white party with a side of furries

Monday, August 31, 2009

saturday night my friends matt and sean hosted a white party at their AMAZING detroit shoreway neighborhood condo.

being anti all things white clothing i opted out of the costume theme but focused solely on drinking champagne cocktails.

in hindsight i wish i would have taken a picture of the plastic champagne cocktail glasses sitting out on the counter cause it would have driven home the fact of exactly how many i drank. as i just kept taking three pre-poured cocktails at a time pouring them into a bigger glass - that's how i roll.

between the champagne and the wine and the vodka i wonder why i felt like crap all day sunday - you'll have that.

but the hangover was all worth it simply to see @mattselvaggio dressed as a bunny, obviously it was a white bunny.

here's the scene: i'm at the party chatting it up with friends when i see @lzone walk in with a person in a GIANT bunny costume. i start laughing hysterically not having a clue who she was coming with but quickly got freaked out when this crazy bunny person started walking towards me to give me a hug.

i literally freaked out, ran away from the bunny towards @lzone where she informed me that i indeed did know the freaky perma-smile bunny as my friend @mattselvaggio.

i suddenly wasn't so scared anymore, and immediately wanted to see what that furry fetish is all about.

so ridiculous.

we all had a great time and surprisingly i didn't go to the bar staying at the white party till after 2am. i actually can't wait till next year where maybe, just maybe, i'll rock out something white other than my bra.

lzone and matt, thankfully with the creepy bunny head off.

liz, misty, batch and ben

the group shot outgrew the shoot backdrop

and then the group shot grew even more...

selvaggio tricked lzone into to playing with his head. twss.

weird white leotard girl that none of us knew trying to mack on selvaggio, with lzone in the background making the best facial expression ever

oh look at the fuzzy bunny, oh hunny - see no evil.

also if you are really interested in what went down at the white party, first floor only, (sorry you won't be able to see all the sweet dance moves that were occurring on the second floor), check out the time lapse party video below. my friends are so tech.

have a great week everyone, and just think, a week from today we won't be working (at least i won't be working) - helllllllllllo labor day.


  1. weird white leotard girl. there's one at every party

  2. ridiculous...looked like a blast tho

  3. Another reason to love you: you don't dress for a theme party. I am the same way. I was invited to a 4th of July party a few years ago where everyone was asked to wear polos...why, I have no idea. I refused. Polos are NOT my look.

  4. i cannot wait to not be working monday!

    omg that bunny is like the ones that we were forced to sit on the laps of as little ones.

    I was always crying. I wonder why.


    I cannot wait.

  6. Ha. Do you even OWN anything white?

  7. i love that you called her the weird white leotard girl.

    who doesn't love a guy in a bunny costume.

  8. Someone dressed up as a big bunny would have freaked the living crap out of me too.

    Looks like an AWESOME party! Super jealous. ;)

  9. Uhm. That shiny white stretch out fit is 10 kinds of horrendous

  10. I heart the video! The group shots remind me of homecoming pics...way too many peeps for the background.

  11. I love the idea of theme parties so long as it doesn't require shopping for an outfit. Therefore, the white party theme? Me likey! You should definitely dress to impress next year!

  12. Looks like you guys/girls/bunnies had a blast! That's the way to roll. I think I'm having a white house-warming party... good idea? White leotard girl needs to go... or maybe get some Crest White strips for her grill.

  13. I don't do theme parties either. The bunny though, that is too fun and a great idea.

  14. Theme's and I do NOT mix. I think it's because I'm a total biatch and hate being told what to wear.

    The bunny? I die.

    Can we be bff's? I mean...seriously, it's TIME.


  15. Now, I've thrown a black and white party before, but just white with a furry? Definitely not. Ha. Your friend Matt is pretty damn hot, by the way. I mean, I'm just saying.

  16. oh i've always wanted to go to white party, although it seems dangerous (i spill a lot). and that bunny costume is ridiculous, hilarious but ridiculous.

  17. Me at a white party would be a hot mess but it would be better than that costume. Damn, that is scary.

    Like a battlefield, battlefield, battlefield, why does love always feel like.....

  18. I so wish a bunnied guest would come to my partis.

  19. Thanks for the great post! We want some good press for next year's bash!
    P.S. Did you notice on the time lapse video, the screen capture features you on your way into the potty!? I think you were about to blow chunks when you saw bunny.

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