the mcdonald's menu song

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

i had a flashback last night when i saw a new mcdonald's big mac commercial during the heart wrenching cavs/magic game that reminded me of the mcdonald's menu song from the late 80's.

this song and commercial to be exact.

remember that song?

you could also do that weird hand slapping game thingy to the song too. or at least me and my friends would on the playground when we were eight years old.

but back to my flashback....

i vividly remember there being a mcdonald's contest campaign involving a record, like a vinyl music playing record, that was included in the sunday paper of a specific week, (or something like that).

you would get the record (or flexidisc as it's technically called), play it on your record player and if your record played the entire mcdonald's menu song from start to finish without cutting off you won a million dollars.

a whole million dollars! which was even a bigger deal in 1988.

of course i went straight to you tube to see if i could find any video proof of this million dollar contest. i needed to be sure that this clear memory of me sitting on my bedroom floor with my fisher price plastic record player listening to a mcdonald's song to try to win one millions dollars was legit or not.

thank god for you tube cause here's my proof.

as a marketer this whole memory flashback got me thinking (scary, i know). would something like this even be possible over twenty years later in 2009?

i'm think not - that contest was pre-internet and all.

regardless, my appetite is happy i remember "the menu song" because not only am i going to be singing it all day (as will you), i'm going to get something off that menu song for lunch.

mcdonald's you've done it again and again, with your witty slogans and catch phrases. you roped me back in with a 20+ year old marketing campaign.

it's bad enough you sprinkle crack on your french fries.


  1. I bet if they did it with a downloadable mp3 it'd work!

  2. I had this record! I didn't win the money, of course, but thanks for the great flashback!! :)

  3. I would do a lot of Bad Things for Mcd's fries.

  4. please only write about things relevant to my life.

    like things that happened after 1990 when I start to have you know. memories.

    cause i'm so young.

    come on, alexa. think this stuff through.

  5. How is it you've got me reading this when (a) I stopped eating fast food a gazillion years ago, though still crave the fries and (b) a half hour before my lunch when I'm on this silly diet, eating pretend food and craving just about anything. Right now I think I'm hallucinating because my fingers looks like fries... yummm!

    I'm sorry, you were saying?!

  6. HAHA... I remember at Burger King they used to give out little mini ALF records with the ALF theme song on it.

    Best thing ever.

    Wow, we are getting old.

  7. Salt and lots of crack, most certainly. Those fries are addictive. Just had 'em last night, feeling up to another round today.

  8. Oh Alexa, you make me laugh, the things you remember......and things that you don't. Now that you mentioned it I do remember you girls trying to memorize the song..ha.

  9. i dont remember that song. I just remember the two all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese (which was also made into a song about the school bus....)

    i do however remember those flexible records, they use to come in boo berry and they were PURPLE.

  10. this is hilarious! love it. I was only 2 years old at the time so sadly...I dont remember this. But thanks for sharing it! :))

  11. upon seeing the title of this post in my reader i was thinking this would be a rehashing of the filet-o-fish commercial...just thinking about it makes me want to eat one of those nasty little suckers.

  12. my mom didn't let us eat fast food growing up. so i have no idea what this all is. WAY TO GO, MOM.

  13. Uh, my mom used to sing me the menu song like every night (along with It's Not Easy Being Green and The Alphabet Song from Sesame Street). As though it were a bedtime song. Is it any wonder I still love McDonald's fries? Thanks, Mom!

  14. Oh wait. Not this menu song. The one with the rattlesnakes in the shakes and shit. I love that one.

  15. I haven't been to McDonalds in 8 years.

  16. First I would like to say that Maxie is a hooker. A young hooker, but still.

    Second, I don't mind the crack. I just sprinkle a little Xanax to balance it out.

  17. Awesome. Song is in my head. Neeever getting out.


  18. I don't recall the record one. Now I really want to play this for my little cousins adn try to explain what a record was.

  19. That game was awesome last night!

  20. I totally forgot about that until now!

  21. For how much I love that stuff, I don't remember either of those commercials. I DO remember and loved the MacTonight character. Yeah, I had his beach towel. Makes me want McD right now.

  22. deutlich - marketing genius you are

    fidgeting gidget - you are so welcome

    surviving - you and me both

    maxie - you are such a wee embryo of a person

    nilsa - i was saying go eat some mcdonald's, haha

    matt - ALF!

    mind - salt is just as good as crack in my eyes

    mom - i only speak the truth

    fizzgig - i remember that one too, damn mcdonalds and their marketing!

    tdub - are you calling me old? ;)

    bodelou - feed the belly

    alice - my mom didn't let me eat sugar cereal, mcdonald's ok, sugar cereal no - weird. ha

    shine - rattlesnakes in the shakes?!?! whaaaaat?

    rs - i feel sorry for you that they don't have any mcdonald's in LA

    lilu - you are so smart DR. Lilu

    marie - you're welcome

    mandy - we are old

    justjp - we are fighting

    susan - meeeeeeeeeeeeemories

    bayjb - i totally had a mcdonald's beach towel too, haha. i think my mom thought it was tacky.

  23. No memory of it, but the fact there's a record just make it 1000 times more awesome.

  24. Whoa. My friend had a paper route and actually took a bunch of them out of the papers so we could listen to them all. Of course, we weren't bright enough to just start playing it towards the end. We must have listened to that song 100 times in a few days time...

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