to capitalize or not to capitalize? that is the question.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

yes, you are getting two posts in one day today - you're welcome.

since day one on this blog i haven't used correct capitalization in any of my posts (even though i know how to) for three main reasons:
1. i'm lazy
2. i thought it gave my blog some sort of design theme
3. i'm lazy

but recently i've had this inkling that when new readers, PR/marketing professionals, or colleagues stumble across my blog they have a strong possibility of thinking that i'm an idiot who doesn't know how to capitalize.

and capitalization would obviously be the reason why they think i'm an idiot, not the shotgunning beer, TPing houses, or being a total snob - obviously it's the lack capitalization.

so i've decided to ask you, my fabulous readers what i should do. should i start being all proper by capitalizing my posts?

i'm giving you the power.

decide for me.

should i start to capitalize here on the plum?

yes, i think you should act like you graduated college with a PR degree.
no, i like your lack of capitalization, slacking is awesome.
i don't friggin' care, just keep writing shit.


  1. I voted yes and not because I think you should act like you graduated college with a PR degree but for purely selfish reasons.

    It will make it easier for me to read. I'm not kidding. I can't tell you how many times I have to re-read posts because my brain doesn't immediately process new sentences, proper nouns, whether you're talking about "He" as in God or "he" as in some dude...etc.

    So there’s my vote. Regardless of your decision, I will continue to read your blog on a daily basis, over and over again, until I get it.


  2. i am a fairly new reader to your blog and i love it. i never use capital letters unless absolutely necessary (professional things, etc..). so i say keep using the lower case letters. i am a fan :)

  3. hey girl! this is janet. i talked with your mom last nite and kept me up to speed on you and sis. you and sis do me or not? no differnce for me.

  4. Remember from day one I wanted you to use capitalization. I agree with Court's comments too. Plus everyone is getting lazy about it now more and more...not good. Vote for C-A-P-I-T-A-L-S !! XO

  5. I say no. It's part of you and your style, and anyone who doesn't get that isn't reading you enough, so why should you care? ;-)

  6. i say no way jose. i like it on the down low.

  7. Not gonna lie, the non-capitalization drove me crazy at first...but then it grew on me. Don't change it!

  8. I had a hard time with it at first (for pretty much the same reasons as Courtni and your mom). However, it's part of your style.

    Would you ask ee cummings to capitalize his shit? No. No, you wouldn't.

    And I just compared you to ee cummings, so you must listen to what I say as I am clearly wise beyond (all) my years.

  9. I voted I don't care, because it doesn't affect me one way or the other. I suppose for me it would depend on what your aim for the plum is. Is it to network, and grow professionally? If so then make it professional. If it's all for fun and games then do whatever you feel like.

  10. I'm kinda with Court on this one. I sometimes have to re-read paragraphs. (And that has nothing to do with me being generally dopey and self-absorbed.)

  11. I am a fan of the non-capitalization. Its you, when you do capitalize something, I know its really important to you. ee cummings wrote all of this stuff in lowercase and without periods and he's world famous. You're pretty famous too so I think its acceptable. (I was going to insert a smiley face, but I saw your tweet this morning so I won't.)

  12. I would love to not have decent grammar/punctuation all the time, but my OCD prevents me from doing that!

  13. Don't change a thing! I love this blog as is.

  14. I tried to vote "no" twice but it only let me do it once.

    So, um, NO. You're blog is simply perfect the way it is!

  15. That's funny because at first when I started reading your blog it drove me nuts the non-capitalization (I'm a perfectionist and it goes against my secretary grain). Now I'm used to it so eh, either way is ok.

  16. And by the title, I was all excited for the debate on whether to make your blog a money making machine or not (get it - capitalize). I'm seriously bummed. I mean, not enough to boycott voting, but I'm hoping you'll come around for that other debate, too. =)

  17. You've branded yourself this way and I say you stick with it - that's coming from a PR professional. No Caps!

  18. I agree with Susan, and this is coming from a full-time journalist.

  19. no capitalization allowed! :P

  20. i vote no, don't change it. viva no capitalization!

  21. Don't cave to the man. F*ck 'em.

  22. You capitalized your entire life until this blog and still do else where. I just looked up your text messages to me.....capitalization is used. So how is it really 'you' not to? Alexa remember when you wrote on here to me that you weren't contributing to the 'dumbing down of America' by not capitalizing....hmmm. Most here seem to think it is 'OK' or don't care. Interesting..... I will read your blog no matter what you decide but I would stuff 'the ballot box' if I could for capitalize. Love ya, XO

  23. court - i never thought of it like that! now im paranoid you can't read :) haha

    tabitha - welcome to the plum! and thanks : )

    janet - awwwww love you!

    mom - yeah mom, i write and maintain a almost daily blog. REAL lazy. psyche.

    lilu - yeah, it IS my style.

    maxie - you are on the down low.

    liebchen - eek, i'm sorry. seriously i had no clue it was hard to read. but now that you're used to it.... haha

    megan - i definitely think this blog is more for fun and games, so i should be in the clear.

    peter - i think it all has to do with you being self absorbed. but im sorry you have to re-read paragraphs because my writing isn't even good. ha.

    mandy - i love this comment (and you) for many reasons, especially the tweet notice!

    ms. salti - oh i have that version of OCD in work situations, but this? it's for fun (i think)

    lindsay - i heart you.

    marie - i heart you too! xoxo

    BBT - well at least you are used to it right? thankfully.

    nilsa - haha, you are ridiculous.

    susan - yes ma'am!

    admin - yes ma'am (times two)!

    rachel - just like no boys allowed?

    katelin - yeah, maybe i'm too old to change? can't teach an old dog new tricks right?

    clevelandpoet - capital F (ooooooh, the irony)

    bayjb - no caving is going to happen here apparently

    mom...again - you are hilarious, and i love you - but when you mention the capitalization on the text messages? well, it's automatic with my blackberry and would take more keys to hit to make it lowercase and i'm not THAT obsessed with having everything lowercase... xo

  24. Do we all get a "I voted" sticker now?

    No capitalizing!

  25. no capitalizing! capitalizing is for pussies.

  26. no difference for me, capitalize or not I love your blog.:)

  27. honestly, I hate bothering with capitalization.

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