid 20 times. Actually this is the FIRST summer in which I am not in a wedding in over a it bad I had to stop to make sure that I wasn't in one? Anyways..I'm kind of sad about it actually. Nuff about me..I would be sad that your "downtown" family is leaving!! They look like so much fun!! Are they ALL going to be Doctors??

  3. That looks like a fun wedding! I'm jealous, your friends seem absolutely amazing!

  4. What a beautiful weekend! Seeing two of your good friends get married must have been amazing. The venue is beautiful. I've always thought I would want an outdoor wedding, but may be too afraid of rain depending on the time of year. Or if I ever get married!

  5. Two for one! Can't beat that.

    But seriously, it sounds like fun. I want to come hang out with you and your friends!

  6. There were very few things I forbade at my wedding. The Hava Nagilas and me in a chair above drunk people's heads was definitely one of them. Glad you got a true Jewish wedding and good times with friends before they leave!

  7. Wedding with all your favorite people are always fun and enjoyable! Your's sounds like it was great and its good the bride and groom were good sports about the black keys. =)

  8. I kind of hate that it's wedding season already.

    Time to dust off the old suit...

  9. insomnia - the post parties are always the best parties

    lady jane - TWENTY?!?! and i thought i was ahead of the game with being in nine, you totally beat me.

    liferehab - they are :)

    vanessa - they definitely lucked out, they had a back up plan though in case it rained or was cold that venue was THAT cool

    jamie - anytime!

    nilsa - i actually loved hava nagila! it reminded me of the greek dancing that will be at my wedding. minus the chairs in the air

    mandy - they were really good sports, i give them serious credit. but hey black keys or not, they got married and walked down the aisle extremely happy!

    matt - you probably look really handsome in your suit - single bridesmaids probably love you.

  10. Did you say lamb??!

    Sorry, I really like lamb.

    Looks like you all had heaps of fun! Which is what a wedding should be all about.

  11. It looks like you had a great time. My wedding season cranks up in a few weeks. I wasn't looking all that forward to it, but your post reminded me how much fun they can be!

  12. Great post, how did the rabbi's manicure not make the cut? Those orange nails were out of control!!!

    Good seeing you!

  13. I am a very fun wedding date who can also serve as a Plum Wingwoman... just sayin'...

  14. "Purple teeth are better than white teeth" is my new life motto.

  15. I think that The Black Keys would make a nice addition to any wedding.

  16. How fun! I'm in my first wedding this summer.. fortunately this year is a "down" year and there are only three weddings for me (so far)!

    I can't even IMAGINE being in 20 weddings. That's insane!

  17. I love weddings! I get to go to two this year, which comes after like a 5 year lull. I went thru a lot of weddings, then the divorces, now I think the weddings will last. =)

    Looks like a fabulous time. But, I wouldn't let them leave personally.

  18. weddings are such a good excuse to get all dressed up and get shitty on your friend's parents' tab.

    nothin' beats it.

  19. looks like you had a very good time, pretty awesome. Weddings are fun, for the cake and the maids. (that's what my wife would say)

    : )

  20. Schucks, it's the end of April and everyone's talking weddings! You're first wedding of the year looks more fun than mine will be (although, if I choose a suitable purse for a sneaky bottle of somin-somin it might be alright!). I feel like getting married just for the party after looking at those pics!! x

  21. Man that was such a fun night!!

  22. ha, my wedding season starts in 2 weeks. (not counting the bachelorette parties etc that have already occurred, obvs...)

  23. Were you Shamus O Toole or Bobby O'Shea? Hehe.

  24. haha looks like one hell of a wedding, i love it. all the pics are so fun!

  25. That looked like an awesome wedding. And I love the Black Keys, but I don't think I would have in that context, they really are such good sports!

  26. why aren't you a doctor? I'd like you more if you could give me lipo or something.

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