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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

i'm sad.

like really, really sad.

i knew this day was coming for a long time, we've been counting it down for months but it's finally here.

and i think i'm in denial.

georgia peach and nameless are moving to salt lake city and will no longer be my next door neighbors like they have been for the last three and a half years.

but they are more than just neighbors, they have become two of my best friends.

georgia peach especially (sorry nameless). we are like partners in crime. shopping, manis/pedi, dinner, drinks, maproom, a sounding board for each other - basically everything.

hell, georgia peach probably should have her own tag here on this blog. because so much of my loving cleveland and being able to call it my home has a lot to do with our friendship.

when i moved to cleveland i had many of my best friends from college already living here (muffin, poo poo, MOB, beav and foxxy), who are beyond wonderful but they had their own lives set up. georgia peach was MY first cleveland friend and because she was also new to town we instantly clicked and the rest is history.

i mean who am i going to go to maproom with? who's going to eat the food i make for dinner? whose power drill am i going to borrow? whose dog am i going to yell at for howling all day long? well, wait, maybe i won't miss the dog howling.


i'm sure it'll get better and i won't be so sad, i'm sure we'll both be fine, but i hate change! i like the downtown family as it.

so now as i'm finishing writing this post, i'm crying cause i just cooked my last meal for nameless, (who now i should call DR. nameless), and we are about to head to maproom for a final beer (or four).

and i'm sad.

cause i have to say goodbye to all these (see below) amazing people too. on the flip side of things though i'm going to have a lot of fun places to visit in the next few years and i have a lot of people to call for medical advice.

congratulations to the DOCTORS!!! (plus georgia peach and aly mcjew)

i'm gonna miss you guys, we had a lot of fun, and i wish nothing but the best for all of you!

and cleveland is going to miss you too. xoxo


  1. Awww! See, this is just another reason to move to DC. You have loads of friends here! ;)

    The good thing about this is that you made such good friends and like you said, you'll get to visit new places and get to see them.

    hugs to you!

  2. Aww, I'm sad for you! Don't forget that I'm just 3 floors below you, can't cook so I will eat your food, and LOVE Map Room too :)

  3. You're lucky to have made such a good friend in a new city. I'm sure you'll remain just as close even if you're separated by miles.

  4. Sniff... that makes me sad! I'm sure you will stay close though!

  5. Hmm, are you above tying people up / taking hostages?

  6. My bestie moved away too. She was my firstest official out of high school friend. And she is awesome, even if she lived 25 minutes away from me to start off with. But then she moved to LONDON. Pfft.
    I know she's coming back in a few years time, and we've got emails and postcards of fabulousness and stuffs, but it's not the same when she's not here.
    It gets easier to deal with it though.

  7. That made me sooo sad!! My BF moved to almost killed me and that was just 1 looks like you have serveral. Yuck

  8. Meh. I'm sad for you. And all kinds of glad I actually got to meet Georgia Peach and Nameless.

  9. It must be bittersweet to wish adieu to your dear friends. Great to see them succeed in life, sad to part neighborhoods with them. In the meantime, I'm pretty sure Lebron's season will end (for better or worse) in the next month. With more free time, maybe he can fill the gap.

  10. That is so sad! I've had a few jobs where everyone ended up moving around the country after (working at Disney was one!) and it's REALLY difficult. ((Hugs!))

  11. Now you know how I felt when you left on sunday.

  12. That made me sad! Dr. Nameless and Peach - good luck. Lexi Poo, hang in there buddy.

  13. This recently happened to me, too. A great friend moved on to bigger and better. It's sad - especially for us non-Clevelanders.

  14. it stinks when people grow up and move away! I think personally, it should be against the law. I've been mastering a plan to kidnap my manfriend, if you want any pointers, just let me know. I'll give you some tips!

  15. This made me want to cry. I hate change too and its always hard to say good-bye to your friends.

    When my friends scattered, I just tried to think of it as places I can go visit and hang out. While its not the same, it is pretty fun!

  16. This is heartbreaking :( I know you will all stay close in heart though and that's what's most important. Just think of all the vacations you'll get to take!

  17. This made me tear up a bit. I don't handle these kind of changes well. But I know you will make new friends cause you are good people.

  18. Um. Obvi you should just move HERE.

    Nuff said.

  19. It's always hard when good friends move away, even harder when they are neighbors. Hopefully you'll get to visit often and if you ever get tired of Cleveland, you could always move right?

  20. marie and lilu are right: DC has some pretty wide open arms.

  21. Moving to Utah seems like a punishment of some sort to me.

  22. The people that touch our hearts...

    My best friend Kat, it's been 30 years, she has moved numerous times. I have trapsed all over the country visiting her, sharing laughs, beers and new adventures.

    They all end the same way, me crying the same way I cried when she left when we were seven.

  23. seriously i think this is the most EMO post i have written out of 386 posts.

    marie - thanks buddy, i needed an ehug

    lippe - i'm going to make you eat my delicious food!

    lindsay - yes you are right, we will remain close but it's the idea of them being right next door that is comforting

    wearing mascara - we will, we will!

    jen - i came this close to doing so

    cuppycakes - london is far! but your are right, it will get easier.

    lady jane - thankfully i still have a lot of friends here in cleveland, if anything i feel worse for georgia peach cause she is moving to a city where she doesn't know anyone!

    deutlich - you should be glad, cause they are awesome.

    nilsa - lebron can ALWAYS fill my gap (twss)

    becky - thanks, and yes it is difficult

    maxie - awwwww, ditto. i told you it was an emotional weekend!

    poo poo - you left me TOO!

    ashley - they become your family away from your family huh?

    fizzgig - kidnapping is still an option...

    mandy - that's what i keep thinking, vacations!

    shannon - like skiing in utah, and sundance film festival in january :)

    lbluca - i am good people, and so are you, yo.

    lilu - we would get in so much trouble

    vanessa - yeah, you never know - i always said i was going to up and move somewhere when i turned 30

    f.B. - i would love it there with you guys

    surviving myself - haha, that's what i thought at first too. but i guess it's pretty phenomenal. on a side note their friend and family thought it was a punishment when they had to move to cleveland...

    lisa chelle - that's awesome that you guys are still so close after all of that time, for serious.

  24. I am sad and teared up a bit too. Oh sweetie my heart goes out to you, I know you will miss them a lot. The best to them...they will miss you too. I know it isn't the same but keeping in touch is sooo much easier now than when I was younger. And Sundance will be great fun! Love ya, XOXO

  25. I'm still jealous you got them for the past 4 years and we didn't (my hubs and dr. nameless went to college together. nameless from chicago, we r from cleveland and we missed each other! i still can't believe they went to med schools in each other's home town)! I'll extend the mourning tomorrow night when i see them for dinner! Supposedly everyone might move back to the Cleve after residency?!?! Fingers crossed. :)

  26. aw man, that's rough. the airline i worked for out of school was where i made all my dc friends, and then it got bought out and half of them moved to phoenix. it was crappy. but you're right about the upside - that many more places visit now :-)

  27. i hate when people move, it just makes me sad. but congrats to the doctors! :)

  28. That is so sad, I have friends in Boston that could move any day now and I fear that day a lot. But you're right, at least you will have new places to visit.

  29. It's always so sad when best friends move..seeing how the routines will definitely change. But if they're your true friends then distance wont separate you :) And you get to visit them to sometimes in the future and explore a new city :)

  30. Many blessings to you and your husband, Georgia Peach, as you begin a life away from Alexa and her family......we have all enjoyed having you with us from time to time! I always told Alexa that her friend had a lot of 'class'....sending Thank You notes and all! Alexa, it IS sad, but you will now have ANOTHER place to visit!!

  31. Am I twittering? This HAS to be twittering! J/k (That's some old school AIM stuff -- it means "Just Kidding")

  32. See ya freak!!

    I miss you already!!

    I'm going to be an out of fashion mess with horrible nails without you! Nameless is going to starve! Can we do video chat before any big events?

    Thanks for all the sweet comments!!


  33. Awww. I hear you girl.

    I've had the pleasure of FINALLY living with my best friend and longest soulmate for the last year and it's been wonderful. Other than my boyfriend, I won't have another roommate better than her - she's my family. But I'm moving in with my bf in a week and after that, heading across the country soon for grad school in the fall so me and my "wife's" proximity is soon ending.

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