prune of the week 5.12.09

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

well i haven't done a prune of the week post in a ridiculously long time but this post today is a long time coming.

for those of you who don't get it - a PRUNE is a dried shriveled up PLUM that makes you poop.

haha. poop.

plums > prunes

moving on....

there are many, many things in this world that bother me. like people who don't know how to install a toilet paper roll or people fully capable of walking a flight of stairs riding an elevator one floor up or down.

but that's neither here nor there, because i have a new peeve and it's a single word.


i have decided that "standpoint" is currently the most overused word in business.

"from the client standpoint"

"from the developer standpoint"

"at the end of the day, it's _________ standpoint that really matters"

standpoint standpoint standpoint standpoint standpoint standpoint standpoint

annoying right?

personally, i'd rather sit and wave than stand and point.

actually i was once in a meeting where i had a little tally on my notebook of every time this person used the word "standpoint" - in a matter of an hour this person said it 23 times. TWENTY-THREE TIMES.

are you kidding me? enough already.

there are actually a plethora of other words that can be used instead of the dreaded "standpoint". according to angle, attitude, judgment, opinion, outlook, point of view, stance, stand, view, and viewpoint are all suitable synonyms.

so pick one, ANY one, and use it instead of you know what.


  1. Oh corporate speak....gotta love it. My friends and I talk about this a lot. One time we had a count going for a guy who used the term "drill down," as in "why don't you drill down a little further into your research and see what else you can find."

    On day he spoke it 37 times! That's not counting the number he probably used it in e-mails. Yikes!

  2. ahhh it makes me cringe when people overuse a saying or phrase.

  3. yeah.. but from my standpoint i figure..

    ok ok! i kid! i kid!

    i won't say it when i see you this weekend! promise.

    ok. maybe once or twice.

  4. so now the word is stuck in my head and because you put it in my head i may just have to say it a few times when i see you. tee-hee :)

  5. Deutlich stole all of our comments!!

    but I agree with you. Standpoint is WAY too popular.

  6. ha, that would irk me too.
    it's like when people start a sentence with "again"-- i HATE that. especially when they are again-ing something they never said to begin with!

  7. From my stantpoint this post made me laugh.

  8. I'm glad you put up the TP link this day every time I change the TP roll I think of that pet pieve of yours, and to be honest...this morning I actually forgot which way was the "right" way. Now I know again!

    I'm also glad you threw in "at the end of the day"....also way overused...particularly by our old boss! haha!

  9. Tallying how many times someone says a word in a meeting totally sounds like something I would do.

  10. I think you could also use perspective as a synonym as well.

    Mine is probably "touch base" or "offline" as is let's talk offline about that. "Touchpoint" is annoying as well.

  11. It makes me feel a lot better that I'm not the only one who keeps a Tally of Annoyance in various meetings. I, for one, like to keep track of people who make some sort of irrelevant self-reference, word mispronunciation (yuge instead of huge, for instance) and general things the person is known for repeating incessantly! i am pretty sure I can add "standpoint" to my list now, too :)

    Another major peeve: "my own personal opinion"- if "my opinion" didn't clarify enough....

  12. so over USED! how about substituting the word "perspective" every now and then for a little flavor?

  13. you know I hate when someone doesnt put tp on the roll. it use to piss me off. and guess what? i dont do it. lol. half the time I leave it on the counter. but if someone else does it? grrrrr.

    that seems pretty shallow of me.

    my least favorite corporat word is performance pie. everything at my job is based on the performance pie. its mentioned at least 50 times a day. its equal parts: incentive/motivation, capacity, standards, knowledge and skill, measurement, feedback, conditions.

    "what a great opportunity to use the performance pie"

    did i mention they teach a 4 hour class on the performance pie? along with our mission statement?

  14. Worst corporate speak ever: "We need to think about it from an outside-the-box standpoint."

    Me: ok. When you finish doing that, which is nothing, I'll be here, waiting for us to actually do something.

  15. Doesn't the business world just annoy the shit out of you sometimes?

    It's like I'm going along my merry way and then all of a sudden I CAN'T STAND that people have donuts and chocolate everywhere on all their desks. STOP WITH THE JUNK FOOD I huff and puff and get all worked up about it...

    I think me with donuts in the office is like you with standpoint.

  16. This one doesn't bother me as much as it obviously bothers you, but I have noticed it being used more and more often at work. Which is kind of weird, as it has to be a "National" trend, then.

  17. ashley - oooo drill down, that's an obnoxious one too. although i haven't heard it nearly 37 times!

    shannon - like nails down a chalkboard

    deutlich - of course that was your comment, brat. haha

    marie - because it's you, i'll let it slide

    peter - or maybe you're just unoriginal. haha.

    matt - from my standpoint you are too popular ; )

    brookem - hahaha. in other news, i love the word irk.

    lbluca - you make me laugh daily

    bird - i HAD to put in end of the day too, it was SO BAD there for awhile, good god chris used it a lot.

    longredcape - cause we are awesome

    megan - touchbase offline - hahaha, that's a doozy.

    leslie - cause my opinion is different than my "personal" opinion. puh-lease. people are weird

    allison - from my perspective of things we are just too alike. (in a good way)

    fizzgig - performance pie?!? i've never heard of such a thing, i'm about to google it.

    f.B. - outside the box KILLS me. it was good, oh five years ago before it got beat to death by corporate america.

    je - OMG we have junkfood all over my office, candy, cookies, delicious temptations everywhere. thankfully there's aren't donuts, i think it would take amazing will power for me not to eat one everyday. and that's the LAST thing i need.

  18. adriana - it is weird to think of it as a national trend! i mean it is obviously working itself west to you. don't worry you'll be sick of it soon enough : )

  19. Yes, we're doing office jargon that we hate! How bout deliverables, do you guys say that?

  20. From the blogger standpoint, you rock.


  21. I agree. I'd never really thought about that one until now, but yes. I totally agree. Viewpoint just sounds more intelligent.

    My roommate was complaining yesterday about when people call themselves a "straight shooter."

  22. I haven't hear the word standpoint in about 7 years. You must be living in 2002.

    Well Cleveland is still stuck there. So yes.

  23. I am not a fan of most corporate jargon.

  24. You're entitled to your standpoint.

  25. From my "standpoint" haha, beside prunes poop inducing fruits are papayas. Lots of it. Try it! :P

  26. Oh God, it's the same at work. I've heard that word being used so many fucking times it gets beyond annoying. I even told one particular person who uses it, to tone it down with the standpoint, cause it made him sound ridiculous.

  27. God it's the same shit at my work too. If I hear "engage" or "strategy" again, I'll die.

  28. i'm pretty sure the word "vertical" gets overused at my office all the time. it's a little crazy sometimes.

  29. I'm obviously in a very different line of work than you. At the club the standpoint is usually near the pole and close to the front of the stage.

    Oh, I mean....

  30. God yes, that's an awful word. Especially when spelled out. It just looks weird...

  31. That would be pretty annoying -- good thing I work with a bunch of Enginerds that don't really care about anyone's standpoint b/c they are too socially awkward to notice that someone (even the customer!) might have one opposing theirs. . .hmm


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