i'm a celebrity get spencer out of here

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

last year this time i wrote a post about how my favorite new guilty pleasure summer reality television show was 'wipeout' and 'i survived a japanese game show'.

well it's 2009 and i officially have a new train wreck that i can't take my eyes off of called '
i'm a celebrity get me out of here' airing on NBC.

there are two main reasons that i'm watching this show: heidi and spencer.

and boy do i want to punch these two in the face after last nights episode - i want to kick spencer in the face after i punch him in the face though too.

as i sat on my couch with my jaw dropped at almost everything spencer said all i could think about was what a hey day joel mchale and 'the soup' were going to have with spencer's clips from this show.

spencer had such brilliant gems as:
"i'm too famous for this"
"it's spencer vs the world"
"king of america, king of the costa rican jungle"
"i see them [other contestants] as servants. i don't fear no man. I've a black belt in jujitsus"

he got in a fight with another (female) contestant because as heidi put it, "she messed with the mamma bear (heidi), so the papa bear (spencer) is going to protect his cubs (heidi again?!?)"

and what was this fight about? someone jokingly ripping the label off of one of heidi's haircare products. oh wait, i'm sorry, "VANDALIZING" haircare products.

between all their "god blesses" and prayers it took all of my power not to throw things at the tv and boo everything that is spencer.

but unfortunately i'm doing EXACTLY what spencer wants me to do, hate him.

and i hate me for falling into the marketing trap. i can't help it, i'm part of the cattle.

all i want is during one episode for john salley to bitch slap spencer across the face.

do it for me john, do it for america.


  1. this was pretty much the most comical thing I've seen in years. I mean, who do these people think they are? I dont watch whatever show they are on, yet they were quick to point out how they were too famous to be on this show.

    and come on, spencer got so mad cus he spent ALL DAY making that label for heidi and someone just ripped it off the can!

    And, they are also a reason I don't believe in organized religion. People like them give """christians""" a bad name.

  2. Oh man, I am purposely not watching the show because I hate them so much. I did get sucked into watching The Hills finale last night. Why?!? I don't know, but the whole time I wanted to punch those 2 in the face. I'll never even be watching that show as a guilty pleasure anymore now that LC is gone.

    I can't wait to see what Joel McHale has to say about it on Friday!! (or Saturday morning when I watch it!!)

  3. I used to hate him, but now I think he's hilarious because I know he's doing it on purpose. Plus that rap video he put out was hilarious!

  4. Perfect recap. I hate him with a passion, and I am DYING for The Soup this week!

  5. I heard Spencer raps...could it be?

  6. Speidi's PR people are fucking ingenious.

  7. If they procreate I will then know that my purpose in life will be to destroy their offspring.

    Seriously, who would even prosecute me? NO ONE.

  8. Bad news (sort of) - according to US Weekly, Spencer and Heidi have already quit the show.

  9. I hate to admit it, but you've made me want to watch this show.

  10. oooo i wanted to watch this but i missed it! damn it!

  11. I fucking hate Spencer and Heidi. What a waste of space on this planet. They are the sole reason people think Americans are uneducated.

  12. Are those two even really human? I feel like they were some science experiment gone wrong on barbie and ken.

  13. I had to turn it off after Spencer said he was "too famous for this." So then I went to re-runs of Jon & Kate Plus 8 (which I am now obsessed with) and some Newlyweds show on channel 5.

  14. I actually feel a little less guilty for watching Daisy of Love now. Thanks!

  15. I think someone else already pointed this out, but word on the street is, Spencer & Heidi walked off the show for the third time after the live part of the show. Only, this time they won't be coming back. Guess it's time for you to find a new contestant to love-hate.

  16. I am so fucking mad at myself for missing this.

  17. i refuse to have anything to do with speidi, which means i can't watch this show (unless they really did quit). although DAAANG i can't wait to watch the soup ;-)

  18. How have I never even heard of this? I am so uncool.

  19. You have such Perez talent with ms paint. Cant believe i missed this, I HATE SPENCER AND HEIDI with every fiber of my being.

  20. i too have fallen into the toilet bowl of reality tv that is speidi.

    he's done a good job of being so much of an asshole that i can't get enough of his ridiculousness. just watched the speidi wedding special. the pair are delusional. when will the inner good of the TV god's save us from this mess? help!

    ps i hope u didnt get more than one of these comments, trying to use my new wordpress identity, but i apparently am half retarded.

  21. fizzgig - wasn't it ridiculous?!?!

    idea #527 - i had to watch the hills finale too, adding kristen cavalari does put an interesting twist on it for next season

    maxie - ok, i have to check out this rap video now

    adriana - it's going to be legendary!

    lemmonex - apparently he does, to youtube i go

    deutlich - if they even have them.

    lilu - i sure as hell won't, i'll help you.

    molls - whaaaaaaaaaat? it had to have been after the live portion last night then right?

    jenn - you aren't going to be able to take your eyes off of it

    mich - there's always tonight, and tomorrow, and the next day. ha.

    je - you make a very valid point

    marie - barbie's creator is obviously rolling around in his/her grave. (if they are dead, ha)

    AAB - i love that newlywed game!

    shine - i think daisy is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay worse.

    nilsa - i'm going to be so sad if they are actually gone

    surviving - you should be, watch it tonight!

    alice - joel is going to have so much fun with it.

    narm - you said it.

    andhari - you can call me ms. perez if you want.

  22. Hahah - i didn't get to watch it, but i heard they were awful. I also heard that they weren't going to continue the show? Hopefully it's a rumor. As for Joel McHale, i cannot WAIT for friday night!

  23. i missed it last night! god, sounds like a trainwreck that i cant miss ever again.

  24. Oh how I completely agree. And why in hell does Heidi have hair care products in the friggin' jungle anyway?!?!

  25. i watch just to see if someone will bitch slap him. Then we can all be happy.

  26. blogger doesn't like me. i've tried to comment twice already! i just want to say, speidi is ridiculous. and john salley should beat them up for real.

    and umm. that is all.

  27. I'm ashamed to say that I did watch part of this last night, before the other trainwreck, J&K. Speidi was just so awful. Honestly, I should not be shocked, but I was.

  28. arrggh Spencer...Get me out of here!!!!!

  29. How have I missed this?! I must watch this glorious trash!

  30. If Speidi's marketing ploy is seriously to have us hate them, they are GENIUSES at what they do. They are ridiculous and a half. I can't stand them whatsoever ... even though I totally watched the show, too, just to see what they'd do. I'm so glad they finally left Costa Rica though because that reality show is the pits and I certainly don't care to watch another minute of it.

  31. All I saw was someone leave a comment about Spencer rapping and I sort of gagged.

  32. Every time I see these two I always wonder what Heidi's parents must be thinking...wouldn't you want to die if that was who your child married!!!??

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