bring back the awesome sauce please

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

normally my days have a breakdown of the following:

85% awesome
15% annoyance

yesterday my breakdown was the following:

80% annoyance
15% disappointment
5% awesome

not cool.

i think the only way i'm going to get past the annoyances is to blog them out, and as my loyal readers you are obligated to read them and then comment telling me everything is going to be ok.

reasons why yesterday sucked:

1. i bought tickets to see the ultimate michael jackson coverband, Who's Bad?, on august 13th at HOB thinking the entire time that i was traveling the week before the concert not the week OF the concert. long story short, i'm going to be in arizona and i can't see my "favorite" band - hopefully someone will buy my ticket and wear a sequined glove in my honor. i'm looking at you narm.

2. i want to go see the DMB concert on July 29th at blossom but i don't want to sit in the lawn. i'm a ticket snob and to me it's worth the extra money to buy a pavilion seat. but not all my friends feel that way - stupid recession.

3. now, to piggyback off of the fact that no one will buy DMB tickets with me, my mom calls me this morning telling me that her office manager had just won two pavilion seat tickets to the DMB concert with a VIP parking pass (which is clutch at blossom), from a radio station in canton. but here's the kicker - SHE TURNED THEM DOWN - just cause she didn't want to go.... the humanity.

4. i'm supposed to be going to yet another wedding this upcoming weekend - a big fat greek wedding to be exact - we are talking 500+ people, and the last thing i want to do is go to this wedding alone. three wedding weekends in a row (solo) is tough, not gonna lie.

5. i'm a big fan the the aveda air control hairspray. i always have a full bottle at home and random small ones in my purses. well one of the small ones fell out of my purse in my car and i found it today exploded and stuck to my car seat. when i tried to pry it away, it left a big hunk of hard glue like goop that pulled up the color from my leather car seat. awesome.

6. network parking - YOU SUCK! i can't even get into it it makes me so mad.

7. i had to go to terminal tower to drop something off and you have to show your ID to get into the building. well i showed my ID and the lady at the counter said that i couldn't be let in because my license was expired which in turn made it invalid. WHAT? this isn't the airport lady. thankfully i talked myself out of the pickle but it was another waste of my time. (yes, i know - i need to go get my license renewed...)

8. i was pumped to plan my gap brand enthusiast party for all my friends and had picked the date of aug 8th. well some other fabulous friends decided to throw a party that night too and i can't take back the 8th and half my party now wants to go to the other party. i'll figure something out, but it's just an extra nuisance.


but on a positive note my interview and podcast debut is now available for you all to listen to on the throwing quarters website. be kind to me though, i've never done anything like that before. but still, check it out.

so who wants to drink wine tonight?


  1. aww, I can understand why you're bummed. I hate bad days. But just think, there's an 80% chance that today will be better. Drink some wine, eat some ice cream, and watch some tv. You'll be feeling better in no time.

  2. I'll have some wine!

    Seriously, you never turn down free tickets, I can't even believe it.

  3. When life hands you lemons, add alcohol! :)

  4. Today will be better.
    And if you need people for your party on the 8th, I LOVE the Gap. :-)

  5. I hope today is better for you. But, I'm feeling your pain. Yesterday was a pain in the butt!

  6. Look at it this way, at least you packed all that annoyance into one day so the rest of your week/month/year can be mostly annoyance-free!

    Why not plan the Gap party as an afternoon tea party kinda thing where the girls then have time to go home and get ready for the other party that night?! Best of both worlds!

  7. Everything is going to be okay.

    Really though, it seems like it always happens this way - it's never just one thing at a time.

  8. seeing as you have a blackberry, you gots to use that calendar. it tells you that there is a problem before you have a scheduling conflict. blackberry is labeled as a smart phone, but i feel it is more like a genius phone!

    also thanks for the plug!

    you did great, and I hope I did you justice.

  9. You know what they say! Bad thing happen in ..... 8's??

    Have a better day Lex! You know I'd over with a bottle of vino in a heartbeat!

  10. You should just start taking me to weddings. I can dress up as a guy if you want.

  11. I've seen Who's Bad and they are great- here is good news- they tour a lot so you can probably catch them the next time around...

    And after a string of annoyance like that probability says awesome has to coming into your life like a freakin parade!

    And yes wine- always.

  12. Hey Narm-

    I got $5 says you don't have THE BALLS to wear a sequined glove to a MJ coverband concert.

    triple dare.

  13. I agree with Nilsa can you change the time of your Gap party? I am sorry yesterday sucked, but as a loyal reader, I'm here to tell you it will all be ok in the end. =)

    Can you grab a friend (even a girl friend) to go to the wedding with you? And NEVER turn down free tickets, there is always someone who will take them. That lady who wouldnt accept your license was being mean.

    Hope the rest of the week is better for you!

  14. i will drink wine with you tonight! that's a lot of shit yesterday. hope today looks up!

  15. Those days are the worst when it feels like things just keep piling up on you. Hopefully today will be better for you. In your honor I will have some wine tonight.

  16. well, i think im down for drinking some wine. if by some you mean i can have at least two bottles to myself.

    I'm having a day too. I don't know whats in the air but I don't like it!

    Sorry about DMB. When I want people to see my love Edwin McCain I buy two tickets. Not many people turn down a free concert. It's worth it to me.

  17. i know how you feel - this week has been rough to say the least. re: august 8 - are you still considering going to lolla? holla... i hope you are - it will be lots of fun. plus, mike and i will be there! extra fun extra extra fun.

  18. I'll go to the wedding with you and be your plus one if you come with me to Lebanon in August to my cousin's wedding be my plus one. (Yeah, it's a big ass Lebanese wedding.)

    We can point, laugh and make fun of people.

    On the bright side, yesterday is over and today is new so here's to hoping all things good come your way!

  19. Boo Alexa! That is a shitty day! Things can only get better from here, right? Maybe, you'll like win the lottery now?

    Maybe you should spend the rest of the day talking in your Chi Chi robot voice? I know that would definitely cheer me up.

  20. Here... I got you an E-hug.


  21. let it all out hun.....

    there.... now dont you feel a little bit better??

  22. Bright side - your friend Poo Poo is coming to town in less than a month!!

  23. i'll definitely have wine for you tonight. MAN. i hate days like that.

  24. liferehab - i think all of that sounds like a plan

    susan - she regrets it now i think, after i gave her shit for it of course, ha

    shannon - words to live by.

    suzanne - yeah i think you need an invite

    rachel - i'm glad it wasn't just me

    nilsa - you read my mind! that's exactly what i was throwing around last night late. i'll make it work

    ashley - it's the pits.

    adam - i know i know, i need to start adding stuff there

    georgia peach - i miss drinking wine with you. i missed you a lot last night : (

    maxie - but you won't put out at the end of the night

    court - you are right, i assume they will be touring like mad now that they are probably very much in demand

    matt - oh i think he would totally do it!

    mandy - thanks love, as always you are the best!! xo

    brookem - i think we are going to need two bottles each

    lbluca - we can do a simultaneous air cheers!

    fizz - you may be on to something here...

    laurajane - i don't think i'm going to be able to swing lolla, although it does sound AMAZING.

    marie - i've always wanted to go to lebanon!!!

    jill - i want chicken and chi chi's

    lilu - i'm going to give you an e-assgrab

    mich - yes, actually it did

    poo poo - IM SO LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!!! i can't wait to see you and sammy!

    cavy - i'm glad we can all drink wine for each other, at any price.. ha.

  25. I can't even comprehend how you go to so many weddings.

  26. Ooo. All of this stuff is so FRUSTRATING. Maybe you'll have an AWESOME weekend to make up for it?

  27. normally when I have such sucky days I can't find any awesome at all. So for you to find 5% is pretty good, right?

  28. Everything is going to be okay.

    Okay, much of that does suck, to be honest. But hey, it can always be worse....right? Have a glass of vino and relax.

  29. oh man, i'm getting all icky just thinking about all of that. one thing would have been annoying but manageable, but ALL OF THOSE? i say you cancel *all* your plans and drink all weekend instead ;-)

  30. ohhh Greek weddings! lol :) yeah thats going to be fun and LOUD :) {sorry you are going alone...hmm take a friend?}

  31. you crack me up.

    move the gap party date if you can. you want your best friends there for it.

  32. i will totally drink some wine with you tonight.

  33. Ick. That's a lot of not cool stuff to have to deal with in one day. I will TOTALLY drink wine with you tonight. (Or would if I had some at my house or lived in Ohio near you...)

  34. I think it's that type of week for everyone.

    My gap party is the same day, I'm also freaking out about mine. we can get through it together!

  35. Three wedding weekends? In a row? Ouch. Sorry dear. -hug=

    As far as concert seats go, I'm perfectly fine on the lawn and that is normally where I seat. There are certain groups that I would be willing to pay for stage-side seating but DMB isn't one of them.

  36. Podcast!

    You are EVERYWHERE.

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