long weekend > short weekend

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

what a weekend, and a long one at that. it was also a long one without any internet so you are getting bullet points. deal with it ;)


- called in sick at work due to what i can only describe as a migraine, never had one before but if a migraine is what i had it was hell
- got a wicked cool early birthday present from my dear friend MOB in the form of a framed retro "plain dealer magazine - plum crazy" illustration of cleveland - SO COOL! thanks friend.
- finally felt better around early evening but not well enough to go out
- watched the cavs and "the shot" from home
- danced around my apartment by myself when they won
- went to sleep happy


- drove to canton to get my hair did at GSV salon

- celebrated my mom's birthday early with dinner with her and our friend jackie at iris restaurant in downtown canton

- fell in love with a tomato, watermelon, feta, romaine lettuce and mint salad. my mom and i both decided that we could eat that salad everyday. um, yum.
- went to a party at my friend keter-o's parents house because keter-o and j-birdie were in town from columbus
- visited with a lot of my north canton friends
- caught up with some of my best girls biscuit, j-birdie and sharlia

- reinforced the fact that i suck at basketball, and can't shoot for shit - even the swimming pool variety of basketball

- performed the greatest bit of personal self control that i've had perform in a long long long time. HIGH FIVE ME! willpower baby

- went flower shopping with my momma to buy some blooms to help dress my deck up (thanks for buying them stepho)

- brunch at my cousin cathi and greg's house with all the family to celebrate greg's birthday (happy 41st old man)
- played bartender at said brunch and preceded to get everyone drunk on mimosas and bloody mary's
- drove back up to cleveland blaring and rapping jay-z the entire way
- hung with my friends (court, hatchel, the klutz, MOB, aly mcjew, jewfroblu, the verdova's (and aubry!), laura and mike), on the reddstone patio in battery park.
- enjoyed too many $3 mojitos at the reddstone as well as the FREE pig roast they were offering. me likey the reddstone, you should check it out.

- got into a "fight" with all my friends (ahem, laura and MOB, ahem) for wanting to go to wallgreen's before the game and buy ugly snuggies to keep warm during the cavs game that we were going to be watching outside
- i hate snuggies
- went to cleveland's own
hooples to watch the cavs game which they projected onto the bridge for everyone to watch outside on their patio.

laura, who will now be referred to on this blog as "peeps", due to this picture peeping tom/unabommber esque picture. like the shirt she is wearing? you can buy it here!

MOB, myself and the klutz at hooples

- didn't like that the cavs lost so MOB and i decided that we needed to continue drinking to forget about our sorrows - headed to the public house in westpark with MOB to visit our friends (hi foxxy) and pretend that were were in college again (that's nothing new)
- rootbeer float shots are delicious and potent
- steak and shake at 3:30am is always a good idea

- was a complete waste of space (see above for reasons why)

welcome back summer, how i missed you.


  1. an outside basketball game? now that sounds like my kinda gig. I might enjoy sports if I could watch them outside. even better if theres a fire. and beer.

    snuggies are a waste of time.

  2. I am so, so very excited the summa is here

    And also? to be back at work. This weekend was a DOOZY!

  3. Yes, after you left your cousin's house everyone was commenting about your heavy hand and how strong you made their drinks. Uncle Pete was feeling it and the vodka was almost all gone. Haha

  4. I would have loved to watch a basketball game like that...hmmm.wonder why Detroit doesn't do that???

  5. One day we should play a game and limit the number of bullets you get to use on your weekend. Ahead of time. Five bullets. That's all you got, plum. What are ya going to do with them?!? Glad to see you had too much fun this weekend! =)

  6. I get migraines all the time, some way more severe than others. Be glad it was only your first and keep your fingers crossed that it's your last ... or at least your only for a very long time!

  7. How cool is it that you watched a game outside projected on to a bridge while drinking. Sounds like a great weekend to me!

  8. haha sounds like a great weekend. definitely more eventful than mine.

  9. you look like a pretty princess in that picture, smells!

  10. long weekend = short week = awesome.

  11. Sounds like you had an excellent weekend :)

    And I agree - Steak n Shake is ALWAYS a good idea!

  12. So you had a bloody mary? But did it include a piece of bacon?!

    Yeah, I didn't think so.

    High five for awesome, summery weekends!

  13. pool basketball? too complicated for me. I suck at basketball

  14. Can I just say how awesome it is that your mom commented about you getting your entire family all sloshy? Awesome.

  15. here you are!
    i was nervous you weren't going to be posting this week when i read your twittery things about no internet and such.
    sounds like a great weekend... especially the part about the bloody marys which i also partook (?) in.

  16. Complete wastes of space are my FAVORITE days. Truth.

  17. Sounds like an amazing weekend, sans the migraine. (They're awful, huh? I hate them with a passion.)

    This post makes me excited about my upcoming long weekends. And the summer, in general.

  18. sounds like another fabulous weekend. and 'the shot' was amazing. my best friend squealed and i think i just looked on in shock, haha. now if only they could have that winning magic again :)

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