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Monday, May 4, 2009

my weekend can pretty much be summed up in three pictures which i will show you below.

friday night: met up with my old and newly reacquainted friend laura and her boyfriend mike who happens to run C.L.E Clothing Co with jeff who also came out to play on friday. they are all cool amazingly fun people and you should buy their shirts!

we met at treehouse in tremont for many delicious stoli doli's and fun conversations of lebron smacking my bum and the black keys.

next we took the party to
prosperity social club for dinner and more laughs but it was hard to spot mike, he was incognito and all.

laura and mike, who according to laura's face apparently just farted

after prosperity of course i stopped at maproom on my way home to meet up with friends before preceding to make the ratio of my blood stream half blueberri stoli and half actual blood. you'll have that.

saturday i woke up needing my mom. yes, i'm a 28 year old woman but sometimes you just want to go home to your mom so that's what i did. i drove to canton to hangout with stepho and go see my cousin jenna's high school musical production of anything goes.

if you know anything about anything goes you know it is a bit racy especially for a catholic high school production - but hey, i guess fake cigarettes, drunkards and mentions of cocaine and premarital sex is normal these days.....

that's jenna in the green!

i know the picture is blurry but for some reason all of my pics from the show came out looking like that - obviously i had to give jenna a shout out, blurry or not. she did a great job!

after the show the family and i headed to john's bar to grab some dinner and watch the end of the bulls celtics game. i hate the celtics, end of story. but the bulls remind me of the cavs four years ago so we'll see what they turn into a few seasons down the road.

sunday my mom and i saw two movies. state of play with my love russell crowe and tons of other major names including ben affleck, helen mirren, rachel mcadams, jeff daniels, robin wright penn and jason bateman. i really liked it mosly because of russell but the plot was pretty interesting as well.

next we saw x-men origins: wolverine - holy shit, loved this movie too. i'm such a sucker for action flicks with hot fights scenes. hugh jackman did a great job but personally i was most impressed with liev schreiber - he was way better than i expected and that evil little smile was perfect. he was briulliant and i hope to see him (and ryan reynolds' abs in more x men movies. oh wait...).

now that i've officially movie geeked everyone out i'll move onto my sunday night plans.

sunday night georgia peach and i helped cheer on my roommate the klutz at a bachelor and bachelorette auction to support the ohio river foundation. the klutz was quite the hot commodity bringing in the most men interested in taking her out on a date.

how could you not want to date her??

the fun thing was that georgia peach and i had our eyes set on one of the bachelors being auctioned off so we stacked his ballot box with the klutz's name and now she gets to go on TWO dates, one with the guy who rightfully won her and one with the guy we picked for her.

sneaky sneaky.

and that's a wrap.

weekend, out.


  1. I guess it's ok to talk about sex, drugs, and rock n' roll now? Kids these days don't know how lucky they are.

    Please don't hate me because I love the Celtics. Please!

  2. i've heard mixed reviews about Wolverine, but I wanna see it anyway

  3. Does there even need to be a plot in a movie with a mostly naked Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds' abs? They could just stand there and I'd still probably pay to see it.

  4. I want to be auctioned off! I bet I could get at LEAST $0.35. At LEAST.

  5. Oh, I'd so do that to my friend if they were up for an auction. Stuffing the ballot box. Naughty naughty in a really unharmful way = fun! =)

  6. I really, really want to see WOlverine. Glad to hear it's awesome!

  7. I'm just not a fan of x-men or wolverine or whatever. I do wanna see state of play though.

  8. Ryan Reynolds? What about Helen Mirren's abs? What were they like?

  9. I just read the Lebron story for the first time. Awesome sauce.

    I am totally making "high five with one hand, smack bum with the other" my go-to move. (My current go-to move is "standing there looking disinterested.")

  10. When the Klutz and Bachelor #1 get married and have have a ton of babies they will have us to thank!

    - and you know what, you're welcome :)

  11. p.s. i can't wait to buy you online.

  12. I was so-so on State of Play, but you're right - the cast was pretty stellar.

    And I haven't seen Wolverine yet, but if it has Ryan Reynolds' abs (you know, in addition to what I'm sure is an excellent plot), that's just one more incentive to go.

  13. marie - i could never hate you because of your love of a sports team, may think less of you but not hate. hahaha.

    deutlich - yes, go see it!

    shine - oh he's fully naked at points, don't you worry.

    narm - i'd pay at least $3 for you, and you better put out.

    nilsa - that's the best kind of naughty, harmless. oh behave.

    lauren - oh yes it is, go see it!

    maxie - trust me, you'll like both.

    f.B. - while i didn't see helen's abs, i do recall her looking quite hot in a bikini picture a while back. girl looks good for her age.

    peter - you'll be stealing it from the best, that's for sure. MVP! MVP! MVP!

    georgia - they'll get married if a certain you know who gets the hell out of dodge

    maxie - you might have to take out a loan to buy me, i'm going to be EXPENSIVE!

    liebchen - and don't forget ryan's arms, day-um.

  14. Sounds like a busy social weekend.

    I want to watch that movie, Wolverine. I heard it's good. I watched Ghosts of gfs past. It wasn't bad.

  15. i didn't even see the second 2 xmen movies, but i am SO GOING to see wolverine. yummers.

  16. How fun. I want to buy a man at an auction.

  17. i want to see state of play.

    you and the georgia peach are a sneaky pair.

  18. I'm with shine. Ryan Reynolds naked = I'm there with nipple clamps on.

    I mean bells. I mean...

    Are you sure you still want to come to DC?

  19. Sometimes you just need mom for no reason! I hear you there.

  20. I just read the LeBron story....mmmm..mmmm. I like it:)

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  22. I think your friends should make a special cleveland shirt just for you and the blog!

  23. thats a fun weekend! I know how that is when you want your mommee! My moms mom has been gone about 20 years, and she STILL says that at times!

    No mention of Hugh Jackman's package. Thats the rumor I keep hearing....need confirmation here!

  24. It's awesome that you live so close to home that you can just drive there on a random day. I sometimes wish I lived a little closer to mine so I could surprise the family every once in a while.

    It makes me happy to hear that you loved X-Men. I really need to see that...

  25. that sounds like a fabulous weekend, as usual. seriously our weekends should be friends with each other.

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