hey shorty, it's the weekend

Friday, September 4, 2009

narm emailed me yesterday after i posted this to see if i was "ok" - he actually went as far as to call me EMO.

good god boy.

bite your tongue.

while i may have recently written a couple of posts pondering some shit, "emo" if you will, things are actually pretty damn awesome.

can't a girl just reflect once in awhile? or give props to her friends
awesome post?


i'm a lucky girl, and i'm the first to admit it.


anyways it's friday, i'm hungover, and we have a long weekend ahead of us - mine just happened to start a day early with maproom happy hour last night with

i got some great news and i needed to celebrate with some vodka.

go me.

after maproom we headed to dive bar to meet up with more of our friends (the klutz, court, hatchel, captain, the jerk, jeremy, the jen's and jon), and watch the browns preseason game against the bears.

hilarity and drunkenness soon followed.

jon and lara - see? bears and browns fan do get along

court and the klutz

umm. umm. umm. umm. old school dance party?

captain, jeremy, hatchel and court

well kids, i hope you all have a wonderful labor day weekend.

i want you to unplug your computer, enjoy the beautiful weather, drink some beer, and eat a hot dog.

and that's an order


  1. euw hot dog. Thats our lunch special at work today. Like, its some big giant treat! OMG! they're serving HOT DOGS downstairs! The best part is that they advertise its 12 weight watchers points, which from my understanding is a lot.

    but obviously I know nothing about points since I gained 18lbs back.

    I'll have some vodka instead, this counts!

  2. 12 WW points is like...half of what you can eat in a DAY.

    And nope, nothing wrong with pondering, my sweet.

  3. I'm all for reflection and pondering. Write away! As for that order -- I cannot wait to fulfill it! Have a fun weekend Alexa!

  4. I hope a dance party breaks out at my house today!

  5. I've said it before, I'll say it again. I love, love, love all of your random nicknames for people. Love.

  6. Innnnteresting that someone would call you emo after you mocked my (varied) musical tastes.

  7. Football weekend! Lots of tailgaiting to happen in t minus 12 hours! LOL

  8. Can't really picture you as emo. Hmmm....nope, no Alexa emo coming to mind. And yes a girl can reflect whenever she wants!

    Have a wonderful weekend lady!

  9. You're wearing skinny jeans and an ironic t shirt that says "poet" right now, aren't you?

  10. LiLu - no but I bet she is wearing black.


    Now I feel bad - I didn't mean to sound like a jerk! Just making sure the Queen of Cleveland wasn't in a funk.

  11. narm - i am wearing black. too easy i tell you.

    and you didn't sound like a jerk narmy, it was sweet that you even noticed. you're my favorite.

  12. I think I'll take your advice this weekend... lots of alcohol, less blogging, and a shitload of sun? Sounds like a plan to me!

    Also? I love skinny jeans.

  13. I want to eat hot dogs and go to an old school dance party. DAMN YOU ALEXA!

  14. I get to work all weekend long but monday will head out to Oktoberfest! Hope you have a great one!

  15. I hope you're having a fantastic weekend! I went to a wedding this weekend, and I am waiting in the airport for my flight to ATL, then Memphis, then back home. I work tomorrow, but this weekend has been a nice break.

    Have fun!

  16. Must admit I got a kick out of seeing the dance photo.

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