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Friday, May 1, 2009

when the charming, witty and fabulous blogger peter dewolf offered to send me a copy of his novella my first question was,

"will you autograph it?"

the big jerk said no, but it wasn't entirely his fault so i'll let it slide,

this time.

when i got the package in the mail i didn't read it right away because well, i'm lazy and the novella wasn't on the internet (GASP!), and i actually would have to turn pages instead of scroll down?!

god forbid.

it took a nice sunny saturday afternoon on my deck for me to crack open #$@%ing Read ME! (yes, that's the title), and within less than fifteen minutes i was hooked.

i would stop reading after a really good funny line, look at my friends georgia peach and the klutz and said, "this book is so good, you guys have to read it, seriously he's really funny"

and when i say "he" i'm talking about the protagonist, brandon, because what's unique about this love story is that it's written from a male point of view, which frankly is pretty refreshing.

see the thing is, i'm not a book reviewer, i don't (or can't?) write pretty flowery words describing how wonderful something is so all i can say is this: it's a sweet, touching, honest, beautifully written, very funny and easy read - so go buy #$@%ing Read Me!

maybe he'll autograph yours...

you can download it or buy it in paperback right here.

oh, and in case you want to know a little something more about the book, how about i let peter dewolf describe it himself:

A romantic comedy....about cancer. It's that old "Boy meets girl. Boy gets girl. Girl gets life-threatening disease. Boy tries to make it better. Boy screws up A LOT" story.

yeah, what he said, but funnier - and if you're anything like me you simply won't want the story to end.


now for some housekeeping.....

did you see that cleveland magazine FINALLY caved and gave me some props on their blog?


but, they aren't getting off the hook until i'm in the printed magazine - they have a great blog and all, but making the blog wasn't my goal.

so i'll still be crossing my fingers for an upcoming issue - OR they can just throw me a couple of free VIP tickets to the silver spoon awards party. i'd shut up then, (probably).

and now onto the video. i can't count how many of my blog friends all over the country sent me the link to the first 'hastily made cleveland tourism video' - it's nice to know that people think of me when they think of cleveland. looks like i've finally cornered the market.

well mike polk and company have decided to make a hastily made cleveland tourism video 2.0 - here's their 2nd attempt:

oh cleveland, i love you.

happy may day and happy weekend kids - stay safe out there.


  1. Yay for getting mentioned but I agree they need to do a feature story on you!

  2. They should feature you... your too funny...

    and I have to note - your use of "corned the market" should be a new phrase!

    again... too funny!

  3. hmm, i'll have to read that. as for the title though - not sure if i'd see that on a shelf and think "okay". And how do you promote it in conversation? Have you read #$@%ing Read Me? hmm...

  4. YES!!!

    That's for both the props to a blogger from my neck of the woods AND for your Cleveland fame!

  5. I'm kind of surprised Cleveland Magazine hasn't featured you with a picture on their cover. I mean, you bleed young Cleveland. You proudly strut through your city. You give all us foreigners (to Cleveland) a reason to visit your fine city. And you give locals a reason to get out of the house. Shame on Cleveland Magazine for not publishing a big something something about the Plum!

  6. Wow, that video! The fist one was funny because they talked about "both of our buildings" and used the word douchbags - which always makes everything funnier.

    And then this second one ends and... I'm speechless.

    Glad to see you got Cleveland Mag's attention!

  7. HEY...WAIT....I was laughing so hard at the video until then end and it said "at least were not Detroit!!" So now were smack talking...huh?? **Note to self...need something cool about Detroit...mission impossible:)

  8. I don't know anything about this Silver Spoons award thingy, but is it the type of dinner gala where people get all fancied up and gather to celebrate the spectacular 80's sitcom starring Ricky Schroder and Alfonso Ribeiro?

    Because if it's not that then why would anyone go?

  9. THANK YOU for posting that video. I needed a good laugh this a.m. I sent that to all my Detroit buddies and I'm so not the type of person to send mass emails. Good deal!

    And congrats on the Cleveland Magazine blog mention but I agree, you should definitely make it to print.

  10. You know, if it weren't for you, I don't think I would ever think of visiting Cleveland. I mean really, Cleveland Magazine needs to get it together already!

  11. mandy - i like how you are thinking with the featured story

    MAH - it was actually supposed to be "cornered the market" but hey, same thing right?

    taren - yes you do have to read it, and honestly i think that's the point of the title...

    ben - YES! (thank you)

    somi - thanks for coming to my defense nilsa! and i like how you are thinking too - bring on the cover!

    ashley - yeah about that detroit thing... haha.

    lady jane - grosse pointe is cool about detroit. i love that place, one of my best friends lives there. it's like WASP heaven. ha.

    josh - you are spot on, actually rickey schroder rides into the gala on a mini train to give a keynote speech

    cincyfan - no problem, if it's cleveland related i'm bound to post it eventually.

    marie - that's my argument too, i'm making people aware of cleveland's awesomeness! i'm aiming for the cover now :)

  12. Since I'm always looking for new books (yes, I read things that aren't on the internet. For shame.), I'll look for that one next time I'm out.

    As long as you promise it's funny and will not make me hate men. 'Cause I really don't need any more excuses for that.

  13. I need to get my hands on Peters book already...

  14. congrats on getting featured on the blog! woo!

    and ive been wanting to read peter's book for a while now. maybe ill treat myself to a copy of it for my birthday!

  15. those videos crack me up!
    congrats on the mention on cleveland mags blog. It takes a lot to stick up for cleveland, you should get some sort of props for that.....(since were fighting, I get to say that)

    I like books on cd. is this on cd? I'm so lazy anymore.

  16. That's so exciting you got mentioned on that blog. When I think of Ohio I always think of you, well you and Wild Thing.

  17. I'm kind of over the Cleveland videos. The first one was funny but it's getting a little old. You could make the same videos for any city.

    Now his "Great Moments In Cleveland Sports" video is HYSTERICAL.

  18. shine - you gotta buy it online!

    matt - yes you do, no excuses

    brookem - it's worth it i promise!

    fizzgig - you and cleveland need to kiss and make up

    lbluca - wild thing is far more superior

    narm - have you seen the one about making cleveland into two states?!?! hilarious! you're right though, there are way better ones that have been made by that group.

  19. I saw a guy on a pay phone yesterday when I was walking back from La Strada! In the pouring rain!

  20. I love that the title of the video totally looks like a 90s sitcom, like Full House or Step by Step.

  21. You've sold me on Cleveland, and I don't even like plums!

    Ok, I do. Like them. A lot.

  22. Okay, now you've definitely got me wanting to read that book. :) Can you email me though rma910{at}gmail{dot}com (or comment on my blog) just to let me know if it's a crier? AKA - does the gf die? I seriously want to know because I refuse to read criers - has to do with losing my dad to cancer.

    Otherwise, I promise to check it out if you liked it that much. :)

  23. Love the video! Thanks for sharing. :)

  24. I didn't find any humor at all in the videos. They were mean and sad. Cleveland gets a bad enough rap. They need to do another one showing the positive things about Cleveland.

    And how do you refer to that book title.......? You know I hate, that word.

  25. Oops,I spelled humour incorrectly. I will also repeat myself to you about how GREAT it is that you got mentioned on Cleveland Magazine's blog! I bet next time your in the pages. XOXO

  26. If I saw a book with that title, I would totally read it. And say "okay" out loud before doing it. Like it's talking to me.

  27. That's pretty cool that you got mentioned on the Cleveland thing, but what are the Silver Spoon awards? Does it have anything to do with a boarding school kid who discovers he has a rich father who invents toys so goes to live with him in a cool house with trains, duck phones, and remote control doors? I wanted to be Ricky Shroeder in the worst way . . .

  28. okay, okay...maybe i'll just buy my own copy if it really is that good

  29. whaat?! why wouldn't he autograph it? big meanie!!

    the book sounds awesome though - love his sense of humour!

    i must pick up a copy - thanks for the recommendation!

  30. I'm going to go sell my kidney so that I can buy the book. I'm low on cash but doing okay in the kidney department.

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