yet another successful weekend (minus the cavs)

Monday, June 1, 2009

oh hello there - miss me?


honestly, my life has gotten bad enough without internet at home that right now i'm typing this blog from my mother's house in canton so i can mooch her wifi while she is in NYC with my sister.

see what my life has come to? sad.

but the weekend? that wasn't so sad, it was super awesome actually.

(minus the cavs, but i'm still in utter denial that saturday's loss blow out actually occurred)

friday night found me at d'vine wine bar with muffin and the klutz, osteria to celebrate beth's birthday, the barley house to i don't know drink vodka, suite sixx to i really don't know and finally maproom because, well, that's where i almost always end up.

birthday girl beth, lastic, lounge singers rick and sharona, and muffin at osteria

saturday night found me in good 'ol canton for my friend mishler's birthday party at fedeli where i got to spend some quality time with not only mish, but biscuit, j-birdie, sweet moves and aly. we ate, we drank and we laughed and after fedeli went to legends in north canton to watch the rest of the game that i can't talk about.

sunday found me sleeping in longer than i have in years (something about my bed at my mom's house that is the BEST), that caused me to almost be late for aly's bridal shower. almost.

aly (the bride), biscuit, me and j-birdie

it was a great time this weekend visiting with my friends, celebrating birthdays and weddings. cause that's what friends do, celebrate.

hope you had as good a weekend as i did.

also, happy birthday mommy (love you).


  1. love a good alcoholic and also one that post pics!

  2. I'm kind of in love with biscuit's outfits...

  3. lady jane - wait, why am i an alcoholic?

  4. Happy Birthday Mom of the Plum.

    I think I need to suck up for that comment about forcing you to get a tattoo a few weeks back.

  5. Every time you write about Maproom I'm sad I haven't been there. Fix it.

    Happy Birthday, Alexa's mom. When are you adopting me? Remember, I have no tattoos.

  6. I miss your face.

    Also, can I please have a cute nickname like Biscuit? Kthxbai

  7. Dangs it! I was gonna say I miss your face.

    But it got stoleded!

  8. Hooray for the amazing weekend. Sorry about the Cavs.

  9. You have more friends than anyone else i know.

    you are very fortunate.

  10. i had a great wknd too i ate and drank too much but you have to once in a while!

    you seem to always do the rounds when you go out....see the sights. I am lucky to get my peeps out of the house!

  11. i need a good weekend like that after a weekend of hard labor. although i would prefer there not being 5 entire days of work between now and then. boo.

  12. what a lovely weekend (minus the cavs, seriously i still can't even get over it, i can't imagine how cleveland is surviving. i guess you should just root for the lakers now :) )

  13. Wait...

    is that you wearing black again?


  14. You still don't have internet? What's wrong with these people?! Keep calling them three times a day, every day until those mofos fix it!

    Other than that glad you had an awesome weekend!

  15. HA! I love Jen and Beth... they're hilarious. I have the best Lastic stories from our trip to San Diego last year... what a small world.

  16. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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