white party with a side of furries

Monday, August 31, 2009

saturday night my friends matt and sean hosted a white party at their AMAZING detroit shoreway neighborhood condo.

being anti all things white clothing i opted out of the costume theme but focused solely on drinking champagne cocktails.

in hindsight i wish i would have taken a picture of the plastic champagne cocktail glasses sitting out on the counter cause it would have driven home the fact of exactly how many i drank. as i just kept taking three pre-poured cocktails at a time pouring them into a bigger glass - that's how i roll.

between the champagne and the wine and the vodka i wonder why i felt like crap all day sunday - you'll have that.

but the hangover was all worth it simply to see @mattselvaggio dressed as a bunny, obviously it was a white bunny.

here's the scene: i'm at the party chatting it up with friends when i see @lzone walk in with a person in a GIANT bunny costume. i start laughing hysterically not having a clue who she was coming with but quickly got freaked out when this crazy bunny person started walking towards me to give me a hug.

i literally freaked out, ran away from the bunny towards @lzone where she informed me that i indeed did know the freaky perma-smile bunny as my friend @mattselvaggio.

i suddenly wasn't so scared anymore, and immediately wanted to see what that furry fetish is all about.

so ridiculous.

we all had a great time and surprisingly i didn't go to the bar staying at the white party till after 2am. i actually can't wait till next year where maybe, just maybe, i'll rock out something white other than my bra.

lzone and matt, thankfully with the creepy bunny head off.

liz, misty, batch and ben

the group shot outgrew the shoot backdrop

and then the group shot grew even more...

selvaggio tricked lzone into to playing with his head. twss.

weird white leotard girl that none of us knew trying to mack on selvaggio, with lzone in the background making the best facial expression ever

oh look at the fuzzy bunny, oh hunny - see no evil.

also if you are really interested in what went down at the white party, first floor only, (sorry you won't be able to see all the sweet dance moves that were occurring on the second floor), check out the time lapse party video below. my friends are so tech.

have a great week everyone, and just think, a week from today we won't be working (at least i won't be working) - helllllllllllo labor day.

happily ever after

Friday, August 28, 2009

editors note: new readers, i promise i'm normally not this emo.

a very good friend of mine, court, recently admitted to me that she thinks i'm afraid of being 100% happy, and believes i worry that if too many things are going well in my life that something is bound to go wrong.

well, she's completely right - i do think like this.

oddly, i think that i need to even out my happiness and discontent - ying and yang.

now in my friend's defense she's one of the kindest and most awesome girls, and i know that in discussing this with me she was only trying to be a friend - help me...

give me a pep talk, tell me that i'm amazing woman and i deserve everything positive that comes my way.

but i can't help thinking that my life is never going to be "perfect".

and that if i'm overly blessed with an amazing family that would do anything for me, a wonderful group of friends who are the most loyal people a girl can as for, a job that i am lucky to have and to (gasp!) ENJOY, that there's bound to be a downside.

i can't have it all... but i need to realize that i deserve it all.

currently i think that because i have all of the above blessings that i will in turn never have the body that can make a boy do a triple take as i strut by in four inch heels, never find that man of my dreams to sweep me off my feet, or never have kids (three boys) that i want.

if i suddenly get the body, the man, and the kids, i'm petrified that i'm somehow going to lose everything else.

it's completely an irrational fear.

perhaps court is right, maybe i do subconsciously self sabotage myself.

but how do i fix it?

i want the fairy tale damnit.

luckily, i can't annoy myself

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

editors note: looks like i'm sticking with no caps here on the plum!

i have a couple of work habits that if i had to sit near me i would want to poke my eyes out with paper clips.

i am me, so i don't have anything to worry about - my coworkers? sorry for ya.

the first "i'm sorry you have to work by me" habit is my tapping.

i'm constantly tapping my toes/heels, my fingers, or shaking my leg up and down - all day.

basically i'm always in motion, especially when i'm very busy.
and even if it appears that i'm sitting still, i'm still silently moving my big toe - i'm a freak.


the second "i'm sorry you have to work by me" habit is my whistling.

you see while i'm at work and plugging away on gchat emails/proposals i throw on my headphones, and since singing lyrics out loud in the office isn't always acceptable i whistle the melody.

have you ever whistled the entire jay-z black album? it's awesome.

but the icing on the cake is that i synchronize the tapping of my feet to the beat of whatever music i'm listening to while simultaneously whistling.

it's like i'm my own one woman band, or a chair-dancing queen.

maybe i should start taking requests.

do you have a work habit that you know bugs the shit out of your coworkers? or do you have to put up with an annoying work habit?

to capitalize or not to capitalize? that is the question.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

yes, you are getting two posts in one day today - you're welcome.

since day one on this blog i haven't used correct capitalization in any of my posts (even though i know how to) for three main reasons:
1. i'm lazy
2. i thought it gave my blog some sort of design theme
3. i'm lazy

but recently i've had this inkling that when new readers, PR/marketing professionals, or colleagues stumble across my blog they have a strong possibility of thinking that i'm an idiot who doesn't know how to capitalize.

and capitalization would obviously be the reason why they think i'm an idiot, not the shotgunning beer, TPing houses, or being a total snob - obviously it's the lack capitalization.

so i've decided to ask you, my fabulous readers what i should do. should i start being all proper by capitalizing my posts?

i'm giving you the power.

decide for me.

should i start to capitalize here on the plum?

yes, i think you should act like you graduated college with a PR degree.
no, i like your lack of capitalization, slacking is awesome.
i don't friggin' care, just keep writing shit.

check out the new Brazen Careerist

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if you aren't already a member of this top Gen-Y thought leader community you should be, because we all have something to say, and something to bring to the table - whether you are in the job market or not.

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it's a place to learn, a place to network and most importantly a place to share IDEAS.

so check it out, sign up for an account and start exploring today.

rossi's unite

Monday, August 24, 2009

weekend. weekend. weekend.

fun. fun. fun.

friday night poo poo was in cleveland from chicago (with her little sammy!), and peatridge was in cleveland from denver which was obvious cause for celebration.

we started off the evening with happy hour at
the clevelander before
heading to the indians game where we had great seats and i remembered why i prefer the NBA over MLB.

poo poo, beaver and peatridge at the clevelander

holler, beaver and poo poo with their triple plays at the batter's eye

poo poo, court, beaver, holler, peatridge, MOB and muffin at the indians game

at around the 7th inning stretch we stretched our way out of progressive field and into
the greenhouse tavern. i don't know how many times i can say that i love the greenhouse tavern but i can't help it, i do!

when i first arrived i was down by the kitchen chatting with chef sawyer himself when he told me of a new drink they are testing out called the "dark and slutty". now, i'm thinking this is a working title but they could just call it "drink" for all i care cause it was SO damn tasty. so tasty i felt the need to drink three "dark and slutty's".

after enjoying the best wings in cleveland at the greenhouse tavern, muffin, MOB and i headed to tremont and met up with our friends kate and paul as we drank peach long islands on southside's patio. the company and drinks were great but southside, you are currently on probation till further notice.

saturday i slept in way later than i expected after having to extract a large shard of glass from the side of my foot late friday night (too long a story for the blog). but saturday was a big day, as my friends carla and craig were getting married!

the wedding party at the church, st. michael's in canton

the rossi's (they both had the same last name PRE-marriage, which is awesome) officially united and i couldn't be more happy for the two of them because they are ridiculously perfect for each other and i love them.

i also love them for their first dance as a couple but that video will have to be edited and added at a later date.

my sissy rocked out as carla's maid of honor and seeing as both the bride and the groom went to university of dayton (as did i), and there was quite the UD theme. the table's were actually named for UD landmarks and mine was conveniently the "rudy's fly-buy table" as that was where i worked while i was on campus - so hysterical for carla to do that.

obviously i was excited with my table seating.

carla's "2nd family" was all invited -cathi, my mom, grog (being ridiculous), zu and tiajo

maria, krista, sissy and maureen - all the CCHS girls

all the university of dayton alumni at the wedding, loves it.

after the wedding i met up with my north canton friends at keter-o's house where j-birdie over served me with grape vodka - it happens.

and that's that!

hope you all had as fun a weekend as i did and here's to this work week flying by as quickly as possible.

drum roll please...

Friday, August 21, 2009

wednesday night i got some of my good friends (court, the klutz, peeps, hatchel and the jerk), together for wine and drunken video making.

not that kind of drunken video making kids, get your mind out of the gutter

the goal of the evening was simple, to choose the three winners of my cleveland's a plum t-shirt giveaway (courtesy of C.L.E Clothing Co), and to choose the one winner of my GAP born to fit jeans contest.

but who just wants to watch someone pick a name from a hat? not me.

so we decided to kick it up a notch. get serious. turn this shit into a REAL competition.

a shotgunning a can of miller high life type of competition to see who wins the cleveland's a plum t-shirts.

a who can eat a plum the fastest type of competition to see who won the GAP jeans.

and that's exactly what we did - each one of my five participating friends drew a name from the comment bowl, which you will see in the video, and they then competed against each other on behalf of the commenter they chose.

they did this twice, one for each giveaway, and let's just say it turned out quite comical - especially after 6 bottles of wine were finished.

so watch the video below to see if your name was picked as a finalist and then.... see if you won!

congrats to the winners, and i'll be emailing you today to get sizes and address information.

thanks for entering everyone, and if you're sad you didn't win a sweet t-shirt, head on over to the C.L.E Clothing Co website and pick one up for yourself.

have a great weekend all.

so this is writer's block

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

today's the last day to enter to win a free cleveland's a plum t-shirt or a free pair of GAP jeans. i am having a giveaway drawing video making wine party tonight - so get your entries in now before it's too late!

presenting my blog writing process when i have absolutely NOTHING to write about (aka, writers block):

step one:
get comfy on the couch while wearing shorts of some sort, old men's t-shirt and or hooded university of dayton sweatshirt, glasses on, bra off - watch out boys, this girl is HOT.

step two:
open my laptop, check twitter, check blog stats for the day, check facebook, open blogger to write a new post, open google reader, check twitter.

step three:
gchat lexa or maxie complaining that i have nothing to write about and to give me an idea - they give me nothing (brats). read more blogs, comment on said blogs, check twitter, flip through the tv.

step four:
get off the couch to go to the bathroom because now i've drank too much water. stare at myself in the bathroom mirror, tell myself i'm pretty. plug in my laptop because i've already run out of battery power.

step five:
decide that maybe i need a snack to drum up some creative energy. open up the refrigerator, see i have nothing in it. open the freezer, see i have nothing in it. sit back down on the couch. check twitter, read more blogs, gchat, check facebook, stare at blank blog post screen.

step six:
pour a glass of wine in a non-wine glass - preferably plastic. chug said wine and patiently wait for something brilliant to pop into my head.
this step can then go one of two ways:

1. nothing pops into my head, and i go to bed feeling guilty (see what i go through for you guys!!)

2. come up with something crappy brilliant to post (example: this post you are reading)

so blogger friends, what happens when you get the dreaded writers block?

i need a pep talk

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

dearest alexa,

wake the hell up.

you aren't getting any younger.

stop wasting time.

get your shit together.

do something for yourself for once.

you have much to offer, so many good things going your way - stop freaking out about nothing.

and whenever you're having a bad day just watch the following vlog from belle renee, dance around the room a little bit and everything will be ok.

vlog day 8/17/09 from Renee W on Vimeo.

you feel better already after watching that don't you?

love, your number one fan,


velvet tango room, swimming and frozen grape eating contests - oh my.

Monday, August 17, 2009

don't forget to enter my GAP jeans and cleveland's a plum t-shirt giveaways! i'm picking the winners wednesday night so you have until then to leave your comment!

why is it that even after the most relaxing of weekends you still are exhausted come monday morning?

after landing back in cleveland friday afternoon from phoenix i had about an hour or so to take a nap before heading to beachwood for the dress for success cleveland gala. it was good times with good friend all for a good cause.

cari, lzone, moe, amy, christina and amanda

after the event me, lzone, amy and cari all headed to
the famous velvet tango room. i'm horrible and haven't been there in forever even though the amazing owner paulis reads this blog, lives in my building and i see him all the time - shame on me. but i'm SO glad we headed there friday evening because i fell in love with the place all over again.

first off the VERY knowledgeable and personable stephanie answered our 267 drink questions recommending and finding the perfect cocktail for each of us - it was awesome.

i had three drink varieties, an old fashioned, which lzone took a little sip of and said it put hair on her chest, a dark and stormy, ginger beer, gosling's black seal rum and lime, and my new absolute most favorite drink IN THE WORLD, the moscow mule.

oh my god, i wish i was drinking it right now. a combination of ginger beer, vodka and lime served in a freezing cold copper mug, a moscow mule from the velvet tango room is a must try for anyone in cleveland.

pure heaven.

also while we were there we got to witness paulis putting on a stunning flambe show. if you haven't been to the velvet tango room ever or lately you must go very soon.

OPA! (but with bananas, ha)

after VTR i met up with some other friends and went to tremont taphouse and hooples which are a couple more of my favorite cleveland bars that you should also check out.

saturday morning got up at super early to get cubby and i tickets for the sufjan stevens concert at the beachland ballroom in september and i then made the trek to canton for two full days of fun in the sun.

while swimming and hangout out with the family at my cousins pool we got to playing with my new flip minoHD camcorder courtesy of gap born to fit.

i don't know how the following video happened but it did. basically during the first two pieces you will see my cousin jenna try to see how many FROZEN (makes it was harder) grapes she can fit in her mouth.

not to be outdone my MOTHER decides to try. let's just say that seeing my mother with TWENTY frozen grapes in her mouth sends me into complete hysterics.

apparently my family is full of other stupid human tricks which you will see in this video, fist in mouth (twss), eye crossing, tongue tricks, eyebrow lifting.....

i don't know whether to be proud or embarrassed. i'm going to go with both, because i can't NOT laugh when i look at my mom and cousins in this video.

and to think i wonder where i get it from...

i have no words.

have a great week everyone!

dress for success in cleveland with GAP jeans and my t-shirt

Thursday, August 13, 2009

greetings from phoenix!

and no i'm not talking about the phoenix coffee on my street, i'm talking about the phoenix in arizona, duh.

i'm in town for a client conference and unfortunately i won't have much time to blog the rest of this week but i have a couple of things to mention/remind you of.

in following with the clothing theme going on here at the plum this week i have an event to tell you about.

earlier this year the fabulous
@lzone asked me to get involved with the Dress for Success Cleveland organization whose mission is to promote the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support and the career development tools to help women thrice in work and in life.

(can you tell i just copied the mission statement above? haha. hey, it's their mission statement for a reason!)

anyways, this friday, august 14th at the
cleveland marriott east is Dress for Success Cleveland's largest event, A Denim Affair. touted as the most casual gala in town it's just that, a casual affair to raise money for a good cause.

there will be food, drinks, a silent and live auction emceed by my friend and WKYC reporter maureen kyle, and music by Hipnotic Dog.

individual and VIP tickets are still available online for purchase and if you are looking for something to do this friday i recommend checking it out.

i mean, i'll be there - that should be reason enough to go...

moving on.

don't forget to enter my two giveaway that are currently underway!

ENTER HERE to win a pair of jeans from the GAP

ENTER HERE to win a 'cleveland's a plum' t-shirt from CLE Clothing Co

have a good rest of the week everyone, and i'll be back in full force on monday.

win your very own cleveland's a plum t-shirt

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

so apparently this week has turned into "giveaway clothes to my awesome readers" week here at the plum - lucky you!

yesterday it was GAP jeans, which
you still have plenty of time to enter if you haven't already, and today it is, wait for it....

your very own CLEVELAND'S A PLUM t-shirt!

(excuse me while i do the happy dance, i just can't control my excitement)

this t-shirt concept has been a VERY long time coming and i'm so very proud of the end result and the amazing cleveland based t-shirt company, C.L.E Clothing Co, that i partnered with.

mike and jeff are some very talented dudes and have a great thing going for themselves with C.L.E - especially the cleveland's a plum t-shirt if i do say so myself.

available in women's american apparel t-shirt in eggplant S to XL

available in women's and men's american apparel t-shirt in asphalt S to XL

don't you love them?!?!

well you can BUY YOUR VERY OWN HERE or by clicking the icon in the sidebar.

now while i recommend buying one now before they sell out, i'm hooking up THREE lucky cleveland's a plum readers with a t-shirt of their very own.

three ways to enter:
1. leave a comment on this post telling me why cleveland's a plum.
2. leave a comment on this post telling me what fruit your city would be.
3. for a second entry: tweet about this giveaway and comment again with a link to your tweet

remember, make sure to leave me your email address in the comment section if i don't have it or if i won't be able to find it through your blog/blog profile.

i will draw the winners of this giveaway and the gap giveaway early next week so the comments lines are open until then.

good luck all, and thanks again to C.L.E Clothing Co and you guys for even causing a demand for a cleveland's a plum t-shirt at all.

i'm a happy little gap brand enthusiast

Monday, August 10, 2009

back in june i received an email from an awesome woman named justine from the company brand about town who had a wonderful opportunity for me (and my blog) to become a GAP brand enthusiast.

obviously i accepted the offer and to read, and see (there's a video too), all about the fabulous party i threw check out my cleveland's a plum REVIEWS blog.

after you're done reading my review of the GAP born to fit 1969 jeans line i want to give you guys (cause y'all are awesome) an opportunity to win something from the GAP too.

simply leave a comment below
and you'll be entered to win a free pair of jeans (guys you can enter too) for yourself up to a $70 value!

the contest ends this time next week so enter away.

have a good week kids, and go GAP!

what type of man do you think i should date?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

last week a couple of canada's most famous bloggers peter dewolf and brandy opened up the comment section on peter's blog for us, their readers, to ask them anything in regard to love and sex.

me, being a loyal reader of both their blogs and obviously needing advice in the love, not sex department i left the following comment:

"my question for both of you. what type of man should i date? yes, it's all about me"

well they answered my plea for advice by giving me their expert dating opinion on who exactly that man is that i should be dating.

unfortunately it wasn't ryan reynolds (and his abs).

but i know you wanna find out who i'm supposed to date so go check it out.

NOW (please).

and after reading the post if you're a man that fits the bill of who peter and brandy think i should be dating - call me! email me! i'm easy! i'm awesome!

oh, and if you have any other brilliant ideas of who i should be dating, what are you waiting for? TELL ME.

cutting up your credit cards is good for your soul

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

i need to get my finances in control because i've tried for years to get my credit cards down with no success.

well, maybe i haven't tried
THAT hard.

you see i'll be good for a couple of months, then decide that i need to buy a chloe bag.

or i'll be good for a couple of months, then decide i need to buy...

...four pairs of expensive shoes

...or ten dvds

...or have a mac cosmetics shopping spree

...or drink a $100 bottle of wine with dinner

...or buy twenty of my closest friends a shot - twice.

you get the idea.

it's not smart and it shows no self control. plus it's just extra stupid debt because i don't NEED any of it - it's all frivolous.

for example i wanted to buy a new summer dress for this past weekend, a cheap little sundress would have done just fine but of course i buy a $130 dress and a $110 dollar purse to go with it.

NOT necessary, as i have at least eleven other similar black dresses already in my closet.

michael jackson would say, "i'm gonna make a change, for once in my life".

although the jury is still out if it is, "gonna feel real good"

or "make a difference"

but i'm gonna try, "to make it right".

(it's my blog, and damnit i'm allowed to correlate michael jackson and credit card debt if i want to)

so last night i did something that i should have done years ago:

goodbye banana republic luxe card, goodbye dillard's elite rewards card, goodbye beautiful nordstrom card, goodbye usbank visa, goodbye citicard visa and goodbye capital one visa.

fact: i cried when i was done cutting them up.

they are my security blankets, but from now on it's just me and my trusty keybank debit card.

we can do it buddy, it's just you and me kid.

my 20sb featured blogger interview, yay!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

remember a few weeks back when i was lucky enough to be featured blogger on the 20SB ning site?

well i was, and part of the massive honor involved me being interviewed for the twenty/twenty blog.

so if you're interested you can find out what my stripper name would be, see what the inside of my refrigerator looks like and
the rest of the interview here.

thanks again for the honor my fellow twenty something bloggers, you rock.

krusty's - the recap

Monday, August 3, 2009

krusty's '09 lived up to the hype.

it was a great event for a great cause and although i have many stories to tell, 90% of which i can't share here on this blog i promise you it was good times.

with a mimosa party at mine and the klutz's apartment (see muffin on the right) prior to making our fashionably late arrival at krusty's we had just enough of the happy bubbles to start the random small talk that is at the core of krusty's.

with all the happy bubbles swimming in my head prior to killing them with draft bud light (ew), i failed miserably with the picture taking so i'm relying on my friends facebook pics
for the krusty's recap.

muffin and MOB at my apt as the day is just beginning

i love this pic poo poo found it on facebook of the four of us. it was taken by someone randomly and it's completely candid. hence, why i'm being trashy lighting a cigarette.

in the beginning of the day...

i like this one too, i just wish it wasn't blurry

hallums, bird, hannah and sonpol

muffin and bethany

the klutz, hatchel, court, bethany and chrissy

CORNHOLE TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONS!!! hatchel and mike who won the $750 prize as they pose with their lovely ladies court and chrissy. fyi all winnings were spent on shots at shooters.

muffin in a holler sister sandwich

moe, hartzell and muffin at sunset grill as the day turns to night

after mimosas, krusty's, sunset grille, harbor inn and maproom i'm proud of myself for making it out past midnight and waking up on sunday without a hangover.

sunday night muffin, beaver, MOB and i headed to crocker park to see 500 days of summer (amazing, go see it for JGL's dimples alone) and eat dinner at vieng's asian bistro (HORRIBLE service, if a shaggy haired hipster is your waiter ask for another one).

after dinner and a movie below happened, which i have no idea how or why it did - but this pic can pretty much sum up our weekend.

beaver and MOB in the fountain at crocker park. don't ask me why...

have a good week kids!