this is how you weekend

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

ok i'm a bit more in a blogging mood than i was last night at this time.

A BIT - although up front i'm going to tell you that this post is C- material at best.

as i mentioned in my last post i had a really great weekend caused from most excellent work accomplishments, the fact that it was over 70 degrees on saturday, it being greek easter weekend and simply having my normal case of awesomeness.

friday night poo poo was in town for the last time before little sampson is born and myself, poo poo, georgia peach, the klutz, beaver, jilly, MOB, foxxy and martha all got together at muffin's house for an angelo's pizza and wine party.

we laughed so hard we cried, set up some twitter accounts, made fun of each other and hugged. yes, hugged.

saturday afternoon in cleveland was friggin BEAUTIFUL out. the klutz, georgia peach and i sat outside on my deck in downtown cleveland with shorts, tank tops and tanning oil. yes, we applied tanning oil in april. surprisingly we all got sun burnt while listening to the cavs win - woop woop.

getting my summer bronze on put me in an excellent mood, but also getting an unexpected blogher ad check, and a surprise gift from paulius and the famous velvet tango room was the icing on the cake!

saturday night muffin, the klutz and i had tickets to the chelsea handler show at playhouse square which was entertaining yet awkward all at once. i'm not sure how to explain awkward, it's like some of her comedy was just weird and kinda of out of place. being a fan of her books more so than her talk show maybe i should have just gone to a book reading instead.

after the show we headed to southside and allison came and met us for a couple of bottles of pinot blanc. muffin headed home but the rest of us ventured out to the barley house and maproom.

a funny thing about both nights out was that each night at least one person made a comment about what a good mood i was in. what can i say? if i'm in a good mood you know and if i'm in a bad mood you really know.

and sunday was greek easter!!!

i made the trek to canton with georgia peach in tow to hangout with the family and eat lots of lamb at my uncle david and tia jo's house.

here's the rundown - we drank wine, laughed till we cried and made fun of each other.

night with the friends = night with the family

my cousins criseyda, cathi, cara and my tia jo cleaning up - i was on the couch.

cathi holding baby nina who is basically too cute for words

georgia peach and my cousin jenna

after that weekend i think i had the right to be a bit tired sunday night.

shit, i don't believe it's tuesday already.


  1. It sounds like you had so much fun - what with this weather I think it just makes everyones seratonin levels jump a bazillion marks ( or however, you measure seratonin levels.) BTW, I went to go see Ms. Chelsea too but it was right before her book Dear Vodka its me Chelsea and it was basically stories from her book and that was hilarious!!!!

  2. jealous that you got to see Chelsea! she's hilarious.

  3. I was delirilously happy as well this weekend. I know the weather played a huge part in that -- I tanned too, with natural sunlight and it felt wonderful! Laughing unitl you cry is the best, made only even better when its with the people who mean the most to you!

  4. So wait.

    You get to celebrate Easter twice?

    I'm jealous.

  5. Sounds like so much fun!

    So jealous you had lamb. I love lamb.

  6. These playoffs are a pain in the ass - now I have to drink an extra 3 days a week.

  7. ahh so jealous you got to see Chelsea! I'm also more of a fan of her books as opposed to her show. SHe needs to write another book stat!

  8. i would be a great greek. I love to eat and drink wine.

  9. Chelsea's book were so funny but I can see how maybe her stand up might be awkward.

    I think we all want to be greek now.

  10. I never want to hear that line from I love you man again! I couldn't understand what the Beav was saying, but it needed to stop!

  11. I <3 Angelo's Pizza.

    Sorry, that comment was a C- at best, huh?

  12. I feel awesome, cus I've actually had Angelo's! It was the BOMB! (nunzios is still my cleveland pick for best pizza...)

    It was perfect on Saturday! I loved it!!!! I didn't love being up in the cleves on Sunday, in shorts. =-/

  13. lady jane - which is exactly why i'm pumped for this weekends nice weather too.

    maxie - you should be jealous of everything i do cause i'm awesome, duh.

    mandy - i'm going to do it all over again this weekend - you should too.

    matt - not twice, only once on greek easter (the right easter) - ha.

    marie - i love lamp too.

    narm - poor baby, i think you can handle it though.

    kristen - yeah, her books were way better than her stand-up in my opinion.

    allison - honorary?

    lbluca - i'll fill ya in on the rites of passage into the greek community. it involves goats.

    muffin - slap'a da bass! slap'a da bass!

    ashley - you're comments are always A+, who you kidding?

    fizzgig - yeah the bottom dropped out on the temperature on sunday that's for sure.

  14. ha! slap'a da bass! - that drives me crazy too muffin!!

    Lex this weekend, "I love people, I love life, I love love!"

    I loved hanging out with your family and eating lots of lamb!

    And laughing at MOB and Beav's hilarious stories with Baby Sam!!

    I'm going to miss Cleveland :(

  15. how do you make Cleveland sound fun? I just (it's been about a year... ugh) moved back to Cleveland from college, and there's relatively little to do...
    I suppose I haven't really given downtown a chance though. What bars/restaurants/social scene would you recommend?

  16. that IS how you weekend, wow! it's so true - nice weather increases the weekend enjoyment by like 100%. come on, more sun this weekend..!!

  17. Oh, so sorry... I just ate Nina's face.

    We still cool?

  18. Loved having you over, Georgia Peach.....Alexa and the 'family' will miss you too! And, now you won't be able to see more of that 'other' side of Alexa that surprised you so!!!!

  19. I would give this a D plus. Lots of Asian kids bringing the curve down.

  20. I got sunburnt this weekend too. It's weird to be able to sit out in the sunshine in April in Glasgow and to actually suffer sunburn afterwards!

  21. I don't consider this c- material, I'll give it a B because you tried.

  22. remind me again why i haven't made it to cleveland to play with you on a weekend?!

    i saw chelsea last summer. she was actually more "on" than ive heard about her stand up before. i hear her books are real good; i need to get into one soon.

  23. Dude, you are Cleveland's rock star.

    I swear, it's always so exciting with Alexa the Plum. :)

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