don't stay home this time, no don't stay home.

Friday, July 24, 2009

there just aren't enough hours in the day to work, play and BLOG.

it's a serious conundrum - if i don't go out and be social this blog would be just boring. but going out and being social takes away my time to write.

it's hard being me isn't it?

here's last night in a nutshell

-light bistro in ohio city for happy hour with cybil (new nickname, not new friend), my famous friend moe and her boyfriend.

-FYI light bistro has an amazing happy hour - TEN DOLLAR BOTTLES OF WINE! you're welcome clevelanders for dropping that little gem of knowledge on you.

-maproom with too many friends to list.

-it was a fun night out in my neighborhood with w 9th closed off for the downtown cleveland alliance sponsored sparx thursday night live going on for the next three thursday's in a row.

-met a cleveland's a plum "fan" - wait, do bloggers have fans? if so she's one of them and was so sweet and adorable. i wish she lived in cleveland so we could be friends - hi janiece!

-went to dive bar for the first time in literally two years. it's just not my scene, i'm too old, yo. but some of my guy friends are in a skeeball league there on thursdays so it looks like i might be making some random thursday night appearances in the near future. oh, and they have half priced drinks on thursday's HALF PRICED. again, you're welcome clevelanders for dropping that gem of knowledge on you.

oh to be young(ish), single and living in the city.

i wouldn't have it any other way.

have a good weekend everyone!


  1. A skeeball league? For real? Thats awesome. I want to be in a skeeball league!

  2. So I'm a big fan...when you're in DC again, would please sign my boob?

  3. A skeeball league?!?! Really? How fantastic is that! Do they get tickets they can redeem for beers?

    I'm telling you if we moved here before we had a kid we would be FLAT BROKE, because there is so much awesomness in this city.

  4. Nice 311 reference in the title!

  5. light bistro it is!

    i need to try that place already.

  6. have i mentioned how much i LOVE that you and my little janiece met?!!? yay amherst. yay blogs! :)

  7. I'm skeptical of any bar that actually calls itself "dive bar." Lame sauce.

    But if i come to cleveland will you take me to light bistro?

  8. a skeeball league!?! i want in.

  9. You big shot celebrity blogger with fans and all that, LOL. Sounds fun, i always like cheap wines! It takes the edge off while being so friendly to the wallet.

  10. It must be awesome to have fans ;)

    It's hard work keeping up a blog, huh? I agree.

  11. $10 bottles of wine? I need to find a place around me that has a deal like that!

    Just found your blog. So cute :)

  12. love the 311 drop in the title.

    here is mine, from the same song,

    life could slip away, in absent minded numbness numbness, i'm only saying this cuz i wish for the best. when you always stay in self-incarceration, I think it's such a shame....

    those still ring true with the beginning of this post!

  13. Wait, wait. Did you say skeeball LEAGUE?! Thats it...we're moving to Cleveland.

  14. Skeeball league! I thought it was cool when I found kickball.

    Hope you had a lovely weekend.

  15. Dude, bloggers can totally have fans! For example, were I ever in Cleveland and if I happen to see you in the street, I would run toward you screaming, "AAAAHHHHH CLEVELAND'S A PLUM!!! ALEXA, I LOVE YOU!!! WILL YOU SIGN MY BRA?!?!" And then I would take my top off. Total fan behavior.

  16. i made cleveland's a plum! what i've always dreamed of haha. it was great meeting you! too bad it wasn't when i was actually living in cleveland!!!

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