velvet tango room, swimming and frozen grape eating contests - oh my.

Monday, August 17, 2009

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why is it that even after the most relaxing of weekends you still are exhausted come monday morning?

after landing back in cleveland friday afternoon from phoenix i had about an hour or so to take a nap before heading to beachwood for the dress for success cleveland gala. it was good times with good friend all for a good cause.

cari, lzone, moe, amy, christina and amanda

after the event me, lzone, amy and cari all headed to
the famous velvet tango room. i'm horrible and haven't been there in forever even though the amazing owner paulis reads this blog, lives in my building and i see him all the time - shame on me. but i'm SO glad we headed there friday evening because i fell in love with the place all over again.

first off the VERY knowledgeable and personable stephanie answered our 267 drink questions recommending and finding the perfect cocktail for each of us - it was awesome.

i had three drink varieties, an old fashioned, which lzone took a little sip of and said it put hair on her chest, a dark and stormy, ginger beer, gosling's black seal rum and lime, and my new absolute most favorite drink IN THE WORLD, the moscow mule.

oh my god, i wish i was drinking it right now. a combination of ginger beer, vodka and lime served in a freezing cold copper mug, a moscow mule from the velvet tango room is a must try for anyone in cleveland.

pure heaven.

also while we were there we got to witness paulis putting on a stunning flambe show. if you haven't been to the velvet tango room ever or lately you must go very soon.

OPA! (but with bananas, ha)

after VTR i met up with some other friends and went to tremont taphouse and hooples which are a couple more of my favorite cleveland bars that you should also check out.

saturday morning got up at super early to get cubby and i tickets for the sufjan stevens concert at the beachland ballroom in september and i then made the trek to canton for two full days of fun in the sun.

while swimming and hangout out with the family at my cousins pool we got to playing with my new flip minoHD camcorder courtesy of gap born to fit.

i don't know how the following video happened but it did. basically during the first two pieces you will see my cousin jenna try to see how many FROZEN (makes it was harder) grapes she can fit in her mouth.

not to be outdone my MOTHER decides to try. let's just say that seeing my mother with TWENTY frozen grapes in her mouth sends me into complete hysterics.

apparently my family is full of other stupid human tricks which you will see in this video, fist in mouth (twss), eye crossing, tongue tricks, eyebrow lifting.....

i don't know whether to be proud or embarrassed. i'm going to go with both, because i can't NOT laugh when i look at my mom and cousins in this video.

and to think i wonder where i get it from...

i have no words.

have a great week everyone!


  1. I love your family. That is all. :)

  2. i think you snorted a lot. and made me laugh the whole time.

  3. I want that pink dress in the first picture. Like now.

  4. The French 75 (with brandy) is my go to drink at VTR, but my last time there I tried the Moscow Mule and holy cow is that the most delicious summer drink!

  5. Your family is so freakin' awesome! How did your mom manage to get 20 grapes in her mouth?? I'm super impressed.

  6. LOL. Wow... my mom has done something similar before. It creeped me out! :P

  7. I don't know how to feel about watching that.

  8. I...


    It's just...


    Never mind.

  9. a dark and stormy! thats so..."I Still Know what you did last summer" Holla!

    20 grapes is a lot!!!!!

  10. and i thought i had a crazy mother!

  11. Your family is hilarious! However the most entertaining part for me was listening to you snort from giggling so hard. :-)

  12. that video is PURE AWESOME. hee. loved it!

  13. Oh my God Alexa! That video is frigging hilarious!

  14. I just spit water out all over my keyboard. That video is beyond awesome. So much talent in one family!

  15. I think I laughed harder at you snorting! Ah, love it!

  16. haha, so fun! I love an old fashion too :)

  17. The laughing in the background totally made me laugh out loud several times. That girl has talent!

  18. I'm glad to see your family is nuts... just like everyone else's! That was awesome!

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