'09 browns home opener

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

it's weird recapping the weekend a day late, but with the ridiculousness that was my weekend (specifically sunday), i didn't really have a choice - blogging was not in the cards when i got home sunday night.

you can ask the klutz, typing wasn't really an option for me.

friday evening started it all with the klutz, babs and i going to prosperity social club where we saw the mother of all whale tails and hung out in my favorite back patio in cleveland.

next came drinks at
the harp for foxxy's birthday and meeting up with more friends at hotz's in tremont for shuffleboard and monkey drawings. see babs on the right and note the enrique lyrics.

saturday we rested, for we had a big day ahead of us on sunday - browns game day!

i was drinking champagne by 9:30am and bonging a beer by 11:30am. apparently that's what one does while tailgating. i also last minute went to the game, but left at halftime with babs to go to the blind pig where we were for a while (i think).

with stops at panini's, maproom and little bar i made the warehouse district my bitch, much like the vikings did to the browns.

i also took a couple of pictures so i'll let them speak for themselves cause this girl is still exhausted.

pig roast!!

the pit > the muni lot

i love this pic so much - i wish i was in it.

pre-game skull beer bonging

andy, the klutz, bo and babs

and that would be browns stadium

kim and ahmed

jenn, jen and captain

awesome jen page

babs, me and the klutz

that's a wrap, and while i'm sure there are many more pics that i should be posting this will have to do. and while there are many more stories that i should be sharing these we have to do.

and just think, we get to do it all over again on saturday for the OSU vs UT game being held at browns stadium.

i'll meet you guys in the pit.


  1. I'm pretty happy that I didn't recognize Enrique lyrics.

  2. Looks like you had an awesome time! :)

  3. i have lots to say so i'll just gchat you later. but i'll start with this: haaaaaaay ahmed! :)

  4. I'm too old for beer bongs. Then again, I'm pretty sure I was too old for beer bongs upon graduating from college. More power to those of you who can still do it.

  5. I have never been to a pig roast--or seen a roasted pig--and it makes my heart sad.


    You are pulling at my heart strings, lady. I may have to come with Lemmy and Maxie after all.

  7. Also, LiLu, do not tease me with your FAKE STATEMENTS.

  8. peter - but it's such a good song! i'll send you the link...

    rach - we did, we did

    ang - UD represent

    nilsa - i thought i was too. it's amazing what you do in the moment though. peer pressure will get you, ha.

    lemmonex - WHAT? but you love pig!

    lilu - i'll even let you sleep in my bed.

    maxie - i can't be the photographer AND the subject. you're lucky you got ONE.

    maxie - we both know lilu is a blog tease.

  9. I can't tell you how thrilled I am that the nickname "Awesome Jen Page" seems to have stuck. :)

  10. Who doesn't love tailgating and football?! Looks like you had a fun weekend :).

  11. hooray for season openers!! i'm just bummed that i think this past weekend is the only pro game i'll get to attend in person this season :-( you guys look like you did it up RIGHT!

  12. Wish I could be in that pit with you! Even if I'm not such a great fan of football.

  13. WHOA that looks great! I wanna know, can you drink anything beside beer in the stadium? I'm a bit anti beer but I want something alcoholic.

  14. OSU? Yucko. I hate them with the fire of a thousand hells.

    Or at least ten.

  15. I love tailgating, its one of my favorite fall past times.

  16. i wish i had a team i rooted for like that, well there are the trojans, so that's close. :)

    another fabulous weekend, i am a fan.

  17. I am jealous of your life Alexa. And your hair. You have great hair.

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