dress for success in cleveland with GAP jeans and my t-shirt

Thursday, August 13, 2009

greetings from phoenix!

and no i'm not talking about the phoenix coffee on my street, i'm talking about the phoenix in arizona, duh.

i'm in town for a client conference and unfortunately i won't have much time to blog the rest of this week but i have a couple of things to mention/remind you of.

in following with the clothing theme going on here at the plum this week i have an event to tell you about.

earlier this year the fabulous
@lzone asked me to get involved with the Dress for Success Cleveland organization whose mission is to promote the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support and the career development tools to help women thrice in work and in life.

(can you tell i just copied the mission statement above? haha. hey, it's their mission statement for a reason!)

anyways, this friday, august 14th at the
cleveland marriott east is Dress for Success Cleveland's largest event, A Denim Affair. touted as the most casual gala in town it's just that, a casual affair to raise money for a good cause.

there will be food, drinks, a silent and live auction emceed by my friend and WKYC reporter maureen kyle, and music by Hipnotic Dog.

individual and VIP tickets are still available online for purchase and if you are looking for something to do this friday i recommend checking it out.

i mean, i'll be there - that should be reason enough to go...

moving on.

don't forget to enter my two giveaway that are currently underway!

ENTER HERE to win a pair of jeans from the GAP

ENTER HERE to win a 'cleveland's a plum' t-shirt from CLE Clothing Co

have a good rest of the week everyone, and i'll be back in full force on monday.


  1. What a great cause. An event that allows you to wear jeans? Too bad I live so far away, I'd so be there.

  2. a whole ton of my friends moved to phoenix a few years ago, and i've STILL never been out there. say hi to them for me, ok? :-)

  3. You're going in the wrong direction. EAST, woman, EAST!

  4. You're one hell of a celebritay! I wish I could come see you :)

  5. THANK YOU FOR MY GAP JEANS!!! That was so sweet and I can not WAIT to go shopping! ;)

    I miss you!!

  6. Miss you on gchat, bring back a cactus for me :)

  7. Too bad I'm not in Cleveland... I'd so be there!

  8. I also want to go.but i have to get a job first..

  9. Please don't melt in Phoenix. You're too pretty to melt. Safe travels and I'll "see" you when we return from Montana!

  10. Perfect post to tout Gap! :) Enjoy Phoenix (or if you're already back, hope you enjoyed!)

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