rossi's unite

Monday, August 24, 2009

weekend. weekend. weekend.

fun. fun. fun.

friday night poo poo was in cleveland from chicago (with her little sammy!), and peatridge was in cleveland from denver which was obvious cause for celebration.

we started off the evening with happy hour at
the clevelander before
heading to the indians game where we had great seats and i remembered why i prefer the NBA over MLB.

poo poo, beaver and peatridge at the clevelander

holler, beaver and poo poo with their triple plays at the batter's eye

poo poo, court, beaver, holler, peatridge, MOB and muffin at the indians game

at around the 7th inning stretch we stretched our way out of progressive field and into
the greenhouse tavern. i don't know how many times i can say that i love the greenhouse tavern but i can't help it, i do!

when i first arrived i was down by the kitchen chatting with chef sawyer himself when he told me of a new drink they are testing out called the "dark and slutty". now, i'm thinking this is a working title but they could just call it "drink" for all i care cause it was SO damn tasty. so tasty i felt the need to drink three "dark and slutty's".

after enjoying the best wings in cleveland at the greenhouse tavern, muffin, MOB and i headed to tremont and met up with our friends kate and paul as we drank peach long islands on southside's patio. the company and drinks were great but southside, you are currently on probation till further notice.

saturday i slept in way later than i expected after having to extract a large shard of glass from the side of my foot late friday night (too long a story for the blog). but saturday was a big day, as my friends carla and craig were getting married!

the wedding party at the church, st. michael's in canton

the rossi's (they both had the same last name PRE-marriage, which is awesome) officially united and i couldn't be more happy for the two of them because they are ridiculously perfect for each other and i love them.

i also love them for their first dance as a couple but that video will have to be edited and added at a later date.

my sissy rocked out as carla's maid of honor and seeing as both the bride and the groom went to university of dayton (as did i), and there was quite the UD theme. the table's were actually named for UD landmarks and mine was conveniently the "rudy's fly-buy table" as that was where i worked while i was on campus - so hysterical for carla to do that.

obviously i was excited with my table seating.

carla's "2nd family" was all invited -cathi, my mom, grog (being ridiculous), zu and tiajo

maria, krista, sissy and maureen - all the CCHS girls

all the university of dayton alumni at the wedding, loves it.

after the wedding i met up with my north canton friends at keter-o's house where j-birdie over served me with grape vodka - it happens.

and that's that!

hope you all had as fun a weekend as i did and here's to this work week flying by as quickly as possible.


  1. My grandma's last name was Rossi...

    but yeah NBA > MLB. By far.

  2. Weddings can be awesome class reunions too. But a class reunion you want to go to because all your friends are there.

    Hope your foot is better!

  3. Sounds like so much fun :) Sans the foot incident of course

    Can you believe that I haven't been to even ONE Indians game all season?? Craziness.

    For now, I hope you have a wonderful start to your week*


  4. those dresses are super cute. I'm jealous b/c my last bridesmaid dress was shit.

  5. Sounds like a great weekend! And what a fun wedding!

  6. Who else but you would talk about a weekend of poo poo and beaver when it's not even TMIT?

  7. Sounds like an awesome weekend :) Glad you had fun!

  8. How did someone get the nickname "poo poo" and it wasn't me?


    That looks like an orgasm in your mouth.


  10. Just found your blog!

    (I work with Sean S.) -- who ironically doesn't know I have a blog -- what can I say, I'm mysterious ;)

    Anyway just wanted to say hi!

  11. Yeah I don't think I could stomach grape vodka. Maybe in college but I am picturing the taste of grape juice, spiked. Blech!

  12. Wait... they both seriously had the same last name BEFORE marriage!?!? Weird...

  13. rossi makes me think of champagne.

    mmmm champagne!Your foot....OUCH!!

  14. Sounds fantastic, I want a reason for all my college friends and I to party like that. And, I will definitely drink to the work week passing quickly!

  15. yay for weddings! mine was a HS friend's this weekend but in october i've got a college one and i can't wait to rock some denison pride :)

  16. Love the bride's dress! Sounds like an awesome weekend.

    Also, please tell me the foot in mouth story. We can share. Because I totally made some girl cry this weekend. Woops.

  17. Same last names, so convenient! I think I'm lucky b/c my boyfriend's last name begins with the same letter.

    Is it weird that I can't wait to hear about your foot injury?

    Glad you had a good weekend :)

  18. Wedding season! the bride's dress was gorgeous!!

    LOL at Jill...can I hear both your stories kthxbai

  19. obvs LOVE this! gooooooooo daaaayton flyerssss :)

  20. Wow another awesome weekend! I need to come party with you in Cleveland, shot gunning beers optional

  21. Fabulous. You mentioned so much about Greenhouse Tavern you actually make me wanna go come check it out :)

  22. Fabulous. You mentioned so much about Greenhouse Tavern you actually make me wanna go come check it out :)

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