rock and roll is finally back in cleveland

Saturday, April 4, 2009

even though i unfortunately won't be able to participate in the 2009 rock and roll hall of fame induction ceremony that is going on a few blocks away from my apartment due to prior obligations i still think it deserves a mention here on the plum.

as many of you know i try my hardest to show everyone how flippin' awesome cleveland is and this weekends festivities prove it.

tonights induction at cleveland's historic public hall is bringing the attention of rock and roll finally back to where it all started, cleveland. after twenty some odd years of the induction being held in new york city the agreement is now that cleveland will host the ceremony every three years.

here's to hoping i won't have to turn down two sets of tickets to the induction ceremony and concert again in three years.

if you are interested in watching the induction ceremony it will be broadcast live tonight on Fuse.

the performer inductees are:
jeff beck
little anthony and the imperials
run dmc
bobby womack

early influencer category inductee:
wanda jackson

sideman category inductee:
bill black
dj fontana
spooner oldham

with some of the notable presenters at the induction are eminem, jimmy page, ron wood and flea of the red hot chili peppers. (OMG!)

all these people are in cleveland right now, this is a celebrity dream for ohio! and i'm frankly ridiculously jealous of anyone going to the ceremony tonight.

induction ceremony > baby shower


friends > musicians i don't know

it evens out, right?

anyways if you are in cleveland right now enjoy the weekend, have fun, stalk celebrities and damn it fuckin' rock and roll bitches.


  1. This is all happening in Cleveland? Holy Crap, it really is a happening city!

  2. if madonna was there, id be in jail right now!

  3. All I have to say here is that you are a good friend. I'm not too sure I would be!

  4. It's about time the induction ceremony was held in Cleveland!! It always irritated me that they were in NYC.

  5. Rock and roll & celebrities trump friendships any day. Maybe that's why my friends are suspicious of me.

  6. I must be a bad friend because I don't like baby showers. At least there will be liquor, right?

  7. I so need to visit the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame. I am a closeted Metallica fan too. So cool.

  8. Here's something to make you a little jealous: Friday night I went on a date from hell, BUT he took me to dinner at the Ritz (where all the celebs were staying) and we had a drink at the bar first next to Jimmy Page, Metalica and Steven Tyler! But still, the date sucked and the guy was weird. Shoulda just left him and hung out with the celebs!

  9. RUN DMC!!

    Sorry. I let my excitement get the best of me.

    You're a good friend because I am pretty sure I would bail on that baby shower.

    I'm going to hell.

  10. cleveland rocks!!
    I want to go and see this show

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