FLAVORS of northeast ohio 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

last night, for the second year in a row, i've had the pleasure of attending the american liver foundation FLAVORS of northeast ohio dining event.

this year the event was held at the fabulous ritz carlton silver grille in the higbee building in downtown cleveland.

basically the some of the northeast ohio's premiere chefs prepare a table side 5 course meal with wine pairings for a table of ten. it's an intimate affair fueled by good food, good wine and great company for an important cause.

before dinner is served all the chefs prepare hors d'oeures for the attendees to sample during the cocktail hour. my friend and fellow blogger michelle (cleveland foodie), and i deemed blue canyon's caribbean jerk duck wings, and the greenhouse tavern's beef tartar starter dishes the best.

i simply can't get enough of chef sawyer's tartar - um, yum.

my buddy chef jonathan sawyer and the greenhouse tavern crew at FLAVORS

for dinner i had the pleasure of sitting at chef steve schimoler's table who is the executive chef and owner of warehouse district's crop bistro.

i've been on a crop bistro kick lately and am a big fan of schimoler's concept so i was overly excited to see what kinds of dishes he was going to come up with to serve us. and man was i impressed.

the table place setting (taken with my blackberry for a twitpic)

course one - Lobster and Pearls: when i first saw "pearls" listed i was thinking onions, but in all actuality it was tapioca pearls which are something i've never had in the non-sweet variety but it ended up being a really cool concept and was SO tasty. plus, everything is better with lobster. wine pairing - santa margherita prosecco brut.

lobster and pearls

course two - Squash Bisque with Duck Confit and Truffle Cream: as my friend batch said after tasting her first bite, "it's like fall in a bowl", and it was exactly that. with a hearty portion of duck with the smallest hint of the truffle i could eat this bisque everyday. wine pairing - les domaniers (domaine ott) rose.

squash bisque with duck confit and truffle cream

course three - Shaved Fennel and Late Summer Tomato Salad: this salad introduced me to my new favorite cheese - tallegrio - a brie style cheese with amazing nutty flavor that went perfectly with the fennel and a 50 year old sherry vinaigrette. wine pairing - castello sonnino virginio.

chef schimoler preparing the shaved fennel and late summer tomato salad

course four - Rack of Lamb with Nicoise Salad and Roasted Tomato Vinaigrette: i'm greek, so i know my lamb and this was hands down the best rack of lamb i have ever had (sorry mom). the combination of the cool white and green beans of the nicoise salad with kalamata olives and roasted tomatoes were unlike anyway i've ever had lamb. it was perfect! wine pairing - la fiorita laurus (a blend of sangiovese and merlot)

omg this was so amazing - rack of lamb with nicoise salad

course five - Apple Bread Pudding with Creme Angliase and Apple Slaw: this dessert was perfectly executed - with just the right balance of being sweet and tart. the vanilla bean creme angilase was awesome. wine pairing - munzenrieder gruner veltliner welschriesling (a white ice wine).

the awesome ending - apple bread pudding with apple slaw

so yeah, you can say we ate and drank pretty well huh?

if you have yet to dine at crop bistro, i highly recommend it for lunch or dinner - they have great cocktails (i gave them best cocktails in my best of the plum post), and a great space worth checking out.


  1. God, I love me some bread pudding. The lobster with the pearls looks to die for as well. So jealous. I cannot wait for Lola.

  2. I almost took a bite out of my computer screen looking at those pictures. YUM.

  3. Those are a bunch of ridiculously good food. I so want a plate of that bread pudding. Yummy!

  4. Dude, how do you get invited to stuff like this? That food looks amazing. So cool!

  5. Mmm this post made me hungry! Everything looks so delicious. I'm inspired to create my own tasty dishes now! Thanks :)

  6. Mmm this post made me hungry! Everything looks so delicious. I'm inspired to create my own tasty dishes now! Thanks :)

  7. Mmm this post made me hungry! Everything looks so delicious. I'm inspired to create my own tasty dishes now! Thanks :)

  8. I'm full just from reading about it.

  9. Most of that is stuff I wouldn't eat, but it looks good! Glad you had so much fun!

  10. That bread pudding made me miss The Cack like whoa.

  11. okay this all looks amazing. that lamb looks the best though, man so tasty. and all the wine! ah i'm jealous!

  12. My stomach just grumbled. The food looks amazing and the wine pairings -- le swoon. You always go to the funnest events.

  13. Oh how I want that lamb and shavedf fennel and tomato salad

  14. Your life sounds fantastic.

  15. Your life sounds fantastic.

  16. You just made me STARVING at 215 am. I think I'm going to make a pb&j and pretend its bread pudding.

  17. how totally fancy! I have never heard of one thing you mentioned, and I wouldn't eat any of it.

    I'd have lots of wine though! =)

    IT looks like a fun event!

  18. Ahhh, everything sounds absolutely TO DIE :) Yumm*


    ps - Looking fwd to seeing your pretty face at the Sufjan show tomorrow!!

  19. After reading this post today I TRULY have to thank you.... Today I have FINALLY been able to sum up the difference between my boss (your Mother) and myself. It is so clear now!! My boss has redefined my taste in music, the arts, TV, movies, she has also brushed me up on my language, parenting, marriage, acceptable behavior, etc... this ONE POST says it ALL. THIS has made me see through a nonfiltered lens. Today I came to work and saw my boss for who she really is. This post,can explain the difference between the two of us by looking at the pictures, I dont even need any words at all. I looked at the pictures and everything was so clear!!All thanks to you!!

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