what type of man do you think i should date?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

last week a couple of canada's most famous bloggers peter dewolf and brandy opened up the comment section on peter's blog for us, their readers, to ask them anything in regard to love and sex.

me, being a loyal reader of both their blogs and obviously needing advice in the love, not sex department i left the following comment:

"my question for both of you. what type of man should i date? yes, it's all about me"

well they answered my plea for advice by giving me their expert dating opinion on who exactly that man is that i should be dating.

unfortunately it wasn't ryan reynolds (and his abs).

but i know you wanna find out who i'm supposed to date so go check it out.

NOW (please).

and after reading the post if you're a man that fits the bill of who peter and brandy think i should be dating - call me! email me! i'm easy! i'm awesome!

oh, and if you have any other brilliant ideas of who i should be dating, what are you waiting for? TELL ME.


  1. Alexa, I can't give you Ryan Reynolds, without him my life would be a barren wasteland of unfulfilled dreams. I'm not even kidding when I say I google 'Ryan Reynolds Entertainment weekly cover" daily and then caress my computer screen.

    Also, if you want men, move to Canada. They are everywhere. They don't all look as lovely as Ryan, but some are pretty damn close.

  2. You smoke? Too bad, I might have been your guy.

  3. ben - damn peter for saying that i smoke! haha.

    im a social smoker, i.e a few cigarettes a week when i go out for some cocktails.

  4. You know Murray is the only man you want.

  5. ha, I actually think peter's advice is really good. it's tricky finding a guy who is social / outgoing / fun enoug to keep up, but ISN'T also completely spotlight dependent and/or a never-gave-up-college-mindset guy. if you can find that? awesome.

  6. Alice is smart.

  7. Much as I love you, if I find this guy, I just might keep him for myself. What? You'd do the same!

  8. Hmm, I think you need a dude who is hilarious and attractive and smart. Basically I think you should date my husband. Which can be arranged for a fee. He's an awesome kisser, if that helps. Also, my prices are very reasonable. Lastly, he's in Cleveland on business all the time, so that's pretty convenient, right? You guys would make a really good-looking couple.

  9. i've got the perfect guy. only bad thing is that he is not in Cleveland at the moment, but deeply in love with HIS city.

    he's currently pursuing his dream of improv comedy and studying at i.O. in Chicago and is going to be performing on the 14-16 in NYC with his improv group legitimate beef.

    of course he is cool because he's related to me, oh yeah, and understands close knit families as he is my daughter's godfather, oh, and is not named preston and like horizontal striped shirts.

  10. That describes me perfectly except for numbers 1,2, 4,5,6,7, and 8.


  11. While I'm ok with not having the spotlight- I wouldn't be able to go out with you EVERY night.

    I guess I'm no good for you.

    But I'm so cute....

  12. Oh Ryan Reynolds!! Can we all get some of that?!?!

    But I think Peter is pretty dead on. Good job Peter.

  13. The only thing I think I'd add to their advice is you need an only child whose parents passed away long ago. Because this man will need to be available to be sucked into your family. And possibly this same man should have only a few friends (because you don't want a clinger), but not too many. Because again, this man will be sucked into your social circle. And so long as he's good with a woman who holds the whip, I think you're golden.

  14. lilu - i've already HAD murray.

    alice - i'm aiming for finding that awesome.

    peter - you are.

    shine - i'll fight you for him!

    jill - we can become polygamists and i could come on as the second wife!

    adam - his improv group legitimate beef, is the best name EVER.

    rs27 - ill meet you at the alter

    dmbosstone - i don't go out every night, i think peter exaggerated!

    lbluca - we can share him, i guess... ha.

    nilsa - oh my gosh! haha. you are making it sound like i'm a raging biotch who would make my partner loose all sense of himself. no way jose! i want a guy who is independent because like you said i don't want i clinger, huge turn-off. but i also like to be told what to do as well, i PROMISE you i'm not always the dominant one.

  15. Well hell, I should have asked them the same question! I'm on my way to read it right now!

  16. I love this...I think it should be a regular feature.

    Next person up?


    Annnnd go!

  17. I would share John Krasinski with you, but I don't want to :) I think you should date a librarian, I think you guys would be perfect together.

  18. Well, there was some good advice there, but I suggest that you look for a man that bakes his own brownies and has a Billy Dee Williams poster on his wall...you find that, and then you have hit the ecstasy jackpot!

  19. you should date manfriends friend kenny g. except for that hes really young, hes a great guy.

    and his names not kenny he has kenny g hair.

    and i hear hes good in the sack....

  20. I would recommend a guy with all of his teeth. A dental student would have been my first pick, but smoking and dentistry are nearly mutually exclusive. Maybe a law student?

    Are looks important to you? The Case engineering kids aren't the best looking, but they are smart f'ers.

    While I live in Cleveland now, I'm from Minneapolis - which would be a cherry.

  21. Will you send me some S.J.'s? Im feeling SO emotional right now. My parents never loved me and I need to display my emotional turmoil on the outside. (Look Alexa, Im a commentasaurus!)

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