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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

you know how around this time of year some men are freaking out about their fantasy football drafts?

well i'm freaking out about something else.

my DVR draft picks.

you see, i can only DVR two shows at a time, and if my tv is on i have to be watching one of those two shows.


trying to set the perfect schedule, trying to make sure shows don't overlap - all while researching online to see what new shows i should be investing my time and my precious DVR space into, as well as nixing new shows starring jay mohr that are looking to be duds.

but then i think - what if the critics are wrong, and i end up missing the first season of the new seinfeld-esque comedy.

raises fist in rage.

it's a gamble kids.

sometimes you just have to pick a show because it falls in an open time slot - much like having to draft ray finkle just because you need a kicker.

the humanity.

so i'm looking for DVR draft day picks. what shows should i be sure to include in my fall line up?


  1. Mad Men...still half a season left. It is a slow burn this season but I have faith it will pick up.

  2. I'm intrigued by "Community."|shows|dropdown

  3. I'm sort of looking forward to The Good Wife with Julianna Margulies. I don't watch much tv but I am going to try to catch this one.

  4. gossip girl, 90210, House, Community, Grey's, 24, cougar town (i love courtney cox), lost, scrubs, the cleveland show, HIMYM...i think that's it...i watched melrose last night...i was slightly distracted so i would like to watch it least you have a DVR...and cable...

    good luck!

  5. How I Met Your Mother & Greek. Not new, but good shows you should watch if you already weren't.

  6. Did you just make an intelligent and inside joke abuot fantasy football? You play it don't you? Admit it!

    PS - There were no boobs in this post. That is false advertising. I am suing.

  7. Always Sunny, Mad Men, and I'm also intrigued by Community... LOVE me some Joel McHale. We shall see.

  8. Big bang theory, castle is fun, always sunny, HIMYM, I'm going to give V a chance, and hope not to be disappointed by it.

  9. So many choices!
    Melrose, Gossip Girl, 90210, The Office, 30 Rock, Glee is pretty funny, Community - who doesn't love Joel Mcchale??, Project Runway, A new Duel starts pretty soon!, Cougar Town looks pretty fun.

    Hmm, what other guilty pleasure are out there?

    I'm sorry I missed your call! I was in cooking class. I'll call you tonight!

  10. You know, I don't even know what new shows are on this season. I'm just looking forward to seeing Chuck again (buggers had to wait till January to put it back on), Medium, and CSI New York.

    I can't even remember the rest!

  11. What did we do before DVR? How I Met Your Mother!!! I can only tape 1 show and have to be watching it at the same time. It's brutal.

  12. All I know is, I'm watching So You Think You Can Dance. And probably Glee.

  13. ohboy, this stresses me out too! i don't know what to pick!

  14. I don't have any advice for TV but feel the same way with my Netflix plan. I'm only allowed two a month so which two should be at the top this month? I agree, THE PRESSURE!!

  15. If you're not already watching Mad Men, start now! (And you should have headed Lem 16 comments ago about that ;))
    Re: new shows, I'm curious about Flash Forward, though with onslaught of billboards, it better be beyond good. Parenthood (though I think it was pushed to mid-season). Curious about Good Wife too. Not sure how they can make a series on the premise, but we'll see.
    Re: returning. Castle is a lark.

  16. Umm...I may have made a spreadsheet yesterday detailing what I want to watch this season. Even more detailed it's color coded based off of if I like it, the BF likes it or we both do.

    Apparently I'm a nerd.

    But I'm voting for Community (new!), Glee (new! if I can squeeze it in), House, Bones, Dollhouse, The Office, Criminal Minds and probably Supernatural.

  17. GAH! YES! i am having this same problem. why does everything good have to be on at the same time?!?

  18. i am in the same boat as you. I even go into the bedroom to watch tv so I can TVO 2 shows in the living room.

    Modern Family is supposed to be one of best new shows for comedy. Looks good! And obviously its always sunny (my Arrested Development replacement)

  19. I'm actually against Mad Men, as I started watching it and it's pretty boring. Plus it already started. Here's what I'm looking forward to, straight from my own DVR pick list:

    One Tree Hill : 14th @ 8
    Gossip Girl : 14th @ 9
    Survivor: Samoa : 17th @ 8
    Fringe : 17th @ 9
    HIMYM 21st @ 8
    Heroes : 21st @ 8
    Brothers & Sisters : 27th @ 10
    Lie To Me : 28th @ 10

  20. where do i EVEN BEGIN?

    sytycd for sure. big bang theory. gossip girl.

  21. I think "Community" looks good on NBC. I'm drafting it for my DVR.

    (I loved this true!)

  22. I'm having the same exact issues!! I'm so torn. I think Glee will definitely be up there, and I'm kind of thinking Flash Forward will have to happen too. But who knows?? I felt totally jipped when I didn't start watched 30 Rock when it premiered and now I can't get into it.

  23. Ive got it double bad- fantasy football and DVR. In the two months of my breakup, I have gone from - I don't watch tv, it rots the brain to a full blown addict. I get mad when I have to tape more than two things. I need to get a tivo in addition to my dvr.


  24. Mine only records one show at a time... imagine my horror!

  25. Glee and Always Sunny in Philadelphia is back.

  26. oh man i know this dilemma all too well, especially with day and time changes this year, ah! it's too much. i need another dvr. or a dvr that can record at least 3 shows.

    but i say don't miss how i met your mother, greek, and the mentalist (my newest addition to the lineup).

  27. lexa - i'm on it, yo. but i agree, kinda slow start.

    peter - me too, i love me some joel mchale AND chevy chase

    matt - yes, that too. but i don't dvr football silly.

    mandy - good wife is totally on my list.

    lara - look at you with your gossip girl and 90210! ha

    dave - HIMYM is my fav - now greek? i may need to get into

    narm - i'll take that as a compliment. sorry though, no boobs.

    lilu - i need to get into always sunny, i know i would love it.

    clepoet - i'm intrigued by castle

    georgia - i love that you mentioned the DUEL!

    marie - im a big medium fan

    poo poo - you need to shoot your DVR

    shine - done and done

    brookem - we are so alike

    vanessa - it's hard being us, ha.

    emma - i'm intrigued with flash forward, billboards and all - i think i'm going to add it to the list

    cass - HA! a girl close to my own heart

    alice - cause the programing gods hate us?

    julie q - modern family is SO on my list, i hope it loves up to the hype

    joy - FINALLY someone got my joke!

    jennifer - i got into lie to me recently through re-runs, i'm a fan

    tia - SYTYCD is AMAZING. we are going to be spoiled by this second season this year

    kim - yes, community is totally drafted : )

    rachel - i felt the same way about 30 rock. i mean i definitely have laughed at episodes but im not some crazy fan by ANY means

    lisa chelle - i think you could find worse addictions, ha.

    ms salti - you also need to fire your DVR!

    kellyrae - glee for sure, although i think i need to start always sunny from the beginning

    katelin - mentalist, yes, i love that simon baker

  28. ah your blog is adorable! I just found it! I would vote for Gossip Girl, I love it! Addiction really :)

  29. I'm gonna say...Community and Gossip Girl. Do it.

    DC. Lets party.

  30. Okay, I loved this post because I could totally relate to it and have the same issues.

    (came to you via Lacochran's blog)

  31. I feel the same way! Well besides my fave Showtime show (dexter) I think I will watch ABC's Modern Family, CBS' accidentally on Purpose and of course, the biggest loser!

  32. oh man, i was just talking to a friend about this!!

    lets see...Glee, Grey's/Private Practice, Greek, Gossip Girl, Bones, and HIMYM are my on my list.

    I want to check out some new shows (Flash Forward, Eastwick, and the NCIS or whatever crime show w/ LL Cool J and Chris O'donnell).

    thank god Project Runway, Top Chef, and the Duel are always shown in repeats during the week b/c they won't fit into my dvr schedule!

    ps> i'm new toyour blog and love it!!

  33. The extent to which I am out of touch? I don't have DVR. And my tv is circa 1998. And I don't have Facebook. Moral? I am lame.

    What were we talking about again?

  34. its good to know that im not the only one that gives serious thought, to what to tivo each day. I feel such a sense of accomplishemnt when i finish adding new shows, or finding season premieres.


  35. Glee! I've watched the first two episodes and am completely in love. Seriously. Try it out!

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