prune of the week 5.21.09 - ignorant customer edition

Thursday, May 21, 2009

last night my blackberry curve was acting all sorts of weird (had been for a week or so actually), and when the damn little hourglass kept rotating over and over and over again i finally gave in and made the trip to verizon to see what was up.

no one likes to make a trip to their cellphone provider between the lines and the cheesy sales pitch, but sometimes it is unavoidable.

i walked into the verizon store at rockside road enter my name, phone number, blah blah blah and waited. when my name was called i was helped by very nice guy named matt who explained that i needed a software upgrade, did some smart techy stuff to get my phone to work the way it's supposed to, answered some questions about when i could upgrade and what not.

but my flawless experience isn't the point of this blog today.

as my phone was getting worked on i had the pleasure of standing next to a crazy lady and her son who walked in with an attitude - hell she walked in screaming.

ready to pick a fight with the poor customer service guys or anyone in her way.

this lady came prepared:
-check list
-print outs of her contract
-print outs from "the internet" as she kept calling it
-her zit faced teenage son to have "her back"

i can't describe this lady any other way than as an ignorant hick. she was rude, she was cursing like a sailor, and was causing a scene because she didn't have a clue about anything. she was turning her ignorance of the situation into anger because she was so frustrated.

the guys behind the counter were more than patient with her, more patient they i could ever be. i was merely standing next to her as a fellow customer and i wanted to cut out her tongue.

crazy lady: why isn't my cell number the primary number on the account?
verizon guy: because you son's is
CL: why?
VG: because that's how the account was set up
CL: why?
VG: i'm not sure ma'am i didn't set up the account
CL: WHY? because my son SURE AS HELL isn't getting MY new phone upgrade that i'm due. see here (points to print out), i read this here on the internet and it says i'm due a new phone.
VG: that is correct, we can get you that upgrade in about two weeks.
VG: because that is when it is available
VG: i am the manager

just yelling.

i just stood there, with my mouth open staring at this woman. she wouldn't even let the customer service guys do their job, she was out for blood.

and that was just paraphrasing, i could have continued. she was threatening to leave verizon, and to picket headquarters.

LADY, it is a CELLPHONE, chill the F out.

i don't get people.

after crazy lady and her ignorant son left (poor kid didn't have a chance with a mom like that) the guys behind the counter just stood there and said stuff like that happens all the time.

if i worked at verizon and had to deal with customers like that, i would be in jail for smacking a bitch.

people are crazy.

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  1. People shit all over customer service reps bc they feel they can...and to be honest, they are right. The reps are used to it and have to take it.

    It totally sucks. I would kill someone.

  2. Man that sucks. I fought with Sprint to get my phone upgrade early because mine broke, but at least I sent intelligently worded emails about it, I didn't yell in their faces.

  3. Cell phone companies are exactly as evil and people are crazy.

    She was probably tired of having that huge Verizon army following her around.

  4. People can be such assholes. Stuff like that blows my mind.

  5. I'm going to be honest and say I see both sides of the story here. Because, in my 10+ years of owning a cell phone, I've had it up to *here* on plenty of occasions with my service providers. When things go wrong, no one seems to know how to fix the problem. And you often get different answers depending on the customer service rep of the day. It is incredibly frustrating, takes up a ridiculous amount of my time to get the problem resolved and sometimes makes me want to beat the living shit out of the people I've had to deal with.

    Having said that, walking in with a soured attitude, making an ass of yourself and mistreating a person who has yet to prove they're an imbecile is probably not the way to start out a conversation where you're hoping something will be done for you.

  6. my bf and i were at the grocery store last week waiting to get some meat from the deli. there was an older, maybe in her late 60s, early 70s, greek woman right before us who was commanding the attention of all 3 deli workers because she wanted a pound of ham, but not sliced. she wanted a slab of ham that weighed a pound. she couldn't explain this to them though and started to get mad at them for not understanding her. but before all this, she wanted to feel the meat to see if it was the right kind...even though the employees were saying "if you touch it, you have to buy it." then she proceeded to talk about how she didn't want it to have any fat and no salt. she hated salt.'s ham...

    j and i were behind her for almost 15 minutes and when we finally got to the counter, the three guys just started laughing and told us she had been there for a total of 2 hours, 1 hour right when she got in, then she left to try and find meat somewhere else, and then another hour when she came back. needless to say, they ended up giving her a pound and a half for the price of a pound because she started to argue about the price.

    sorry, long story, haha, but i feel bad for anyone in a service industry that has to deal with nutjobs like these people

  7. ignorant customers? i would just punch them in the throat. ok, ok. i wouldn't. but i would really, really want to.

  8. People like that make me want to hurt them. When I worked at the casino in marketing, I had to deal with some pretty ignorant people who thought they deserved everything and that everyone should kiss their ass. When I encountered those rude people, their needs went to the bottom of the list. You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. Someone should have told that to the lady. Her poor son.

  9. I DESPISE customer service. But I have a right to- I'm smarter than 99% of them. That lady sounds like she should probably be wearing a helmet to walk around.

  10. That lady you were describing could have been my mother. The kid does have a chance, he will just need LOTS of therapy!

    There should be a pill for stupid, inappropriate behavior.

  11. At least she came prepared to go to war.

    Most people just try to go to war and then they look stupid because they dont have any zit covered teens to have their back.

  12. My cell number is the primary one on the account, too. That's how my mom had it set up. But my mom's not a screaming lunatic (thank god--that'd be hell!) and she actually listened when she got all our phones 8 years ago.

  13. The problem with Verizon is they won't budge on the contract extension period. You can ONLY upgrade within 4 months of your end date.


  14. I don't know what this post said so I'll just agree.


  15. Oh my god them customer services people surely got tons of patience. I wont be able to do that.

    I'd smack the b*tch hahahaa

  16. RS is crazy and doesn't know how to read.

    I would have smacked and kicked her. What a mouth on that woman! I bet she'll get a dose of her own medicine one of these days.

  17. see. uhm. in a situation like that?

    i'm the customer who turns into the asshole towards the other customer

    i HATE shit like that. and even though it's non of my fucking business, her ignorance would be impacting MY day and that shit just doesn't fly with me.

  18. People like that don't stand a chance with me. I would have kicked them out of the store if I were customer service. Of course my ass would have followed after losing job, but FUUUCK. THAT. SHIT!

  19. omg. this is nuts. I wouldnt be able to handle that.

    I am new to blogging and was wondering...what is the point of the "labels" at the end of the blog?

  20. Damn. Definitely some crazies out there. I've encountered a few during my Macy's days and even other jobs I've held, but luckily never had the urge to smack anyone yet. Although not cursing at them was a struggle!

  21. awww this made me miss customer service.

  22. There are some crazy ass people at cell phone locations. For real. That sounds tame compared to the one by our house.

  23. I've been working retail pretty much all my adult life, and this is pretty typical of how you get treated. I've actually had people tell me they were going to kill me and had things thrown at me on a regular basis.

    Scarily (or naturally, you know whatever), I've always pretty much been the best employee there.

  24. I have worked in retail and for me it is hard to just hold it together and not cry while I am being yelled at by the customers. If I am the pissed off customer, I still try to hold out from crying.

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  25. I love you writing but I have trouble reading it in t he wovwn pink back ground... hope you had or are having fun on your trip !

  26. The last time my parents renewed their Verizon contract they had a similar experience...except in their case, another customer tried to step in b/c the hilbilly in question was swearing in front of his children. Apparently, it ended with the two customers getting into a physical altercation in the customer service area and the police were called. I weep for America.

  27. My favorite part as you stare at the crazy lady with your mouth open, because I can totally see this happening in my head and it made me laugh a bit!

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