i need a weekend to rest from my weekend

Monday, June 29, 2009

so currently i look like a lobster i'm so red and burnt. i think my olive skinned greek ancestors are about to disown me and send me to ireland if i don't brown up soon. but a day in the water park will do that to you - but more on that later.

-headed to canton after work for a dinner with my mom, sister, thea (aunt) eros, yiayia (grandmother) and cousin mara at pete's grill and pizza in downtown canton.
-realized that canton such a small world, especially the greek community because out of the say 15 tables i knew someone at 11 of them.
-fell in love with the place after i realized that i could have saganaki (flaming cheese), drink sangria and play boccee ball at the same place. i was sold.
-headed to taggart's ice cream parlor for a bittner to wind down the night because my yiayia just needed an ice cream soda.
-fell asleep on my mom's couch which still to this day is one of the most comforting things to do

-got one of the worst haircuts OF MY LIFE!!! my hair looks like shit, all uneven, won't lay right, and to top it off instead of trimming it like we always do because i'm growing it out, she snips a hunk of the back part of my hair and goes, "an inch and a half is ok right?" WHAT?!?!? i'm still fuming and i hope i can get i fixed on friday.
-checked out the blissful's indie girl trunk show and picked up my favorite capri blue candle - volcano no. 6
-drove back to cleveland and met muffin and the klutz at the westside market cafe for lunch and shopping at the westside market to pick up some fresh produce
-headed over to the made in the 216 event in the detroit shoreway neighborhood
-layed out with the klutz on our deck, ate popsicles and read
-went to erin's house in rocky river for a mystery wine party where everyone was in charge of bringing an appetizer that began with their name. i got a double whammy of initials because i brought an almond and mandarin orange salad. (get it? A and M? - i win)
-drank lots and lots of wine but court's bottle of wine got the best reviews and she got the fabulous prize provided by the hostess erin herself

court and erin with the winning wine prize basket

-lost my watch in erin's couch and it took half the party to get it back, it was a group effort and a success at that.

thanks jen! i'm glad you have a skinny hand and donna was strong to lift the couch.

-good times had by all!!

-sissy called me at 1am to tell me that the family was going to the geauga lake's wildwater kingdom waterpark to which i promptly stopped drinking because i couldn't think about going down water slides hungover
-woke up to a cold and rainy morning in cleveland but the fam was still gung-ho about going so i hopped in the yuppie mobile and drove to aurora

cousin nicolette, david, sissy, jenna and natalie outside the park

-huddled under an umbrella in the rain while the kids (and my 26 year old sister) went down the slides in the pouring rain
-at 1:30pm the sun came out and our wildwater kingdom experience completely changed for the better. we had so much fun!
-from the giant funnel slide, the wave pool, the body slides and the lazy river we were running around like crazy. and it was perfect because we basically had the park to ourselves because the early rain scared the general public away. we win.

natalie, suzanne, cousin nicolette, david, sissy and cathi

-got stupid burnt because i didn't put on sunscreen until it was too late and the damage was done
-drove back to canton for a family cookout at my mom's full of blu cheese burgers, fruit coleslaw, bacon baked beans, pineapple cake and more

sissy being the grille master that she is

-wrote this blog and went to sleep

by the way, summer is exhausting but ridiculously fun.

and to anyone who says there's nothing to do in cleveland/northeast ohio? you're nuts!

have a good (hopefully short) week - only three more days till my birthday!


  1. I think you offically need to come to a family get-together of mine and vice versa. Eating, bonding and being loud... what could be better than that?

  2. I need to come visit you. I like this sort of exhaustion!

    I really hope you DO NOT have to pay again to get your hair fixed! That's just ridiculous.

  3. Water parks are awesome. As a kid we used to go to raging waters all the time. I even had a season pass.

  4. Seriously waterparks? I love them! Been too long since last time I visited one. I like body sliding like a 5 years old.

    Ps. You should totally get the salon to refund your money. Did you?I hate it when they mistreat my hair too!

  5. some woman BUTCHERED my hair a couple years ago.. I am STILL trying to grow it back out correctly.

    My hair takes forever because of the curls.


  6. Your weekend=A+

    Bad haircut=No fun. Ever.

  7. Wow that was quite a full weekend!!

    So guess what is happening in Salt Lake next weekend?

    Yep, even the Utes love flaming cheese!!

  8. Thinking about going down a waterslide hungover just makes me want to throw up. Sounds like a fun weekend though.

    I also seem to remember a Tweet about your mom dancing and cooking to the Doors? That's kinda awesome.

  9. A mystery wine party? Sounds like a lot of fun, but really not as much fun as your Sunday. Waterparks and family, it doesnt get much better than that. Summer is all about having ridculous fun and being thoroughly exhausted!

  10. Water parks and cookouts. I love the Summer!

  11. I choose the letters "F" and "D" for "f***ing" and "delicious" to describe your salad bc that's what it is.

    Also, although I was seated right next to you during the watch/couch incident I have no recollection of the event. Sunday morning Muffin tried to refresh my memory to no avail.

    Old age + gallons of wine + a serious lack of marbles to begin with = big black holes in my memory.

  12. Doooode! If I was living your life, there's no way I'd have time to blog about it. It's most definitely confirmed that you have superhero powers!!

  13. You did GOOD this weekend. I can't wait to have fun weekends like that again.

    Wait, babies put an end to that, don't they?

    I'm screwed.

  14. I've yet to venture to wild water kingdom. I think it would be sad. I miss geuga lake. Not as much as I miss sea world though. *sigh*

  15. I have been "stupid burnt" more times than I like to remember... but then, I am Scotch Irish, so not only is it acceptable for me, it's also acceptable to drink the pain away. WIN.

  16. I just want to say that I couldn't agree with you more on the whole mom's couch thing. I almost always end up napping when i go to my mom's house.

    p.s. sorry about your hair.
    p.p.s. i'm excited to see you and celebrate birthday-ness!

  17. boo to the hair, but the rest of the weekend sounds amazing. and what is this flaming cheese? i am intrigued.

  18. Hey, Georgia Peach, NOBODY makes the flaming cheese like Alexa's family!

  19. i need the same weekend recovery you need.

  20. I like what you said about people being wrong if they say there's nothing to do in Cleveland/NE Ohio. I hated it growing up when people would always complain about how boring our little NJ town was. Sure, it was the heart of suburbia and not exactly the most exciting place ever but why not just make your own fun! I live in NYC where you can't say there is nothing to do and I still get bored sometimes. It's just life!

    OK. Rant over.

  21. I sooo want to be Greek...waaaaa. Seriously, for some reason I have always wanted to be part of a greek family. I love the culture and the closeness of family and community. So lucky:)

  22. Looks like the PERFECT summer weekend- it's just starting to get sunny here on a consistant basis, so I may have to imitate your weekend.

  23. I loooove that capri blue candle (volcano no. 6) toooo! It's pretty obvious that we just have awesome taste ;)


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