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Thursday, June 11, 2009

today i'm guest posting over at everyday adventures of me in the city and because jess was so wonderful to ask me to take over her slice of the internet the least i can do it try to get people to go read it.

so to sway you to go read my guest post i have come up with a little song to persuade you.

please sing the below lyrics to the tune of michael jackson's very own
Beat It.

i told you don't you ever stay around here
don't wanna see your stats you better disappear
the plum is in her eyes, and the font is very clear so
you better move you better do what i say
don't wanna see you here until my friday share
you wanna be cool, you better do as i say so
click it, cause you wanna be there
no one wants to be plum beaten
showing how bloggers put up a fight
it doesn't matter, you know i'm right


  1. I cliked it. =)

    And no, not ending my blog, just took a slight hiatus.

    Have a great weekend Alexa!

  2. I don't think you beating me with a plum would hurt that bad.

  3. that's the best song ever

  4. I demand a video with you singing those lyrics.

  5. I second Marie. A video blog of this song is definitely in order!

  6. P.S. I've also now had "Beat It" stuck in my head for 15 minutes.

  7. Absolutely freaking hilarious. You just made my sucky morning a tiny bit better. :)

  8. That would have been better if you sang it like Maxie did with Blogger Face. ;)

  9. mandy - phew!

    maxie - i'd make it hurt.

    liferehab - i do what i can :)

    marie - maybe after i drink a bottle (or two) of wine

    shannon - why thank you

    surviving - snaps

    adriana - you're welcome for having such an awesome song get in your head

    tabitha - i'm glad i could help!

    AAB - ill give you a private viewing (that sounded dirtier than i expected)

    katelin - well i love you.

  10. you are so persuasive, I will go check it out....

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