opera cleveland - falstaff

Thursday, June 18, 2009

you know that scene in pretty woman where richard gere takes julia roberts to the opera on the private plane in the fancy dress and jewels and they have box seats and her opera glasses are broken and she is so moved by the opera that it brings her to tears?

well last night was just like that for me, except i drove to the opera in my volvo, wore a black cotton dress, sat front and center so i didn't need opera glasses, had my friend court as my companion and laughed instead of cried because the opera i saw was a comedy.

yeah, like that.

last night i was lucky enough to be asked to attend a live blogging even for
Opera Cleveland's production of Falstaff which is being performed June 19, 20 and 27 in the state theater at playhouse square.

with a stop at bricco before the event, court and i got some serious VIP treatment. we were granted backstage access at the state theater (with a badge to prove it), and were given the ability to wander around taking photos and videos.

while the opera itself is in italian one is able to read english subtitles that are projected above the stage allowing everyone to enjoy the plot line and performance.

it was a surreal experience for a theater nerd like me - getting to meet the conductor, director, actors and actresses and i highly recommend checking out one of the performances!

see below for a less than 30 second snippet of a part of the first act.

court trying to take a bite out of a prop pig. random, i know.

one of the many prop tables - everything was so organized

some of the lead actresses (not falstaff, ha)

after the performance (we left a little early), court and i headed to crop bistro for multiple cocktails all of which lived up to the award i gave them in yesterday's post.

we got to visit with chef/owner steve schimoler who very kindly gave us some extra treats (the perfect deviled egg and the cherry bomb) from the kitchen on top of our
spring onion, roasted red pepper, carmalized onion, goat cheese and ohio maple flatbread.

with a final stop at maproom to sip on some patron xo, you can say we had a damn good evening.


  1. Wow, sounds like an extravaganza night!!

    I love the sound of the flat bread you described and may have to create one of my own!!

  2. I've never been to the opera, but I saw Phantom of the Opera in Vegas. Does that count? Probably not.

  3. Mmmm...I love Crop flatbread (and opera)!

  4. This is so cool! I went to the opera once, and enjoyed it way more than I expected to.

  5. So glad bloggers are finally being recognized...


    I'm done now.


  6. Patron XO needs more love. I'm terrified they will discontinue it because I'm the only person in the Midwest who buys bottles of it.

  7. I've never been toan Opera before, but I think if I did it would really class me up a bit.

  8. i've always wanted to go to an opera. and man if i ever do go now it pretty much has to be like your experience or it won't be nearly as cool. mission: go backstage and get VIP treatment to an opera! and go!

  9. That looks like so much fun! What a treat!

  10. you wore a black dress?

    get out.

  11. You are so lucky! I have always wanted to go to the opera, but have always been scared it might be too boring. You have inspired me to look harder since we do have a great opera house here.

  12. How fun! You are totally turning into a celeb in Cleveland! Next we'll see you on I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!

    And you finally started going back to the craproom I see! Good times

  13. Dude, that sounds awesome. All of it.

  14. i love evenings like that! i actually really enjoy the opera, and falstaff is such a fun one. i want VIP treatment next time i go!!

  15. I'm moderately to severely jealous.

    ALSO wanted to reference your "I hate certain bloggers" comment on another blog.

    It made me laugh.

    I hate some bloggers too. Just because they're ridiculous to my standards.

    You made me feel not so alone :P

  16. What a fabulous evening! I've never been to the opera before, but it sounds like it could be an amazing experience. And to think it was because of blogging that you got to go! So cool!

  17. AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME evening! Thank you SO MUCH for letting me tag along! Carl the Opera Chicken meet Court the Opera Sidekick!

  18. Blond lass pretending to bite pig pic amuses me.

  19. Agree! I saw Falstaff last evening...and it was everything you described...thanks for the recommendation!

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