the board of love

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

girl meets boy, boy meets girl.

girl falls in love with boy, boy falls in love with girl.

girl and boy live happily ever after - the end.

hey, it could happen that easily right?
but sometimes times it doesn't.

sometimes it takes FOREVER to find your match. sometimes you need a nudge in the right direction
, sometime you need a whole committee of friends to find your soul mate, and while you're at it you might as well turn said committee into a board.

a board of love to be exact.

well three of my friends, cami thompson, jenny chalk and carrie hooks (pictured above) did just that and their board of love is featured in this month's cleveland magazine in an article ironically written by another friend of mine rebecca meiser.
the article gives some history of the group which started nearly two years ago after cami saw a good morning america segment where advertising executive donny deutsch gave a frank piece of advice stating that, "if you really want to get married, you need to treat your love life like your professional life".

basically deutsch recommended getting together a group of friends, your own "board", to guide your dating decisions while holding you accountable for your actions.

blow off that perfectly dreamy and chivalrous real estate agent for the too into himself and flighty hipster? your board of love is going to call you out on it.

according to the article cami's board of love is legit, they have a "office" (panini's on coventry), business cards, guest speakers, assigned reading and they also give her plenty of assignments like lingering in the cracker aisle of the grocery story.

for a period of the time the board thought that their hard work had been a success after cami had met a certain boy and were thinking of taking applications for their next success story but unfortunately (or fortunately?) the board of love is still together working towards the cause that is cami.

now while i think this board of love concept is valid and has some truth to it, i also find it hilariously tongue-in-cheek and knowing these girls personally, they do too. but not everyone feels that way, as they are getting beat up in the comments on the cleveland magazine site as well as on who also picked up the story.

but what do you think? is this something you would consider?

should i start gathering my own board of love or keep searching on my own?


  1. If they're playing it up and it's more fun than it actually sounds then, okay.

    But if not I feel like it's wasting a lot of time. Live your life. Enjoy it. Date-- put yourself out there. Obviously enlist the help of friends, but not with a freaking office. It just seems ridiculous. If I was going to go the professional route and spend a bunch of money I'd go millionaire matchmaker or something.

  2. I think it sounds fun. But really, I think all girls have a "board of love" just most don't take it as far as these girls have. I mean, who doesn't ask their girlfriends for advice on men and stuff? I think it's hilarious that the girls have business cards and an "office." That's totally something I can see my friends and I doing.

  3. I'll be on your board of love! So, does that count as a real job? If business cards are included?

  4. You dont need a board of love.

  5. I don't think I would let my friends pick out my future husband... my friends and I have VERY different taste. Very. Different. LOL.

  6. I'm already working on an answer to the question you left on my blog.

  7. But I like the flighty hipsters.

    And board or not, we're still going through with our double wedding.

  8. You know. Sometimes friends know what you want, but not always.

    I secretly think a few of my friends were disappointed when I broke up with a certain boyfriend and super happy when i broke up with another one.

  9. Nah. No need for a board of love or whatever it's called. It (lurv and all) comes along on it's own. And you'll know it.

  10. Would it be something I do or considered utilizing? No. But I wouldn't knock it either if it could help someone else. Just depends on the person.

  11. stop searching. you always find something when you stop looking for it.

    it would be fun though, if you are the type that wont date someone because of things that are fixable.

    I mean I'd never have dated my manfriend whos the bestest manfriend in the world if I thought much into it...he livs 52 miles away. I gave it a chance, and now look how happy I am! Distance can be changed.

  12. I see BOL as you do, tongue in cheek and fun -- people seriously need to lighten up!



  13. I don't think I'd want to have my own BOL, but there's nothing wrong with having your friends there to help you make better dating decisions. Also, I like the business card idea but I'm an office supply whore and will pretty much make cards for anything.

  14. I like the idea of this, but agree with Rachel, that I have very different taste then my friends. However, I could always use a panel to help me with the tough choices.

  15. this comment comes from DMBOSSTONE who accidentally left the comment on my "about me" section but i think it needs to be shared, yo.

    "I think the board of love is pretty much what a girl does with her best friends- taken to the professional level.

    I'm sure they were just having fun with the presentation of being professional- they mentioned it was what they did at the bar anyways.

    I do however see a Romantic Comedy coming out of this. I need to offer them an option quick!"

  16. Well, I don't think someone's dating life should be compared to their professional life. Where's the romance in that? BUT, I DO think that people need to be held accountable for the decisions they make while they ARE dating, and I know that a group of good girlfriends can make me realize the mistakes I make while dating or tell me that I'm doing a good job at it.

  17. I think you get out of it what you put into it. If you're at a point in your life where that's something you want/need, then take it seriously, listen to your Board, follow their direction and it just could work out. Treat it as a joke and I'm pretty sure it'll be a flop.

  18. I'm still pretty conventional in terms of looking for love, so I guess I still doubt this

  19. This sounds very interesting... i guess, why not try everything?

  20. sort of reminds me of 'taildaters', i used to really want to go on that show, oh so sad, haha.

  21. I think I would have a hard time taking something like this seriously, but hey, different things work for different people.

  22. well heck, 28 years trying to figure it out on my own sure hasn't worked... maybe a board is the way to go!

  23. Trust me, since I've seen JohnBoy, I definitely have my own "board" and a director I report to.

    New URL:

  24. love the idea. having been married and divorced and then remarried, i can definately understand the wonderful use of friends to get a good opinion.

    its not wrong to be organized

  25. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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