cleveland bike riding bar crawl and taste of tremont recap

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

so much to write about.

i just got home from a very fun blogger dinner at the greenhouse tavern with my fellow cleveland bloggers allison, michelle, amelia, and new blog friends devra and sarah who were road tripping through our fair city en route to the '09 blogher convention in chicago.

as always we were taken very good care of at the greenhouse, with ample amounts of food (try the new gnocchi dish for something amazing) and great company (i love my blosse) i forgot about how ridiculously tired i was from this past saturday and sunday debauchery.

when i wrote this post sunday night i was pretty much deliriously tired and unable to form a full sentence and here's why:

saturday afternoon when i was
supposed to be at a wedding i participated in a bike ride patio bar crawl that my friend cubby organized instead. the concept was pretty literal to the title we road our bikes to various patios in cleveland for a beer, or five.

if you followed me on twitter this weekend you got all of my location updates but for the rest of you the route that myself, muffin, cubby, martha, hatchel and court took is as follows.

1. left from my apartment downtown with court and hatchel riding to
southside in tremont. ate some lunch and i discovered the stupid good leinenkugel summer shandy. three beers at the first stop is always the best idea.

2. biked to
the harp for more leinenkugel but this time it was of the summer wheat variety that we ghetto made into the summer shandy by adding lemonade. we knew what we wanted. it was here that we also learned that muffin "keepsherbikelockedup"

court, hatchel, cubby, martha and muffin on the harp patio

3. headed to
stone mad pub, which is beautiful by the way if you haven't checked it out - where we made friends with a gentleman named vinnie (i think?) and where the following picture was taken.

cubby, martha, vinnie (?), muffin, court and hatchel biking it up

4. next stop reddstone in battery park where we drank more, grabbed a snacky and had out first shot of vodka. at this time i think we were all getting a little loopy and i thought it would be a great idea to take a video while riding a bike.

here's the set up - all day we had been changing the words to the now famous youtube video
i'm on a boat to say "i'm on a bike" - well
that became the theme of our day as we tried to be drunken white rappers.

there's a few f-bombs in this video, it goes with the song, and me almost falling off my bike. you'll have that, but i PROMISE i don't curse like this normally.

i'm on a bike.

5. up until now the bike rides had been fairly short, our butts were beginning to hurt but the alcohol eased the pain. the next stop had a bit longer of a distance attached to it though as we were starting to make our trek out west. the girls stopped at
twist social club and the boys went to el jalapeno around the corner for shots of tequila.

6. this next ride made me want to shoot myself. not only was i now drunk but i had to ride my bike from twist to
around the corner in lakewood which took 35 minutes. for those of you that know cleveland, you can understand my pain. but we made it, barely, and retired our bikes for the evening.

lesson learned, bike riding patio bar crawls are fun as hell but next time we need to stick to certain neighborhoods and not trek across town.

UPDATE: maxie made a request in the comments to see the map of all the bar locations and how far it actually was - you can view our bike route here!

by now it was 9pm and we got a late dinner at ATC, met up with more of our friends, watched some weird and creepy hermit crab race, drank multiple shots and had our ears bleed from a crappy cover band. right as "club ATC" was about to be in full effect we made a move to lakewood riviera.

for karaoke.

there were some rousing renditions of multiple songs from our group like cubby singing "how bizarre" and court singing "build me up buttercup" - but at this time in the night i think we were all lucky to be standing let alone carrying a tune.

drinking from 2pm to 2am will do that to you.

fast forward to noon on sunday and i already have a mimosa in my hand as we are at southside (again) celebrating julie's birthday.

the ladies at julie's birthday brunch

it was the taste of tremont this past sunday and in comparison to going to the event in years past this was by far the biggest turn out which is such a a great thing for one of my favorite neighborhood in the city of cleveland.

with stops at lago, 806, fahrenheit and the majority of our time being spent at the treehouse patios we didn't stop (again). i don't know how our old bones did it, but sunday turned into such an amazing day for us, so much fun.

muffin would make a great linebacker don't you think?

mitch, beth, lastic, brandon and erin on treehouse's patio

writing this post made me tired, yet happy, that the city i live in allows me to have such fun adventures with my friends no matter what damage it does to my bank account.

i love cleveland.


  1. Best weekend!! I like lockingmybikeup.

  2. I'm super impressed that you could bike ride, sing and tape your friends all at the same time.

  3. Hey...I don't know how to say this but I think we should talk. I was with Cleveland earlier today and it said that it really really likes you and thinks you are amazing...but thinks you two are better off as just friends.

  4. That video was gold.

    And muffin has some pretty broad shoulders.

  5. -ps I just realized (with the help of a little IM from alexa) that I didn't explain that comment well.

    Muffin is lovely. I meant the shoulder thing as a joke about the football uniform.

    Uhm... Go Browns!

  6. Whoever said "Lance Armstrong look at me" has nice bike chains.

    this just got creepy.

    Gotta go.


    You are dead to me.

  8. I don't think there's a way in hell that I would combine drinking AND exercise. I mean, short of the exercise my arm gets, lifting the drink to my face

    Just sayin.

  9. This makes me want to move to a bigger city and ride my bike around for beers! Awesome idea. That video classic. =)

  10. Bwahahaha! Loved the video! I don't know how you took it while riding on a bike after drinking, but that just makes me adore you more. :)

  11. First of all, that video is hilarious. It looks like you almost fall at least twice. Ahem.

    And secondly, I have a feeling no matter what city you live in, you will make adventures out of it. Because, that feeling also tells me these wild and fun adventures have less to do with the city and everything to do with Alexa.

  12. Lucky you didn't get DUI's. Yes, you can get a DUI on a bicycle.

  13. Um, props to you for riding bikes on a bar crawl!! I don't think I'D be able to drunkenly ride a bike!

  14. 1) I want more pictures of my smellexa

    2) I want to see a map of all these places you went por favor.

  15. Riding my bike to bars is probably my favorite activity. We like to bring road sodas with us so you know, we can get our drink on while we are actually riding our bikes.

  16. adam sandburg is going to ditch JT & hire court & muff for his next skit! love it!! good work bikers!

  17. Y'all are too much. I am kind of jealous I wasn't there.

  18. Lady! I am uber impressed with your multitasking skills! I can't even ride a bike and breathe at the same time. Its quite the conundrum.

  19. I think I am still full from dinner on Monday night. It was awesome meeting all of you.


  20. OH wow! I was one of the drunk guys at twist who was telling your guys how awesome your brightly colored shirts were.

    Totally didn't realize that you were one of my favorite blog writers in that fun/drunk state.

  21. I saw your frequent stops on Twitter! That sounded like so much fun! :)

  22. That;'s quite of an itinerary! I love that you include karaoke, we love it much in Asia hahaha

  23. This makes me want to be a 20-something again...this time in Cleveland.

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