this is how you weekend (again)

Monday, July 6, 2009

as i'm typing this sunday night from canton i'm overwhelmingly exhausted, fighting to keep my eyes open but still on a high from how wonderful this long weekend was.

thursday (my birthday!) was about as perfect a 29th birthday as i could ask for - full of "alexa time" during the day and family and friend time at night. and thanks again to everyone for the kind wishes via blog comments, facebook, email and twitter - i was like one big social media hug.
my birthday dinner at the greenhouse tavern brought many of my groups of friends and family together - my work friends, college friends, family friends, blogger friends and my mom and sissy.

we took over the whole back mezzanine at the greenhouse and all had wonderful meals and cocktails. i'm in love with the cranberry infused vodka and would drink it by the gallon if in doing so wouldn't cause me to be considered a lush.

the best part of the meal though for me was the birthday cake. my mom called the day before and asked if it was possible to make a cake for me, chef sawyer happily agreed and the result was amazing. the whole party was licking their plates wanting more - i'm thinking this cake just might need to be added to the menu.

jackie, little sarah, sissy and me

ben, batch, matt, sean, salami rose and steve

erin, the klutz, court, muffin and foxx

tim, allison, laura, mike and narm

a blurry muffin, foxx, beaver and MOB

another blurry sissy, craig and c-rossi

after the wonderful time at greenhouse tavern we headed to the maproom for patron xo and additional debauchery. my favorite part by far being my mother giving
narm shit for a guest post he wrote for me and a comment he made on a post about me getting a tattoo - it was hilarious. stepho (my mom) doesn't forget.

laura, mike, allison, narm and yours truly

after maproom only the strong survived going to anatomy for dancing. it was fun, but weird at the same time - a bit too packed for my liking causing us to go back to maproom but not before finding a lost weave on the patio.

friday i was how you say, tired. but i headed back to canton to take sissy to the airport sending her back to nyc. i took it easy friday night simply going to see johnny depp and christian bale in public enemies with my mom. it was a good but not great movie, i think i just had such high expectations for the film that i was slightly disappointed. i would still recommend you checking it out though.

saturday was the wedding of two of my good friends erik (sweet moves) and aly in canton. it was a beautiful service and a beautiful reception with many friends in attendance - it was SO MUCH FUN.

the new mr and mrs, aly and sweet moves

marc who caught the garter, sweet moves, aly and biscuit who caught the bouquet

shannon, me and j-birdie

after the reception and the multiple dance-offs between oakes and gamble everyone headed to gamble's house for an old school garage party which was hilarious because the cops got called and suddenly we found a group of 26 to 31 year old adults "hiding" in a garage. it was laughable yet semi fitting for the group of us.

a north canton kids group shot, stinks it was blurry (again)

after the garage party i crashed a biscuit's getting little to no sleep causing me to waste a beautiful sunday sleep on my mom's couch. but after this weekend? i think i deserved it.

back to work reality - have a good week all.


  1. Happy Birthday Alexa!

    I want to see Public Enemies solely because part of it was taped in my home town (and Johnny Depp was just a block away from me, though I didn't know at the time).

    Sounds like you had a great weekend though!

  2. There is no way you could ever be accused of wasting the weekend! You definitely packed it a LOT! X

  3. Happy birthday again, Alexa!:)it looks fun.

  4. Your friend Aly's dress was BEAUTIFUL!

    I'm happy to hear you had a nice eventful weekend, especially for your birthday!

  5. what's up with the blurry pics, yo? Unacceptable.

  6. Yay for birthday weekends! Sounds like you ushered in 29 like a pro:)

  7. I feel horrible for missing your birthday! Sounds like it was a good one! :)

  8. Wait! You found a weave? Pleae tell me that is in your keepsake box along with a printed out copy of the bday email I sent you..

  9. Hahaha I so want to know the story behind the weave. As always your weekends look incredibly splendid!

  10. MommAlexa kicked my ass. But that doesn't mean you aren't getting a big plum tattoo on your forehead, right?

    I'm in so much trouble.

  11. Did the cops take that last shot of you all? ;)

    I watched public enemies and thought it was ok but was lacking something which didn't make it an overall great movie.

    Glad you had such an awesome time!

  12. you found a weave where?

    I thoroughly enjoyed myself on Thursday night.

  13. That does sound like a perfect weekend! And your friend's gown is gorgeous!

  14. my mom would do the same exact thing yours did to narm, unless she was drunk, in which case she'd slap him on the shoulder, slur some stuff only she thinks is funny, and shriek with giggles.

  15. HAHA... Narm got punked. I love it.

  16. Looks like you had a great weekend!

  17. Oh Narm, you are so funny. You will have to pay for that tattoo removal..... Glad I had the pleasure of finally getting to meet you.

  18. Sounds like an AWESOME birthday weekend!

  19. What a great weekend! I'm glad you had such a good birthday.

  20. All our pics get blurry at the end of the night too... SO WEIRD.


  21. You looked so pretty on your bday! Glad you had fun. :)

  22. Ditto what AAB wrote! Those are great pics of you!

  23. what a great way to spend your bday weekend! and i'd say the sunday couch day was HIGHLY deserved after all that :-)

  24. sounds like a fabulous birthday/holiday/wedding friend filled weekend. love it all as usual! so fun.

  25. Sounds like an awesome weekend, so glad you had a great weekend and birthday celebration. I hope you called your mom to thank her for birthing you ;)

  26. Omg you found a weave?! Hilarious!!


  27. we had a few friends go to weddings on saturday. I never thought people got married on holidays, I'm always learning something new!!!!

    Sounds like a killer time though!!

  28. You are my hero, Alexa. Seriously, you juggle all different facets of your life with such grace and inclusion. And, well, I hope all your friends know how lucky they are to be in your life! But, reading these weekend recaps of yours? Tires. Me. Out!

  29. fantastic pictures!!


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