internet buzzkill, but go cavs

Thursday, May 28, 2009

not having internet at home makes it near impossible not only to write blogs, but to read and comment on blogs.

my google reader is taunting me, literally taunting me.

i can't wait until monday (when the klutz and i get internet reinstalled), to be back to all my blogging fabulousness.

until then my blogging life consists of a whole lot of this.

but tonight, i have my cavs and i still believe that we can win. it can be done. be POSITIVE cleveland.

get ready for the game by listening to this.


the mcdonald's menu song

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

i had a flashback last night when i saw a new mcdonald's big mac commercial during the heart wrenching cavs/magic game that reminded me of the mcdonald's menu song from the late 80's.

this song and commercial to be exact.

remember that song?

you could also do that weird hand slapping game thingy to the song too. or at least me and my friends would on the playground when we were eight years old.

but back to my flashback....

i vividly remember there being a mcdonald's contest campaign involving a record, like a vinyl music playing record, that was included in the sunday paper of a specific week, (or something like that).

you would get the record (or flexidisc as it's technically called), play it on your record player and if your record played the entire mcdonald's menu song from start to finish without cutting off you won a million dollars.

a whole million dollars! which was even a bigger deal in 1988.

of course i went straight to you tube to see if i could find any video proof of this million dollar contest. i needed to be sure that this clear memory of me sitting on my bedroom floor with my fisher price plastic record player listening to a mcdonald's song to try to win one millions dollars was legit or not.

thank god for you tube cause here's my proof.

as a marketer this whole memory flashback got me thinking (scary, i know). would something like this even be possible over twenty years later in 2009?

i'm think not - that contest was pre-internet and all.

regardless, my appetite is happy i remember "the menu song" because not only am i going to be singing it all day (as will you), i'm going to get something off that menu song for lunch.

mcdonald's you've done it again and again, with your witty slogans and catch phrases. you roped me back in with a 20+ year old marketing campaign.

it's bad enough you sprinkle crack on your french fries.

long weekend > short weekend

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

what a weekend, and a long one at that. it was also a long one without any internet so you are getting bullet points. deal with it ;)


- called in sick at work due to what i can only describe as a migraine, never had one before but if a migraine is what i had it was hell
- got a wicked cool early birthday present from my dear friend MOB in the form of a framed retro "plain dealer magazine - plum crazy" illustration of cleveland - SO COOL! thanks friend.
- finally felt better around early evening but not well enough to go out
- watched the cavs and "the shot" from home
- danced around my apartment by myself when they won
- went to sleep happy


- drove to canton to get my hair did at GSV salon

- celebrated my mom's birthday early with dinner with her and our friend jackie at iris restaurant in downtown canton

- fell in love with a tomato, watermelon, feta, romaine lettuce and mint salad. my mom and i both decided that we could eat that salad everyday. um, yum.
- went to a party at my friend keter-o's parents house because keter-o and j-birdie were in town from columbus
- visited with a lot of my north canton friends
- caught up with some of my best girls biscuit, j-birdie and sharlia

- reinforced the fact that i suck at basketball, and can't shoot for shit - even the swimming pool variety of basketball

- performed the greatest bit of personal self control that i've had perform in a long long long time. HIGH FIVE ME! willpower baby

- went flower shopping with my momma to buy some blooms to help dress my deck up (thanks for buying them stepho)

- brunch at my cousin cathi and greg's house with all the family to celebrate greg's birthday (happy 41st old man)
- played bartender at said brunch and preceded to get everyone drunk on mimosas and bloody mary's
- drove back up to cleveland blaring and rapping jay-z the entire way
- hung with my friends (court, hatchel, the klutz, MOB, aly mcjew, jewfroblu, the verdova's (and aubry!), laura and mike), on the reddstone patio in battery park.
- enjoyed too many $3 mojitos at the reddstone as well as the FREE pig roast they were offering. me likey the reddstone, you should check it out.

- got into a "fight" with all my friends (ahem, laura and MOB, ahem) for wanting to go to wallgreen's before the game and buy ugly snuggies to keep warm during the cavs game that we were going to be watching outside
- i hate snuggies
- went to cleveland's own
hooples to watch the cavs game which they projected onto the bridge for everyone to watch outside on their patio.

laura, who will now be referred to on this blog as "peeps", due to this picture peeping tom/unabommber esque picture. like the shirt she is wearing? you can buy it here!

MOB, myself and the klutz at hooples

- didn't like that the cavs lost so MOB and i decided that we needed to continue drinking to forget about our sorrows - headed to the public house in westpark with MOB to visit our friends (hi foxxy) and pretend that were were in college again (that's nothing new)
- rootbeer float shots are delicious and potent
- steak and shake at 3:30am is always a good idea

- was a complete waste of space (see above for reasons why)

welcome back summer, how i missed you.

friday share v3 - dream edition

Friday, May 22, 2009

hi guys, happy friday, happy long weekend, happy life.

who is this happy girl?

it's me, just a me who's pumped for the long weekend and the cavs playing tonight AND sunday - woop woop.

well, today i'm here at the plum, but i'm not really here at the plum.

you can find my real friday share post over at gorgeous footsteps in the sand where i'm guest blogging for the fabulous katelin while she is off visiting with her friends for the long weekend.

here are some reasons to click through to my post:
1. it's the friday before a long weekend, what else do you have to do? sure as hell not do actual work.
2. i'll love you forever.
3. sexual favors*
4. i mention brad pitt
5. i asked nicely

so go be a dear and read my real friday share post over at katelin's. go on, CLICK.

*now i didn't say who would be giving the sexual favors did i?

prune of the week 5.21.09 - ignorant customer edition

Thursday, May 21, 2009

last night my blackberry curve was acting all sorts of weird (had been for a week or so actually), and when the damn little hourglass kept rotating over and over and over again i finally gave in and made the trip to verizon to see what was up.

no one likes to make a trip to their cellphone provider between the lines and the cheesy sales pitch, but sometimes it is unavoidable.

i walked into the verizon store at rockside road enter my name, phone number, blah blah blah and waited. when my name was called i was helped by very nice guy named matt who explained that i needed a software upgrade, did some smart techy stuff to get my phone to work the way it's supposed to, answered some questions about when i could upgrade and what not.

but my flawless experience isn't the point of this blog today.

as my phone was getting worked on i had the pleasure of standing next to a crazy lady and her son who walked in with an attitude - hell she walked in screaming.

ready to pick a fight with the poor customer service guys or anyone in her way.

this lady came prepared:
-check list
-print outs of her contract
-print outs from "the internet" as she kept calling it
-her zit faced teenage son to have "her back"

i can't describe this lady any other way than as an ignorant hick. she was rude, she was cursing like a sailor, and was causing a scene because she didn't have a clue about anything. she was turning her ignorance of the situation into anger because she was so frustrated.

the guys behind the counter were more than patient with her, more patient they i could ever be. i was merely standing next to her as a fellow customer and i wanted to cut out her tongue.

crazy lady: why isn't my cell number the primary number on the account?
verizon guy: because you son's is
CL: why?
VG: because that's how the account was set up
CL: why?
VG: i'm not sure ma'am i didn't set up the account
CL: WHY? because my son SURE AS HELL isn't getting MY new phone upgrade that i'm due. see here (points to print out), i read this here on the internet and it says i'm due a new phone.
VG: that is correct, we can get you that upgrade in about two weeks.
VG: because that is when it is available
VG: i am the manager

just yelling.

i just stood there, with my mouth open staring at this woman. she wouldn't even let the customer service guys do their job, she was out for blood.

and that was just paraphrasing, i could have continued. she was threatening to leave verizon, and to picket headquarters.

LADY, it is a CELLPHONE, chill the F out.

i don't get people.

after crazy lady and her ignorant son left (poor kid didn't have a chance with a mom like that) the guys behind the counter just stood there and said stuff like that happens all the time.

if i worked at verizon and had to deal with customers like that, i would be in jail for smacking a bitch.

people are crazy.

editors note: today at 5pm is when the AAF cleveland charity auction ends, so get your final bids in if you want to hangout with yours truly. BID HERE.

the band is breaking up

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

i'm sad.

like really, really sad.

i knew this day was coming for a long time, we've been counting it down for months but it's finally here.

and i think i'm in denial.

georgia peach and nameless are moving to salt lake city and will no longer be my next door neighbors like they have been for the last three and a half years.

but they are more than just neighbors, they have become two of my best friends.

georgia peach especially (sorry nameless). we are like partners in crime. shopping, manis/pedi, dinner, drinks, maproom, a sounding board for each other - basically everything.

hell, georgia peach probably should have her own tag here on this blog. because so much of my loving cleveland and being able to call it my home has a lot to do with our friendship.

when i moved to cleveland i had many of my best friends from college already living here (muffin, poo poo, MOB, beav and foxxy), who are beyond wonderful but they had their own lives set up. georgia peach was MY first cleveland friend and because she was also new to town we instantly clicked and the rest is history.

i mean who am i going to go to maproom with? who's going to eat the food i make for dinner? whose power drill am i going to borrow? whose dog am i going to yell at for howling all day long? well, wait, maybe i won't miss the dog howling.


i'm sure it'll get better and i won't be so sad, i'm sure we'll both be fine, but i hate change! i like the downtown family as it.

so now as i'm finishing writing this post, i'm crying cause i just cooked my last meal for nameless, (who now i should call DR. nameless), and we are about to head to maproom for a final beer (or four).

and i'm sad.

cause i have to say goodbye to all these (see below) amazing people too. on the flip side of things though i'm going to have a lot of fun places to visit in the next few years and i have a lot of people to call for medical advice.

congratulations to the DOCTORS!!! (plus georgia peach and aly mcjew)

i'm gonna miss you guys, we had a lot of fun, and i wish nothing but the best for all of you!

and cleveland is going to miss you too. xoxo

DC awesomeness

Monday, May 18, 2009

i'll say it once and i'll say it probably say it many times again, but never in my wildest dreams when i started this blog did i think i would make friend from it.

but i'm very glad i have. because now i don't know what i would do without so many of them.

on saturday i ventured to washington dc for the night to hangout with
maxie, deutlich, livitluvit, lexa and many many many many other talented and amazing bloggers.

after my plane landed in dc and deutlich and maxie came and picked me up and we headed straight to the park for a picnic - a picnic with only minor snafus. i.e. there wasn't a grill.

thankfully we had some macgyver's in our midst because we somehow turned a fire pit into a grill thanks mainly to livitluvit's wonderful boyfriend B, katherine and franco beans. who knew that you could strategically place some sticks and basket weave aluminum foil and turn it into a gill?!?!


but brilliance doesn't hide the fact that i don't like nature, or bugs. i really don't like bugs.

after the picnic me, maxie and deutlich headed over to livitluvit's for an impromptu dance party and lots of vodka consumption before heading over to a bar (somewhere in dc) so help katherine celebrate her 30th birthday.

where we drank lots, took many shots and had the funniest exchange of the entire evening: so i walk out of the bathroom to find that deutlich had dropped her whole beer and glass on the floor causing a huge mess of beer and broken glass on the floor.

obviously i see this and start giving her shit, playfully yelling at her for being a sloppy fool, when simultaneously a girl walks out of the bathroom door that i happened to be standing in front of hitting me in the elbow causing me to drop my drink breaking it all over the floor exactly where deutlich's broken beer glass was still laying.

drinking fail.

LADIES! lilu, me, deutlich and maxie - nailed it.

after the above pic was taken we hopped to another bar to dance and then to another bar to eat - what those bars are called i'm not sure, all i know is that the second, SECOND that i got into deutlich's car to head to her (beautiful) house to crash i was out like a light. maxie was too, so i don't feel as bad.

sunday morning the group got together again for a delicious brunch at bar pilar (see i remembered something!), and we added a friend in marie, who i was so so so excited to meet. even though i had to apologize to her for my hungover dirtiness - it shows the real alexa flavor right?

something else that adds flavor is bacon - and the coolest thing about bar pilar (after the company i was with) was the bacon bloody mary which i had never heard of. i mean it's BACON in a bloody mary which is a win win in my eyes.


so i just went back and read the above post and it doesn't even begin to capture the awesomeness of the weekend or the fabulousness of my DC friends. i was genuinely sad to leave and i'm counting down the days to our next get together in august.

deutlich, maxie and lilu - i can't thank you enough for your hospitality and awesomeness. for serious.

but lilu, you still owe me a video...

friday share v2 (kings of leon edition)

Friday, May 15, 2009

looks like i'm sticking with the friday post theme two weeks in a row. and as the title states here at the plum we like to share on friday's.

group hug.

i've been listening to kings of leon for quite sometime now, but due to scheduling issues i couldn't see them the last time they were in cleveland a couple years back and i couldn't talk anyone to make the trip to columbus or detroit with me during their last tour.

weak, i know.

but that all changed this past wednesday night when KOL played tower city
amphitheater around the corner from my apartment.

now i'm not exactly known for being at a loss for words but all i can say is WOW - those followill boys are legitimate rock stars - there's zero messing around on their part. the show was impressive, the lights, the sound quality, nathan's baby blue eyes, caleb's sexy voice and a great set list made this concert extremely memorable for me.

i even turned to one of my friends towards the end of the concert and said, "i can't wait to see them live 15 years from now".

cause they ain't going anywhere but up.

the beautiful caleb followill on stage wednesday night in cleveland (photo credit)

(excuse me, sorry, i just drooled on my keyboard looking at the picture)

now as gorgeous as caleb is, my heart belongs to his brother, KOL's drummer nathan.


i think it's safe to say i'm a fan and you should be too - if you want to see some video of wednesday's show my friend chef's widow has some up on her blog - check um out.

ok, so now that i officially made myself sound like a teenage girl with a crush on a rockband it's your turn to share.

who's your musician crush? and or what's a show you've seen recently that impressed the hell out of you?

the one where i'm getting auctioned off for charity

Thursday, May 14, 2009

i have an announcement to make, an announcement that may make you look at me little different. you see, i've done something that never in my wildest dreams did i think that i would ever, EVER do.

i've put myself up for sale.

yes, you've read that right - i'm for sale.

me, alexa marinos (have fun with that full name google stalkers), have agreed to be auctioned off for charity - the american advertising federation cleveland chapter scholarship fund charity to be exact.

god help me.

my dear friend always a bridesmaid (who i will kill later if no one buys me) talked me into selling myself - literally. i think i really agreed to it for the blog fodder alone. we'll see what comes of it i guess.

so starting today through thursday may 21st at 5pm you can go to the AAF cleveland auction site and BID ON ME.

the "a night out with alexa marinos - cleveland's a plum author" package includes:
-two indians tickets vs the chicago white sox
-$50 gift certificate to
winking lizard
-yours truly as your companion.

i'm a bargain -
you should bid on me now before someone snags me up! you know you want to know how fun and cool i am in real life don't you?

what are you waiting for? check out my auction item page and bid.


prune of the week 5.12.09

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

well i haven't done a prune of the week post in a ridiculously long time but this post today is a long time coming.

for those of you who don't get it - a PRUNE is a dried shriveled up PLUM that makes you poop.

haha. poop.

plums > prunes

moving on....

there are many, many things in this world that bother me. like people who don't know how to install a toilet paper roll or people fully capable of walking a flight of stairs riding an elevator one floor up or down.

but that's neither here nor there, because i have a new peeve and it's a single word.


i have decided that "standpoint" is currently the most overused word in business.

"from the client standpoint"

"from the developer standpoint"

"at the end of the day, it's _________ standpoint that really matters"

standpoint standpoint standpoint standpoint standpoint standpoint standpoint

annoying right?

personally, i'd rather sit and wave than stand and point.

actually i was once in a meeting where i had a little tally on my notebook of every time this person used the word "standpoint" - in a matter of an hour this person said it 23 times. TWENTY-THREE TIMES.

are you kidding me? enough already.

there are actually a plethora of other words that can be used instead of the dreaded "standpoint". according to angle, attitude, judgment, opinion, outlook, point of view, stance, stand, view, and viewpoint are all suitable synonyms.

so pick one, ANY one, and use it instead of you know what.

my mom apparently is still the boss of me

Monday, May 11, 2009

another weekend has come and gone, another monday is upon us and i'm already yearning for the weekend.

let's hope this week is a quick one.

friday night i stayed in and watched
role models with the klutz, georgia peach and nameless like one big happy family. literally - georgia peach, nameless, their dog wrigley and i all shared a couch. comfy.

saturday evening my friends matt and sean had a open house at their newly acquired condo in the detroit-shoreway neighborhood -
the painter's lofts to be exact. i had seen pictures of the condo but they didn't do the space justice, it was so friggin' cool. i want to buy a place desperately, and my goal is to own in 2010 so maybe i'll be their neighbor someday - watch out guys.

by all accounts the party was a success and i left there a sweaty mess from dancing my ass off to the awesomely fun DJ they hired. good times, good times.

sunday obviously was mother's day so i rolled out of bed and headed to canton for brunch with my mom and family at glenmoor CC then we all went to see star trek which was SO GOOD.

i said it earlier on twitter, but jj abrams is my hero.

my mom asked for one thing from me for mother's day, one little thing. and aside from the super cute shirt i got her i have to take to my blog to comply with her other mother's day request. see below.

i, your eldest daughter alexa, does solemnly swear that i will never get another tattoo - if i ever do you have every right to cut me off financially - bye bye paid cellphone and inheritance. and in getting a fourth tattoo i will not only be breaking your wishes but will be breaking your heart. no matter how sweet tattoos are and how much i love them i will never get another tattoo, ever.

there mom -you happy now?

it's in writing and has been documented publicly here on the plum.

happy mother's day, i love you.

how do you define social media?

Saturday, May 9, 2009

as some of you know i'm actively involved in social media club cleveland. it's a great organization and for a social media nerd like me and an excellent way to learn about new social media trends that i can then put to use on both a professional and personal level.

editors note: that might have been the geekiest two sentences i have ever typed on this blog, and i love it.

so if you are a cleveland resident and have any interest in social media you should try to attend the upcoming may event at case western reserve university.

this past april i was lucky enough to help host and organize the last SMC cleveland meeting held at thunder::tech. with some of the great social media minds in cleveland all in one place i thought it would be a great idea to capture their thoughts and turn them into the video below.

and with the help and skills of the amazing thunder::tech team the video became a reality.

as for the video, i hope you liked it and it made you think about what you own definition of social media is.

and just in case you were wondering, i just want to let you know that i have a full out "social mediamance" with every single one of you reading this - own it.

friday share

Friday, May 8, 2009

happy friday, yo!

i have decided that starting today, every friday i'm going to have a friday share post where i share something with you all and in turn you share the same thing with me - easy peasy right?

let's see where this friday share feature goes...

so today i woke up, took a shower, brushed my teeth and all the jazz.

thought about what i had to do at work today (lots and lots of project work, but no direct client meetings), looked at my floor closet and picked out a casual and comfy outfit.

gap dark denim jeans
plum colored american apparel long t-shirt
black zip up hoodie from target
j crew black flip flops
accessories: a really old plain silver band ring from tiffany's, my thick ass black rimmed glasses (didn't feel like putting on my contacts) and my michele deco watch

what are you wearing today?

organized crime is better than unorganized crime

Thursday, May 7, 2009

so i have some announcements to make (cue drum roll).

what do diane keaton, lorraine bracco, sharon stone and edie falco all have in common?

and don't say they are all actresses, cause that's just obvious...

they were all mob wives in
the godfather trilogy, goodfellas, casino and the sopranos respectively.

you see, i have a mild obsession with gangster storylines and when i say mild i might really mean obsessive obsession.

but as well written and enjoyable the above films are to watch after much contemplating i've decided that i'm not necessarily interested in the storyline as much as i am interested in the lifestyle.

the money, the furs, the jewels, the blow, the cursing, the booze, the guns, the fast cars and the power - mostly the power.

kiss the ring.

and i don't care if the "keep it in the family" lifestyle has been sensationalized in the media. i can't help that i'm a hopeless mob groupie, and that all i have to do is watch johnny depp's new movie trailer for public enemies to get all hot and bothered.

so i have an announcement to make (cue drum roll).

i've decided that i want to become a mob wife - big hair, gold jewelery, red lipstick, and all. the whole shebang.

i wonder if there is a gangster dating website? like,, or

how does one marry a mobster?

no screaming for excedrin here

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

considering today is only day three of the shred i'm still how you say, sore.

so this morning as i
literally rolled out of bed because it hurt to bend and or use any muscle in my body i popped an aleve to try to suppress the pain and i limped to the shower.

hours later i think taking the aleve was a complete joke -
zero pain relief.

which is continuing to prove my point that i have been stating for years that no over the counter pain medicine works for me other than advil (ibuprofen).

there's a bit of a back story to this theory of mine though, you see my mother is a pill pusher - but not the
good kind of pills.

she pushes excedrin which she believes is a "MIRACLE DRUG!"

to my mother excedrin is the cure for everything...

have a headache (THIS BIG!) obviously it's going to scream for excedrin

tired? my mom tells me to take an excedrin (because there's caffeine in it!)

hungover? take an excedrin

stub your toe? excedrin

bronchitis? excedrin

leg amputation? excedrin

they must pay the woman money for how much she pushes it on people.

but to me taking an excedrin is like popping a smartie, a pez or eating a jelly bean - it does absolutely nothing but increase my chance for a cavity. i've told my mom that it doesn't work for me FOR YEARS but she refuses to believe it.

she has drank the excedrin kool-aid - the woman doesn't stop.

but then again i've drunk the advil/ibuprofen kool-aid - it's my goto drug. i seriously think i'm immune to every other OTC pain reliever. i don't even know why i bother to take anything other than advil - it's a waste.

maybe i'm doing something wrong?

does anyone else have this problem with excedrin? what's your go to pain reliever? (and i'm talking over the counter here we all know "the good stuff" works...)


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

it hurts to type

it hurts to drive

it hurts to straighten my leg

it hurts to bend my knee

it hurts to lift my arm to drink a glass of water

it hurts walk

it hurts to talk

basically it hurts to move
and all this from day one (ONE!!), of jillian michael's 30 Day Shred.

i don't know who the hell i was kidding when i bought this but i'm gonna force myself to do the workout everyday.



and that includes today, after my cinco de mayo festivities and in between the cavs game of course - multitasking is key.

you see that internet? that's what i call accountability.

because this post wasn't really written for any of you guys (sorry), it was posted for me.

i'm the one that needs to be held accountable.

insert witty title here

Monday, May 4, 2009

my weekend can pretty much be summed up in three pictures which i will show you below.

friday night: met up with my old and newly reacquainted friend laura and her boyfriend mike who happens to run C.L.E Clothing Co with jeff who also came out to play on friday. they are all cool amazingly fun people and you should buy their shirts!

we met at treehouse in tremont for many delicious stoli doli's and fun conversations of lebron smacking my bum and the black keys.

next we took the party to
prosperity social club for dinner and more laughs but it was hard to spot mike, he was incognito and all.

laura and mike, who according to laura's face apparently just farted

after prosperity of course i stopped at maproom on my way home to meet up with friends before preceding to make the ratio of my blood stream half blueberri stoli and half actual blood. you'll have that.

saturday i woke up needing my mom. yes, i'm a 28 year old woman but sometimes you just want to go home to your mom so that's what i did. i drove to canton to hangout with stepho and go see my cousin jenna's high school musical production of anything goes.

if you know anything about anything goes you know it is a bit racy especially for a catholic high school production - but hey, i guess fake cigarettes, drunkards and mentions of cocaine and premarital sex is normal these days.....

that's jenna in the green!

i know the picture is blurry but for some reason all of my pics from the show came out looking like that - obviously i had to give jenna a shout out, blurry or not. she did a great job!

after the show the family and i headed to john's bar to grab some dinner and watch the end of the bulls celtics game. i hate the celtics, end of story. but the bulls remind me of the cavs four years ago so we'll see what they turn into a few seasons down the road.

sunday my mom and i saw two movies. state of play with my love russell crowe and tons of other major names including ben affleck, helen mirren, rachel mcadams, jeff daniels, robin wright penn and jason bateman. i really liked it mosly because of russell but the plot was pretty interesting as well.

next we saw x-men origins: wolverine - holy shit, loved this movie too. i'm such a sucker for action flicks with hot fights scenes. hugh jackman did a great job but personally i was most impressed with liev schreiber - he was way better than i expected and that evil little smile was perfect. he was briulliant and i hope to see him (and ryan reynolds' abs in more x men movies. oh wait...).

now that i've officially movie geeked everyone out i'll move onto my sunday night plans.

sunday night georgia peach and i helped cheer on my roommate the klutz at a bachelor and bachelorette auction to support the ohio river foundation. the klutz was quite the hot commodity bringing in the most men interested in taking her out on a date.

how could you not want to date her??

the fun thing was that georgia peach and i had our eyes set on one of the bachelors being auctioned off so we stacked his ballot box with the klutz's name and now she gets to go on TWO dates, one with the guy who rightfully won her and one with the guy we picked for her.

sneaky sneaky.

and that's a wrap.

weekend, out.

#$@%ing read this blog

Friday, May 1, 2009

when the charming, witty and fabulous blogger peter dewolf offered to send me a copy of his novella my first question was,

"will you autograph it?"

the big jerk said no, but it wasn't entirely his fault so i'll let it slide,

this time.

when i got the package in the mail i didn't read it right away because well, i'm lazy and the novella wasn't on the internet (GASP!), and i actually would have to turn pages instead of scroll down?!

god forbid.

it took a nice sunny saturday afternoon on my deck for me to crack open #$@%ing Read ME! (yes, that's the title), and within less than fifteen minutes i was hooked.

i would stop reading after a really good funny line, look at my friends georgia peach and the klutz and said, "this book is so good, you guys have to read it, seriously he's really funny"

and when i say "he" i'm talking about the protagonist, brandon, because what's unique about this love story is that it's written from a male point of view, which frankly is pretty refreshing.

see the thing is, i'm not a book reviewer, i don't (or can't?) write pretty flowery words describing how wonderful something is so all i can say is this: it's a sweet, touching, honest, beautifully written, very funny and easy read - so go buy #$@%ing Read Me!

maybe he'll autograph yours...

you can download it or buy it in paperback right here.

oh, and in case you want to know a little something more about the book, how about i let peter dewolf describe it himself:

A romantic comedy....about cancer. It's that old "Boy meets girl. Boy gets girl. Girl gets life-threatening disease. Boy tries to make it better. Boy screws up A LOT" story.

yeah, what he said, but funnier - and if you're anything like me you simply won't want the story to end.


now for some housekeeping.....

did you see that cleveland magazine FINALLY caved and gave me some props on their blog?


but, they aren't getting off the hook until i'm in the printed magazine - they have a great blog and all, but making the blog wasn't my goal.

so i'll still be crossing my fingers for an upcoming issue - OR they can just throw me a couple of free VIP tickets to the silver spoon awards party. i'd shut up then, (probably).

and now onto the video. i can't count how many of my blog friends all over the country sent me the link to the first 'hastily made cleveland tourism video' - it's nice to know that people think of me when they think of cleveland. looks like i've finally cornered the market.

well mike polk and company have decided to make a hastily made cleveland tourism video 2.0 - here's their 2nd attempt:

oh cleveland, i love you.

happy may day and happy weekend kids - stay safe out there.