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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

seriously, it's september? how did that happen?

summer, i'm not ready to say goodbye to you quite yet.

yesterday morning as i was walking to my car in my dress, cardigan and open toed heels i felt a tinge of cold on my bare legs, and was immediately reminded of the fact that i'm going to have to start wearing tights and a coat soon.

and then i pouted and kicked a rock on the sidewalk like a 6 year old.

now don't get me wrong, there are some redeeming qualities for the fall - browns football, pumpkins, halloween, bonfires and apple cider but there is one thing that rises above the rest for me.

pinot noir.

you see i have this odd habit where for one half of the year i strictly drink white wine (during the warmer months) and the other half of the year i strictly drink red wine (during the colder months), and once i make the switch i can't go back till the weather turns.

because of this weird ritual i haven't had a sip of pinot noir since end of march and to say i'm craving it would be an understatement.

so i think it's time, time to say goodbye to summer and to savignon blanc and hello to fall and some delicious reds.

there's just something about getting all cozy on the couch, candles burning, wrapped in a blanket with a nice glass of red watching the new fall lineup.

welcome back purple lips, i've missed you!

what have you missed about the fall?


  1. I thought I was the only one that did that with reds and whites. Everyone in my circle either always drinks reds or always drinks whites. I was looking at my wine stash this weekend, thinking, I cant wait to get back to my reds! Not that I am ready for the cold weather again, just ready to drink a glass of nice red wine.

  2. Oh, how I miss the fall!

    Didn't you know? In San Diego our seasons run differently. There's only one you see.

    We call it "70 and Sunny" and it happens year round.

    But this blog makes me remember all the things about my favorite season that I miss so much!

    Still doesn't keep me away from my Cabs & Merlots though! No way, jose! :)

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  4. Now I want to watch Love Actually.


    I love fall. There is nothing better than fall in Nova Scotia. NOTHING!

    (Come visit, kay?)

  5. fall = my favorite time of year because:

    1. Browns Football [this cannot be stated too much]

    2. Like you I have a strict alcohol selection. Summer it is Vodka Tonic and Winter it is Bourbon and Water. I cannot have Bourbon in the summer and I don't drink Vodka in the winter. Can't wait to get a new bottle of bourbon

    3. The arrival of the baby is a good reason to like fall.

    4. My birthday.

  6. If I followed your logic (?), I'd be sober half the year ... I'm allergic to red wine. Wah! I love opening the windows during fall and sleeping under piles of blankets. Though, the last few nights, it also means the dog refuses to sleep at the foot of the bed and demands to curl up next to me!

  7. Fall is my favorite time of the year. Let's start with the fact that fall clothes are much better with the fancier color and more sophisticated designs, then the drinks are better ( i still drink white wine in fall, i cant help it ). Beside with all the cooler climates, it soothes my temper :P

  8. I do that too with the wine. And I miss you in the fall.

  9. I am slowly getting over the fact that summer is over and it was even more evident this morning when I flipped my calendar to September. I do really love fall too, just wasn't ready for it to come so quickly. I've missed my grandfathers homemade applebutter, the feeling you get from being outside on a crisp fall day, the sound of leaves crunching underfoot.

  10. i absolutely love fall (probably because i'm a november baby)and everything about it - the clothes, the drinks, the sports, the holidays (who doesn't love holidays centered around food?). the only thing that disappoints me is when there's an indian summer - it has to be cold!

  11. In no particular order: Browns football, pumpkin beer, wearing tights with dresses, pinot noir, new boots, leaves...what I haven't missed is the sun glare coming in from the westside on 90 each morning.

  12. I do the same thing with my wine drinking.

    I miss:

    wearing boots
    fall jackets
    football season
    patterson's apple farm

  13. kelli - you and me both, i'm thinking tonight is going to start it off for me.

    baby - are you just torturing me with your 70 and sunny? i think you are. haha.

    ben - don't tempt me, or you'll end up with a drunk loud greek girl on your front steps wanting to play with your pups

    quarter thrower - you seem to have A LOT of positives for fall right now, i can understand why you are excited. now lets get that baby out!

    nilsa - sober half the year? pish posh.

    andhari - i am *kinda* excited to rock the new fall clothes. and be able to wear scarves again without people thinking i'm trying to be a hipster

    poo poo - i miss you in the summer, fall, winter and spring. beat that.

    mandy - ok you just made me excited for fall with the leaves and apple butter. it's creeping up on me...

    katelyn - oh you bring up november, i forgot how much i love thanksgiving!

    muffin - we think alike i think we should be best friends. oh wait, we already are. xoxo

    allison - let's get together and drink a big fat bottle of red wine together very soon. also can we go to patterson's apple farm together?

  14. Do you mean "pinot" noir? I think you must be spiking your coffee this morning. I dunno, maybe you're writing about vintage hatchbacks...

  15. mel - HAHA, hilarious - thanks for pointing that out. i'm such a jackass - i need an editor/proofreader like whoa. c

    can you imagine what a "pinto noir" would actually taste like?

  16. I miss football the most in fall. I don't miss the weather and I certainly don't miss that after fall comes winter. Bleck! I guess Halloween is the other thing I miss :)

  17. ha ha ha! I love the wine lips! Well not really, but you know what i mean. I've missed jackets. I love me some jacket-weather. I have more jackets than one person reasonable needs, and a very small window in which to wear them all.

  18. Yeah for fall arriving! I'm getting ready to hit Starbucks for their Pumpkin Spice Latte - that is what signals the start of fall for me.

    And have you ever tried La Crema or Sonoma pinot noir?? They're both excellent!

  19. Dudette! I drink pinot grigio ALLLLLLLL SUMMER and today was the first day where my mind was totally like, it's time to bust out the noir and shiraz! Twinsies!!!

    Also see: iced vs. hot coffee.

  20. i hate to say it, bc i'm a freeze baby and LOVE the hot weather, but fall is my favorite season. for all the right reasons: football, the fall fashions, curling up on the couch, my birthday, and knowing that the holidays are coming. i do NOT, however, like the fact that i'm sitting here and my toes are burning cold. no joke. they are seriously burning....cold.

  21. I'm totally with you - time to bring out the pinot noir!!

    I like the cool crisp air too - not cold, cool.

    But this doesn't sound good:

    Check Your Thermostats: Farmers' Almanac Predicts Numbing Cold For Much Of The Country

    (AP) Americans, you might want to check on their sweaters and shovels _ the Farmers' Almanac is predicting a cold winter for many of you.

    The venerable almanac's 2010 edition, which goes on sale Tuesday, says numbing cold will predominate in the country's midsection, from the Rocky Mountains in the West to the Appalachians in the East.

    Managing Editor Sandi Duncan says it's going to be an "ice cold sandwich."

    "We feel the middle part of the country's really going to be cold _ very, very cold, very, very frigid, with a lot of snow," she said. "On the East and West coasts, it's going to be a little milder. Not to say it's going to be a mild short winter, but it'll be milder compared to the middle of the country."

  22. I miss football season, too. But I miss the Steelers =)

  23. At this point, I'm craving the fall like it's nobody's business. Between the heat wave and the CA fires, summer has overstayed its welcome.

  24. You are totally positive.

    Fall scares me because it leads to WINTER! Accck!

    I do enjoy Starbucks fall drinks (hello, salted caramel hot chocolate) and my BIRTHDAY!!!

  25. Here in Texas, we pretty much just have summer and "a little less like summer" with three actually cold days thrown in just to make sure that everyone is an idiot on the road.

    And I still drink red wine pretty much all the time. Pinot noir, I love you.

  26. I like your idea about the wine... I think I may have to borrow it! I love Autumn because I can throw a small jacket on and not sweat my ass off!

  27. Purple lips... purple teeth... here I come!

    Love it!

  28. oh yanno, EVERYthing. fall is my favorite!

  29. The fall is perfect for reds! I love fall so it was good for me to feel that cool breeze today.

  30. I love the fall.

    Been waiting on football and gray-skied mornings.

  31. Ahh, wine mouth. And ahh, fall. I love them both. I'm especially excited about USC football & bonfires on the weekends here in the midwest. But I can do without the cold weather, for sure.

  32. what an adorable post.

    I miss hot chai lattes and drawing my cardigan tighter around me when it gets windy and also Target moccasins and cobalt blue jackets.

    oh and RED CHEEKS : )

  33. my sweaters!!! And cool days. Note I did not say cold days :-)

  34. I've missed so much about the fall, and it's not going to even start here for another month or two. Which majorly sucks because I love, love the fall and the weather and pumpkins and breaking out winter-ish clothes.

    I hope you're getting to enjoy your pinot noir now!

  35. I love snuggling under a comforter with my manfriend, having movie marathons in our pajamas because its too cold and rainy to leave the house! bonfires, and cider and brandy! mmmm

  36. What do I miss about Fall?

    I miss wearing my favorite leather stiletto boots.
    I miss my leggings :(
    I miss hot french-vanilla coffee.

    &&& that's about it. Being a Floridian, I don't really care for the cold weather. (Yes, "cold" to me is about 65)

  37. I miss wearing hoodies and watching football. Both are the BEST parts of autumn. Cannot wait to have the fall back. It is, by far, my favorite season.

  38. i sort of miss wearing my jeans. and my sweats when i'm at home. i love fall clothes. but i love summer clothes too. i'm quite torn actually.

  39. One word, boots. Also? Tights. Lastly? Making the new freshman at the local college cry.

  40. Oooh, I'm so there with you on the "red = cold months / white = warm months" wine thing :)

    What do I miss about fall months? Candy corn, pumpkin spice lattes, cinnamon scented candles, wearing a scarf sans the winter coat. . .etc etc ETC!


  41. cardigan time is back! - where did the summer go?

  42. I miss me some hoodie weather! Love hoodies!

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