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Monday, July 13, 2009

i would like to consider myself a wedding attendee professional and each wedding that i attend has something special about it, something unique, something that i haven't seen done in a particular way.

making all of them enjoyable in their own right.

but the wedding that i attended this past saturday for my good friends anne (the giff) and chris kicked it up a notch for me because i have never been to an outdoor wedding ceremony
and reception on the beach.

it (the wedding) had me at hello.

we gathered on the beach, clifton beach at
the clifton club to be specific, for the short 15 minute (!) ceremony with the waves crashing on the break behind us. there ceremony flowed directly into drinks on the beach.

there was no schedule, no sit down dinner, no rules.

we drank sangira, ate when we felt like it, sat barefoot in picnic tables and watched the sunset, lounged around, danced and danced some more. it was a perfect evening with my friends and i'm so so so so happy for the giff and chris who are so in love and
so happy together.

congrats anne and chris!!

an overhead blurry shot of the giff, chris and the groomsmen during the ceremony

MOB, foxxy, me, patti-o and muffin before the ceremony

a shot of the reception area - such a cool set-up and venue

bridesmaids beaver, jilly and blair 'bout to drop some words of wisdom on us

brian and foxxy who are so cute you want to pinch their cheeks, watching the sunset

anthony and patti-o and no she's not trying to hide that she's 7 months pregnant, ha.

me and muffin being awesome

the mr and mrs and bridesmaid beaver (where did those lei's come from?)

muffin, jilly, MOB, the giff, beaver and the drunkest boy on the planet tyler

now i would post the rest of my pictures, those that include the post reception party at around the corner in lakewood but those are a bit inappropriate and tequila filled.

which automatically means they're my favorite, but i'll keep those to myself.

here's to hoping that you all had as good a weekend as i did.


  1. I say this every time you post pics but seriously- I love Muffin's style. I want to raid her closet!

  2. So great running into you at Around the Corner that night! We'll definitely have to get together for drinks soon!

  3. I love your shoes...wish I could see them up close.

    Also, 15 minutes seems just about right for a ceremony. What is there to say? "I love you, lets try to make this work and not fuck the mailman. The end."

  4. I totally want a beach wedding. Awesome pics!

  5. A beach wedding is right up my alley. I love the idea of being barefoot in the sand and watching the sunset. There is just something magical about it.

  6. The best weddings are the simple, laid back ones WITH alcohol.

    Congrats to your friends and so glad you all had such a great time!

  7. That sounds incredible. 15 minutes + beach + alcohol? Perfect.

  8. Though I personally never wanted my own wedding on a beach, you can't deny that there's something infinitely romantic about a beach wedding. Plus, they're automatically a bit more casual than other settings, which gets a big thumbs up from me. Yay!

  9. I also left you an award on my blog!

  10. YOU'RE a bit inappropriate and tequila filled!!


  11. sounds and looks perfect!
    (i also heart your shoes!)

  12. I'm so glad the weather held out!!

  13. Beach weddings are the best. They are always low key and relaxing. That's how i want to get married at the beach.

  14. We had an outdoor ceremony in a private garden in Savannah with just our parents and I wouldn't have changed a thing! Perfect all the way around!! Outdoor weddings kick ass!!

  15. liferehab - muffin is my most stylish friend by far

    ashley - i know! it was good seeing you, even if it was for 5 minutes : )

    rachel - i was perfect

    lemmonex - haha, yes that's why it was awesome, and ill gchat you a pic of my shoes close up

    shannon - and you should have one, thanks!

    mandy - i was barefoot the majority of the evening, it was perfect

    marie - yes, alcohol - duh.

    f.B - the ceremony length was key, i'm already apologizing to my friends in advance for the long greek orthodox ceremony that they will have to sit through if i ever get married

    nilsa - like you i never thought of having my wedding outdoors but i'm suddenly kind of in love with the idea now

    rachel - thanks, i went and checked it out already : )

    lilu - no YOU are

    brookem - i heart them too, so thanks, and they were only $100. (which i think is hella affordable for a good pair of shoes)

    bianca - me too, we were worried there for a second

    lbluca77 - i want an invite then!

    kylie - im glad you did it your way and was happy about the result.

  16. It sounds like such a great concept for a wedding! And it looks like a fantastic time.

  17. Love beach weddings!

    My ceremony was super short too (I think it came in at 11 minutes) and it was pretty much the balls.

  18. I also attended a wedding this weekend - not the same one though, just to clarify, ha - but I was shit-faced by the time the reception started. Actually, I was buzzed before the wedding began. Oops.

  19. Congrats to Anne!!

    Looks like ya'll had fun as always! :)

    And congrats to Patti too! Excitement all around!

  20. Awww... this looks like a fun, relaxed wedding. And how gorgeous that it was at the beach!

  21. what a beautiful wedding! I think i'd love to do a beach ceremony. No decorations necessary, nature is beautiful all on its own.

  22. such a beautiful wedding! love the pictures, it really looks like a fun relaxing wedding! gotta love that!

  23. oh man i wish i could have my wedding like that. so fun!

  24. That wedding looked like a lot of fun, and ncie pictures!

  25. So fun! I was at a wedding this weekend too - it wasn't on the beach but it was near it, it was so great.

  26. Wow that looks like a lot of fun! I haven't been to a beach wedding before, that would be awesome, like you.

  27. My ceremony was super short too (I think it came in at 11 minutes) and it was pretty much the balls.


  28. My ceremony was super short too (I think it came in at 11 minutes) and it was pretty much the balls.

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  32. Interesting!Wedding on the beach,it's really something different.I hope you enjoyed your friend's wedding.

  33. We live one time, we die one time, we fall in love one time and we marry also one time in this life so why not marry with a blast. A memorable wedding. Your marriage is like a dream come true for me.

  34. these all pics are great but one thing common in all all have pain in heart but try to give smile on face.


  35. My SIL had her wedding saturday. My four year old son was not invited (I was a little bummed cause we had all 3 of her kids and oldest bf at ours) but i looked at the bright side my husband and I could have a well needed night out together.

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