so this is writer's block

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

today's the last day to enter to win a free cleveland's a plum t-shirt or a free pair of GAP jeans. i am having a giveaway drawing video making wine party tonight - so get your entries in now before it's too late!

presenting my blog writing process when i have absolutely NOTHING to write about (aka, writers block):

step one:
get comfy on the couch while wearing shorts of some sort, old men's t-shirt and or hooded university of dayton sweatshirt, glasses on, bra off - watch out boys, this girl is HOT.

step two:
open my laptop, check twitter, check blog stats for the day, check facebook, open blogger to write a new post, open google reader, check twitter.

step three:
gchat lexa or maxie complaining that i have nothing to write about and to give me an idea - they give me nothing (brats). read more blogs, comment on said blogs, check twitter, flip through the tv.

step four:
get off the couch to go to the bathroom because now i've drank too much water. stare at myself in the bathroom mirror, tell myself i'm pretty. plug in my laptop because i've already run out of battery power.

step five:
decide that maybe i need a snack to drum up some creative energy. open up the refrigerator, see i have nothing in it. open the freezer, see i have nothing in it. sit back down on the couch. check twitter, read more blogs, gchat, check facebook, stare at blank blog post screen.

step six:
pour a glass of wine in a non-wine glass - preferably plastic. chug said wine and patiently wait for something brilliant to pop into my head.
this step can then go one of two ways:

1. nothing pops into my head, and i go to bed feeling guilty (see what i go through for you guys!!)

2. come up with something crappy brilliant to post (example: this post you are reading)

so blogger friends, what happens when you get the dreaded writers block?


  1. When I get writer's block I don't stand up to pee, I still sit down :p

    I had to re-read that part a couple times to get what you meant. :)

  2. Write nothing, but chug more wine. ;-)

  3. I generally don't get further than check Twitter, Facebook, Wine! That's my whole entire process - even my process wouldn't be enough for a post!

    I then spend a few days hiding from my blog!!

  4. We're in the same boat.

    My latest plan involved downloading the entire series of the British sitcom "Coupling" and watching it.

    It hasn't helped with the writers block, but I'll marry the first woman who says "Give us a kiss, love."

  5. I think every minute you spend gchatting with me is inspirational.

  6. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    And then I don't write anything.

    I know, I'm not so much fun.

  7. i dont know that i get it. i dont think i care enough to entertain anyone, so when im uninspired which is most of the time, I write my uninspired post.

    Sometimes popularity has its drawbacks I suppose!

    But heck yea about the bra off! I wish there was an easy safe way to never have to wear a bra w/o implants! they suck!

  8. I tend to do basically the same routine and go to bed feeling somewhat guilty.

  9. i surf online or just talk with the BF. He is bound to say something stupid to write about.

  10. alexa- when i get writer's block i usually start reading everyone else's blogs and see what i can steal from them OR i break out the cabernet and start chugging.

    now that i'm looking at this, neither one of these are really good ideas. so just let a homeless person guest post. i'm sure they have interesting stories.

  11. Sounds like we have the exact same ritual for writers block. When I get it, if none of the above work, I usually go to a coffee shop and listen to the conversations around me. Then I can't help but be inspired by something.

  12. I do pretty much the same thing, except sub lexa & Maxie for Jamie & Jess in my case.

    also minus the wine.

    and usually I go to bed feeling guilty.

  13. I call my best friend Evan (who is also my cousin and the funniest lady to ever live in the history of history) and inevitably we end up talking about something that makes me think, "Dude, totally a blog post."

    I can totally give you her number in case it happens again. She is also Greek, so you guys have that in common.

  14. When I sit down to write something I never have any ideas, but when I am away from my computer so much goes thru my head then I have to try and remember what I was thinking I wanted to write about.

    Writers block sucks though. I have had it for weeks and weeks now.

    Don't worry this will pass and you will be back on the blogging horse (so to speak) in no time.

  15. I read blogs & twitter until some other smarter blogger gives me an idea. Haha.

  16. I post something really boring and dumb. This is pretty much everyday for me.

    I don't have a process! Obviously I need one. And it should involve wine.

  17. i don't write and i hide from my blog too...
    i wish i had better internet so i could sit on my couch with a glass of internet only works in my bathroom...hmmm i think i just got a new idea post for my blog!

    thanks alexa!


  18. If I have writer's block for my blog, then I just don't publish. I don't feel bad about it. I do have a list on springpad with blog post ideas, and in my blog I've got some drafts with ideas I'd like to blog about. So I can go through those if need be. So on days when you have lots of ideas, write them down and save them!

    When I'm having writer's block for non-blog writing, I tend to read books by writers and literary magazines. I free write. I allow myself to just write about anything and everything that comes in my mind. Grammar, spelling, topics -- none of that matters. Just write.

    Yep. My cure to writer's block is to just write. :)

  19. my process is almost the exact same.
    except i dont really understand stats and such (i suck at that stuff), and i would have STARTED with a cocktail (and probably a beer instead).
    everything else? YUP.
    i heart your posts no matter what!

  20. I have no idea what to write half the time. Wine always helps :)

  21. I usually just look around me. The assholes I live with give me plenty of fodder.

  22. Wow! This is almost exactly my writing process, as well, but sadly most of it takes place at the office! Yikes. Writing for a living is tough. And you are brilliant. Fo Sho.

  23. I've been so busy, I just realized I haven't entered in the contest yet. Am I too late?!?

    As for the writer's block, I either start comibing the internet or just start spouting of about whatever happend to strike the keyboard. But I also think "I should blog about this" approximately 20 times a day, so I try to write down all those ideas even though I never get around to most of them, but then when I'm running dry, I go back and look at drafts of ideas or little post-its I've left for myself, and try to make it work.

  24. hey hey hey... sometimes I give you good ideas!

  25. play some video games....ignore the writing by watching tmnt heman or gi joe on youtube....text my best friend and complain to her how writing is pointless anyway and that I should just go play in traffic....

  26. I've started carrying a notebook so that when I have an excellent post idea, I can write it down. It comes in handy for the days when I can't think of anything to write... which is more often than not.

  27. i go for a walk and people watch. sit drink coffee and watch the passersby. debate with myself on whether i just spelled passersby wrong, then think about the importance of spell check and where my life would be and where it could take less fortunate souls if they used it. i vent on paper and stretch out from there. but then again i have ADD and racing thoughts so i have to be quick to catch an idea and follow thru. fascinating inner workings of a bipolar mind

  28. I have found that innapropriate things to say to other people, the blog or the world in general often fills up your head with tons of ideas.

    Just like me, i had nothing to write the other day, so I self proclaimed to have a vag.

    The sad part of it is that I think I do.

  29. You'll know when I got nothing when I post puppy photos.

    Edie is the star of my blog for a reason haha

  30. when i get writer's block i just start staring at movies and hope i get some inspiration. usually it works out. usually.

  31. Well, son of a b. Sounds like my day to a T. Loving your blog, looking forward to more - hope you're enjoying your wine, I sure am!

  32. Well, I usually try to work on a post anyway, then I end up not finishing and leave it unpublished with the insane thought that I might wrap it up later.

    How does that work? umm, not so well at last count.

    Keep writing; Cleveland is indeed a plum!

  33. When I get writers block, I cruise around on tumblr until I find something I like, and then I bitch about it. The more swears, the better.

  34. When I get it, I cruise around online and try to distract myself from the fact that I'm not writing. Or I go to my Chicago Fight Club. But I can't talk about it, first rule.

  35. I usually get inspired by reading other people's blogs... or I give up all together and down the bottle of wine that I was probably already half way through because that's my life EVERY NIGHT.

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