friday share v2 (kings of leon edition)

Friday, May 15, 2009

looks like i'm sticking with the friday post theme two weeks in a row. and as the title states here at the plum we like to share on friday's.

group hug.

i've been listening to kings of leon for quite sometime now, but due to scheduling issues i couldn't see them the last time they were in cleveland a couple years back and i couldn't talk anyone to make the trip to columbus or detroit with me during their last tour.

weak, i know.

but that all changed this past wednesday night when KOL played tower city
amphitheater around the corner from my apartment.

now i'm not exactly known for being at a loss for words but all i can say is WOW - those followill boys are legitimate rock stars - there's zero messing around on their part. the show was impressive, the lights, the sound quality, nathan's baby blue eyes, caleb's sexy voice and a great set list made this concert extremely memorable for me.

i even turned to one of my friends towards the end of the concert and said, "i can't wait to see them live 15 years from now".

cause they ain't going anywhere but up.

the beautiful caleb followill on stage wednesday night in cleveland (photo credit)

(excuse me, sorry, i just drooled on my keyboard looking at the picture)

now as gorgeous as caleb is, my heart belongs to his brother, KOL's drummer nathan.


i think it's safe to say i'm a fan and you should be too - if you want to see some video of wednesday's show my friend chef's widow has some up on her blog - check um out.

ok, so now that i officially made myself sound like a teenage girl with a crush on a rockband it's your turn to share.

who's your musician crush? and or what's a show you've seen recently that impressed the hell out of you?


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  2. i wouldn't even know where to begin with the musician crushes.

    there are SO, SO many.

    however, i would like to say, for the record, that i'm adding nathan to the list cuz holy crap he's a beautiful man.

    so thanks for that!

  3. My biggest musician crush is William Beckett from The Academy Is... and both of their shows that I've seen have blown me away. At the second one, I could have taken his microphone right out of his hand when he was singing into the crowd, that's how close I was. It was magnificent. He's pretty.

  4. Jason Mraz is coming to me this July. I bought presale tickets and I'm dragging my mom. I'm so in love with him. So, so in love.

  5. so. for questions like these? I ALWAYS stick to Kevin Richardson of the Backstreet Boys. Because yes.


  6. I got to see them a few years ago and they rocked! I cannot wait to see them this summer! WahOOOooooOOOooo!!!

  7. I am in love with Andrew Bird. Coincidentally, I also saw his show recently and he impressed the hell out of me.

    The man is adorable, an incredibly talented violinist, guitarist and whistler (yes, whistler). Reading stories of how he learned to play the violin and other instruments (the Suzuki method) makes me appreciate him more. I read an article about him before I went to the last show and it talked about how he usually hangs out at the family farm in Chicago when not touring, and that he writes music while hanging out in the barn makes me all swoon-y.

    I joke with Jeff that I'm going to marry Andrew Bird, and have even left little pieces of paper out (on purpose) that say Cara Bird - which I think is a TOTALLY cool name.

  8. I hate long hair, but that guy is PRETTY.

    I'm going to be totally lame right now and admit that Kris Allen from American Idol makes me swoon.

    And lil wayne. Duh.

  9. He is pretty hot. Not a fan of the long hair but he is for sure doable.

  10. um, Enrique and Justin Timberlake. He can cry me a river.

  11. Caleb Followill for sures! Yummy! Words can not describe his voice! Standing at a very, very close second...Adam Levine - Maroon 5 - he is perfection! The Killers 2 Wednesdays ago was a show that totally took me by surprise. They can do no wrong!

  12. yeah, I'm a total Caleb-lover as well.

    They ooze sexiness!! From their voice to their southerness. OOOOOOOZE

  13. Ok, *ew*.

    But, y'know, glad you had a good time yada yada ...

  14. everyone knows its my Edwin McCain. Who has the most beautifully written, and fun songs. He puts on a hell of a show. The last time I saw him was on the beach in Virginia. Next time? house of blues cleveland in August baby!

    I'm gonna marry him one day! You wait!

  15. I've been seeing and hearing a lot of good things about Kings of Leon. Haven't yet decided though if I'm a fan. We'll see...

    I haven't seen any shows since last summer. With that said, I went to CrueFest, with low expectations in hand as I'm not exactly a huge Motley Crue fan, but it impressed me like you wouldn't believe. Everyone was up on their feet, going nuts. Great show!

  16. Adele impressed me in January. She played acoustic guitar and bass on a couple of songs. I didn't know she played.

    But I can't think of a music crush. I blame Zoe Saldana in Star Trek. She knows why.

  17. Oh man, I haven't had a musician crush since high school. And then I wanted to make babies with the members of Eve6.

  18. oh i like the first guy the best:)
    i pick jim bianco or joshua radin. you have probably never heard of them but google the shit out of them and go buck wild because they are HOT.

  19. It's kinda funny that you say you won't try to lick his face.

    Cause I threatened to lick yours today.

    Karma. She'll get ya.

    (And so will I!)

  20. Akon and the roots totally impressed me. Now all I want to watch is Jean Grae. Pussycat Dolls are coming next month, i may have to watch it for the sake of dancing randomly with the girls.

  21. "i can't wait to see them live 15 years from now".

    If they didn't hate each other I would say this is possible.

  22. My musician crushes are all women, thank God, gothic/metal style kinda music; mostly unknown to the mainstream peeps.

  23. I will forever be in love with Eddie Vedder.
    Rumor has it he's a shorty. I don't care though. No amount of short man syndrome could make me not want to bend over for him.

    I'm excited to catch KOL when they're in Seattle this summer! I LOVE them!

  24. My musician crush is easy, Adam from Counting Crows. His voice is timeless and the words to the songs move me as much today as when I first heard them.

  25. first time commenter!

    I'm another with a Jason Mraz obsession... I've had it ever since he released The Remedy all those many moons ago.

    I've now seen him live six times, hung out with his best friend as well as his percussion guy, Toca, but am yet to actually meet Mraz.

    Next tour...

  26. Everyone listens to Kings of Leon it seems but me! I need to get on that.

  27. I <3 the Kings of Leon, but they've never been anywhere near where I live. Maybe next tour?

    As far as musical crushes go, I don't really have any right now. How sad is that? I had a HUGE crush on the drummer of the Wallflowers. You know, when I was like, a middle schooler.

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  29. It's kind of embarrassing. I mean, I'm a married woman with a child who can barely remember her twenties, and Caleb Followill makes the backs of my knees sweat. Licking his face would certainly fall into the 'I'd definitely do it' category if it also didn't fall under the 'your criminally too old for this shit' category, too.


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