luckily, i can't annoy myself

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

editors note: looks like i'm sticking with no caps here on the plum!

i have a couple of work habits that if i had to sit near me i would want to poke my eyes out with paper clips.

i am me, so i don't have anything to worry about - my coworkers? sorry for ya.

the first "i'm sorry you have to work by me" habit is my tapping.

i'm constantly tapping my toes/heels, my fingers, or shaking my leg up and down - all day.

basically i'm always in motion, especially when i'm very busy.
and even if it appears that i'm sitting still, i'm still silently moving my big toe - i'm a freak.


the second "i'm sorry you have to work by me" habit is my whistling.

you see while i'm at work and plugging away on gchat emails/proposals i throw on my headphones, and since singing lyrics out loud in the office isn't always acceptable i whistle the melody.

have you ever whistled the entire jay-z black album? it's awesome.

but the icing on the cake is that i synchronize the tapping of my feet to the beat of whatever music i'm listening to while simultaneously whistling.

it's like i'm my own one woman band, or a chair-dancing queen.

maybe i should start taking requests.

do you have a work habit that you know bugs the shit out of your coworkers? or do you have to put up with an annoying work habit?


  1. Picturing you whistling to 99 problems makes me laugh.

    I twirl my hair but try not to in the office because it looks unprofessional.

  2. I used to share a cube wall with someone who would read aloud while typing or proof reading. It was awful. They whisper read too, which made it worse.

  3. I've worked with a whistler. Sorry...but it's REALLY annoying. Although it's even more annoying when the person can't whistle well.

  4. I have a co-worker who CONSTANTLY interrupts you in the middle of speaking if she feels what she has to say is more important. If you try to continue talking, she talks louder than you until she's done with her point. Usually when I hear her getting louder, I just stop talking. And then forget what I was going to say. Oh well.

  5. allison - i'm talented.

    ashley - reading out loud? what is this, story time?

    kim - ha, well i'm a very good whistler does that make it a little better? luckily, it's not like i whistle alllllllll day...

    kristen - AHH i hate that crap. i would have to say something to her, let STFU and let me finish my thought.

  6. I don't do this- but how annoying are the people who sit in cubes and listen to their voicemails on speaker phone!

  7. what i wouldn't give to hear you do a Jay-Z linkin park remix!

    my crazy work habit is to welcome EVERY customer, employee, and passer by with "Welcome to the show." or when I ask them to verify something on their account I respond with, "Thanks for playing along."

    my co-workers are pretty tired of hearing considering I take more customers in the day than any other person

  8. What about leaving really loud voice notes that scream VAGINA?

  9. Pen clicking kills me. Leg shaking is a close second. But as along as I can't feel the shaking, I can handle it. There's a guy I work with who brings non-clickable pens to meetings now because he knows I'll "politely" ask him to stop.

    My officemate snaps a lot when he listens to music (he listens to a lot of sinatra). That is more annoying that both of the above.

  10. i'm a toe-tapper and a leg wiggler as well. i also snap my gum.

    my coworker is even worse. he eats really loud and chews up all writing utensils within his reach and then leaves them in a slobbery puddle on the desk. picking up one of those is the grossest thing EVER.

  11. It's not a habit really, and it's not mine, but it's still a work annoyance. A lady who sits near me has one of those super annoying voices that drives a person crazy. I don't even know why it annoys me so much, as it's not too high or squeaky or anything like that, but i can't freaking stand it! Regardless of the reason, every time she talks (and I can always hear, cuz she's LOUD), I want to get up and walk away from my desk until she shuts up!!

  12. The entire Jay Z black album? That is impressive.

    Blosse...quite possibly the most amazing thing I've heard all day. You're totes Lilu's mom and I'm the deadbeat dad who shows up on holidays and occasionally sends cards. Joint custody is fun.

  13. I'm fidgety and always in motion, usually playing with my hair or rocking in my desk chair more than tapping. Though I used to work with a tapper that made me stabby. She drank like two pots of coffee a day and was practically bouncing in her chair.

    Also, I rarely chew gum because I have a compulsion to try and blow bubbles, even with small sticks of gum, and the boyfriend hates it. I don't blame him. If he did it, it would annoy me too.

  14. I have a coworker who sighs really loudly every five minutes. On the dot. It drives me nuts.

  15. you are a whistler???


    you're dead to me.

    our receptionist does that and i blogged about it once b/c it was THAT BAD.

  16. I would have to kill you.

    I'm told by my old office-mate that I would say "okay" out loud, every time I finished something. Anything. She found it funny. I had no idea I was doing it.

    They gave me my own office shortly after that. Coinkidink? I think not. Keep it up, you're bound for prime office real estate.

  17. When people come and ask me to do stuff. I consider that a very annoying work habit of theirs.

    Am I lazy or WHAT?!

  18. I tend to clap my hands if something goes well or I really like something. I do this to myself, at my desk. And at home. Or wherever I am.

    I can't stop.

  19. I like to chew crunchy vegetables REALLY REALLY loudly.

  20. I would never have taken you for a whistler. That's the beauty of the internets.

    Now that I know, though, I'm not sure we can be friends. In person. Which is probably fine, really, since you live in a different state.

    My aunt and her whole family are whistlers. Being in the same room with them is worse than Chinese Water Torture.

  21. You whistled black album? You're my new hero! My habit may be sleeping and napping. Yeah, that bad.

  22. I am totally that asshole who always talks on speaker phone. Sorry... my lazy trumps your comfort.

  23. At work, I am the biggest bitch. I am rude and short and nasty and super-stressed. It's as though all these horrible, horrible traits flow through my bloodstream while I'm here. Hah, my raise this year was contingent on my "being nicer on the telephone."

    I am not (typically) bitchy anywhere else.

  24. For some reason, it doesn't surprise me one bit that you tap your toes and whistle. Seriously, you're like the omni-dancer ... dancing all the time ... only it's hard in a chair, so you tap your foot instead. Just another lit bit of awesomeness that is Alexa.

  25. The coworker with the desk next to mine talks so loudly on his phone that I have to cease doing my work 'til he's done. I cannot concentrate whatsoever, and if I try to make a phone call, I can't hear the person on the other line over him. He also has his cell phone ringer on, and it rings loudly all day long. Drives me bonkers!

    I, on the other hand, am the perfect coworker. Or I yell across the room a lot. Whichever.

  26. WHAT?!? the ENTIRE album!! majorly awesome! :)

  27. I pray out load all day. I imagine it gets a little annoying to the heathens at my office.

  28. I click pens like a maniac when I'm stressed out. Like a maniac, forreal.

  29. um i talk a lot and i sneeze a lot. i would totally bug myself if i wasn't me.

  30. I laugh like a hyena (sp?), and I don't care who has to hear it. :)

  31. I would say hair twirling but most people can't see me. Likely my lack of internal dialogue and constant talking to myself, or that I say everyone's name again before I hang up or leave them so I don't forget it.

  32. Oh, gosh. Where do I begin?

    Someone whistles in my office, and it drives me crazy. (He's doing it right now.)

    Some of the guys talk extremely loud on their phones, which are on speakerphone! People clip their nails in my office (and toenails, gorss)! One guy crunches ice all. day. long. He also stares and breathes heavily ... and anyone who brings fish! Ugh.

    Haha. I like my job, though. :)

  33. I sit in an office by myself all day. Not a problem even if I did have an annoying habit.

    I used to sit by a girl who would pop bubble wrap...!!! Then she had this wind up toy that she would wind and then forcibly unwind so it would make that high-pitched whizzing sound. Freaking irritating!

  34. But have you whistled Jay-Z's white album?

  35. I hum a bit too much. That's all.

    I've recently moved office and now share with a guy who insists that his boyfriend calls he at 10:30 am precisely everyday (and throws a strop if he doesn't). The conversation goes much like this...

    Did you get to work ok?
    Have you had your coffee yet?
    How's the weather? (he's literally 30 minutes away!)
    What shall we have for dinner?

    And then the most sickly bye-bye's in the world!!!

  36. Haha. You sound quite annoying ;)

  37. I'm a really loud talker. I'm not yelling I just talk REALLY loud.

    The teacher in the classroom next to me ALWAYS complains. Oooops.

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