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Friday, May 8, 2009

happy friday, yo!

i have decided that starting today, every friday i'm going to have a friday share post where i share something with you all and in turn you share the same thing with me - easy peasy right?

let's see where this friday share feature goes...

so today i woke up, took a shower, brushed my teeth and all the jazz.

thought about what i had to do at work today (lots and lots of project work, but no direct client meetings), looked at my floor closet and picked out a casual and comfy outfit.

gap dark denim jeans
plum colored american apparel long t-shirt
black zip up hoodie from target
j crew black flip flops
accessories: a really old plain silver band ring from tiffany's, my thick ass black rimmed glasses (didn't feel like putting on my contacts) and my michele deco watch

what are you wearing today?


  1. My scratched up WAL MART glasses cus i have 1 pair of contacts left that I save for going out. Um, black cherokee (target brand) sandals, old navy jeans, in my newly fitting size 12, and a sonoma (kohls) summery blue flowered top cus im sick and im 150 degrees! The princess cut diamond earrings I traded up twice at work cus I love me, and my white gold/diamond hoops.

    I don't sound as cute! Oh, and sweat. Cus you know, im sick.

  2. New Utah t-shirt.

    Go Utes!!

  3. Lets see... I'm wearing my target electric blue shirt, old navy jeans, forever 21 sandals, and surprisingly, no jewelry.

    my underwear say joe mamma. haha

  4. I'm not sure I can tell you because I'm really that hawt today.

    Or at least I would like to think so.

    The only interesting thing I have on is my small beaded necklace which I put on my wrist and made into a bracelet.

  5. @Maxie I am too wearing my target electric blue shirt. Twins!

    Oh I also have pants on. Jeans.

  6. I'm still currently in my PJs! Haha

    Once I get the gumption to take a shower and get ready, though, I'll be wearing a purple sundress with a white short-sleeved shrug, and then my graduation cap and gown because I'm graduating college today!

  7. I'm wearing a pink ("dewberry" to be exact) sleeveless Max & Cleo dress (my typical "work" dress), black slingbacks, and (fake) Chanel CC rhinestone earrings.

    I sometimes kick casual Friday to the curb because I don't want to LOOK hungover! I just threw my hair up in a bun, though.

  8. You're wearing a plum colored shirt!? too cute.

    Today, I'm wearing:
    Ann Taylor trouser jeans
    Victoria Secret pink tank
    Black pinstripe suit coat
    Black maryjanes with a kitten heal

  9. Pajama pants, a beer, and two kittens.


  10. I'm sporting a puff-sleeve striped top from Forever 21 that is brightly colored... needed some cheer for this gloomy cleveland day. My H&M skinny jeans, a pair of blue and black snake print hurache sandals from Urban, and my glasses - because I'm out of contacts and my last pair is so old it hurts to wear them even for 5 minutes. Sad.

  11. my favorite t-shirt from Urban Outfitters - Die Hipster Scum - with ankle jeans and sandals.

  12. Jeans and tshirt and sneakers. No unders cause I was in a rush and couldnt find any. Very uncomfortable, by the way for a weather like today.

  13. Grey miniskirt (not too mini, though), white v-neck JCrew tshirt, grey gap boyfriend cardigan, navy JCrew jelly flats.

    Man, that sounds preppy.

  14. Khakis that are about one size too big (comfy!), a dark brown tank under a short sleeved red blouse and tan danskos (until I change into my steel toed boots).

  15. Dark jeans
    cream colored cami with lace trim
    dark blue blue short sleeve thin scoop neck shirt
    rocket dog gray sneaks with purple laces
    watch, ring earrings, glasses

    I <3 my casual firm!

  16. Vintage Issey Miyake shirt
    Skinny 7 jeans
    "Koi" belt by Betsey Johnson
    Jeweled Payless sandals
    Itchy bra that's buggin' me
    Gold hoops
    John Hardy peridot ring (I gave it to myself after divorce was finalized)

  17. Y'all sound so cute!
    I'm wearing cute little black flats (payless) with a cute buckle on the top, black slacks (The Gap), a black sleeveless top (The Gap) with a beige sweater (Old Navy)...and a bunch of purpley-pinkey-beigey-necklaces layered.
    And my hair is curly today because I was too tired to straighten it..but I did put in my contacts because I'm sick of wearing my glasses.

  18. I work from home, so keep that in mind. :)
    Sweatpants (black, velour)
    Buckeye T-Shirt
    Ponytail & headband

    Aren't I just the picture of glamour?!

  19. Currently: baby blue pajama shorts, white tee shirt, and a brown/tan Chihuahua puppy.

    Soon: a bikini (to wash my car)

    Such is the life of the unemployed.

  20. Thin summer cotton dress that sort of looks like it was made from apron fabric. And that makes me happy.

    Brown flip flops.

    Denim protect my skin from sexual harassment from my boss - I mean, because it gets really cold in my office...yeah.

    Accessories: Silver Aztec Calendar ring on my thumb, silver sparkly ring on my ring finger. Oh, and a bobby pin to calm the "woohoo!" in my bangs.

  21. black leather american eagle flip flops
    gap dark denim jeans (what up twin!)
    banana republic black 3/4 sleeve knot-front shirt
    pink victoria's secret undies!
    boring white bra
    boring white tank top
    three hair binders on my right wrist
    black/silver chandelier earrings from forever 21

  22. Let's see...

    VS Pink jeans
    Navy ribbed tank from Target
    Light blue open button down shirt
    My sexy librarian glasses
    Silver/brown dangly earrings
    Pewter flats

  23. If you had this kind of Friday share every week, I'd be sure to look dapper just for you! =)

    Black tank (Mark Shale)
    Coral short sleeve hoodie (Target)
    Khaki linen pants (Gap)
    Black ballerina shoes (Nine West)
    Three tiered necklace (Bead Up shop on Etsy)
    Diamond earrings (designer unknown)
    Wedding band & engagement ring (designed by Jan Dee)

  24. -- Big Star jeans
    -- green scoop t-shirt from Old Navy
    -- Black cardy from gap
    -- black loafers from Naturalizer that desperately need to be replaced, but are so dang comfortable I can't part with them

  25. you sound cute!

    dressy jeans from limited i think?
    teal short sleeve shirt from ny&co
    5 silver rings, like always
    magenta watch from forever21
    pink bra from who knows
    tealish funky earrings from wet seal
    silver hook bracelet from...some island?
    victoria's secret thong
    silver flats that i got as a BOGO deal @ payless!

  26. Dark American Eagles Jeans, a grey tank top with white lace underneath a dark grey sweater-shirt, and black flats.

  27. I'm wearing my "Cleveland's a Plum" t-shirt. ;)

  28. Today:
    •last season target floral flats
    •new gray skirt from old navy
    •Express under tank
    •pink, gray, diagonal striped, e-quarter length sleeve, off the shoulder top
    •silver hoop earrings
    •black frame glasses
    •neon pink cast for my left hand

    (and a beer at 5:30)

  29. Jeans, green t-shirt, black zip up hoodie, a few silver rings, and a silver Brighton dream peace bracelet. I am also barefoot sitting on my deck drinking a beer. Why? Because its my birthday and I can! =)

  30. Dark skinny jeans,green ballet flats, green shirt from Buckle, white tank, gold/pearl earrings and contacts that are irritating my eyes!

  31. Dark skinny jeans,green ballet flats, green shirt from Buckle, white tank, gold/pearl earrings and contacts that are irritating my eyes!

  32. Dark blue jeans from Target
    Red T-shirt from Target (theme!)
    Bronzish heels from DSW
    Bronzish bangles from some store in the airport in London
    Brown glasses because I always wear my brown glasses.


  33. Jeans, that are ripped at the bottom because jeans are always too long for me and I hate heels so I end up stepping all over the hems...

    and a t-shirt with a zebra print on the front and LOVE spelled out in HOT PINK graffit letters.

    and shoes (flats) that don't match.

    yay friday...

  34. Hot Kiss jeans from Nordstrom with awesome True Religion stitching (but they cost 1/3 the price!)
    Yellow T-shirt from Forever 21
    Big yellow earrings from Forever 21
    Tan wedge loafers from Roxy

    I love F21 baybay!!

    P.S. It's casual Friday. Otherwise I'd be wearing black, black, black and uncomfortable, uncomfortable, uncomfortable.

  35. i'm currently wearing a purple dress, with a white tank underneath, some strappy gold sandals and a fabulous gold necklace with a bird and other colors on it.

    i sort of love it, especially since it's 89 degrees outside :)

  36. right this second? green undies and a black bra.

    it's hot as BALLS in this house.


  37. flip-flops, jeans, green polo.

    oh, and blue boxer briefs

  38. Right now I'm wearing victoria's secret sweat pants, a white tee and a Armor for Sleep hoodie that is probably like 6 years old.

  39. Isnt this question supposed to come over the phone in a sexy masculine voice?

    cute denim skit
    zebra rimmed glass
    lebron hames high school jersry
    white t shirt for layering
    guess flip flops

    stunning diamond earrings.

  40. Sweeeeet!

    On friday I wore my maroon Chloe Dress, pumps, chanel purse and some bracelets..:D

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