i love you rudy's fly-buy

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

random fact #892 about me: i worked at a convenience store in college.

now before you think of me flipping hot dogs and filling up an icee machine, i want to let you know i didn't work at your average convenience store.

i'm not talking about a circle K, a 7-eleven, or a UDF - i worked at a magical convenience store on the university of dayton campus called rudy's fly-buy.

my convenience store (pictured above), was totally student run on a day to day operational basis, and i was the VP of public relations/marketing. basically i planned 3-on-3 basketball tournaments, the taste of rudy's and many cookout events for my fellow classmates.

heck, we even expanded to a second campus location on my watch - entrepreneurs baby.
i also worked shifts throughout the week where i would man the counter ringing up hungover kids gatorade, fountain drinks, bulk candy, frozen pizza's and cigarettes.

it was the absolute perfect job for a social butterfly like me.

all my friends came and visited, i got to see who was with who, who bought what and flirt with all my crushes by giving them free fountain drinks. i also got to blare my awesome music choices through the outdoor speakers.

i may or may not have blown more than one set of said speakers though.

during the summer between my junior and senior year i decided that we needed picnic tables in on the patio outside the entrance and i painted those bad boys by hand - UD red and blue baby.

i sound like a great employee don't i?

weeeeeeeeellllllllll - i also fudged somethings.

like too many times to count after closing down bw3's or tim's i went with friends and opened the store at 3am to get late night food. leaving a list of items for me to ring up in the morning and add to "my tab" (i.e. flyer express).

i will forever have an image of one of my guy friends stuffing multiple bomb burritos and digiorno pizzas down his pants thinking i wouldn't notice.

randomly, i even picked up boys by working at rudy's.

"oh, you want to know what rudy's looks like in the dark?" i would say, "well i can show you, i have a key...."

what happens in the walk in cooler, stays in the walk in cooler.

so as i'm sitting here in my rudy's fly-buy tie dyed '02 "homecoming isn't dead" t shirt i couldn't help but reminisce about being a clerk at a convenience store at the best university in the world.

too bad it closed in '07 after 17 years of operation...

shit, i hope it wasn't because of the stolen bomb burritos and pizza.


  1. "oh, you want to know what rudy's looks like in the dark?"


  2. I don't it was the pizza that did it, but possibly the bomb burritos.

  3. as if i needed another reason to love you. we should have been friends when we were both there. i'm certain you sold me a fountain pop or 20.

  4. "i will forever have an image of one of my guy friends stuffing multiple bomb burritos and digiorno pizzas down his pants thinking i wouldn't notice."

    He was just trying to impress you with his burrito bulge.

  5. alexa, you forgot to thank your mom for picking up your "tab!" thank you stepho for two years full of fountain drinks and bulk candy. i had nothing to do with the bomb burritos and digiorno pizzas. go college!

  6. We are enemies this week.


    Thats all.

  7. Where have I been?! I didn't know they closed down Rudy's!! What's the deal with that? So, so sad.

  8. God that was awesome. Late night at Rudy's was the best! How did we not get caught? Wasn't it next door to the campus police station?

  9. Yes Teen, I was thinking that when she said 'stolen'. If my mind serves me right there was quite a large tab to be paid at the end! Ooh Alexa, this is just 'TMI' I am shaking my head in disbelief at you...again...ha.

  10. the late night snacks were the best....i will never forget the infamous quote by meghan c. "I had 2 hot pockets...i mean 1 lean pocket"

  11. I LOVE that Stepho said "TMI" That's awesome.

    Maybe you should open your own Rudy's? At the University of Utah?

  12. I pictured that entire story in black and white, a la Clerks.

  13. If the old walk in cooler could talk. It would probably complain about having lung cancer...

  14. Is that a frozen burrito in your pants or are you...oh...it IS a burrito.

  15. I've been thinking about my college jobs a lot lately...one of them being not dissimilar from yours. I worked at Main Street Gourmet in Oxford. A wine and coffee shop. It was awesome. I didn't bring boys there (missed opportunity) but I had happy hour Europe trip-planning sessions with my girlfriends. Awesome.

  16. Working at the Whataburger near UTEP in El Paso, Texas? So not the same...

  17. You rock and your mom's comments on your blog are always awesome. I adore you.

  18. Fuck fashion school. I missed out on all this stuff. I dated a guy who went to Boulder and he was always eating hot pockets at 3 am.

  19. My favorite 7-11 convenience store will never be the same after hearing about this awesome place.

  20. Wait, you're a social butterfly? No shit.

  21. Sooo... random comment, but I'm moving to Toledo. If Cleveland's a Plum, then des that make Toledo the pits? Because it is. the. pits. Please tell me it's gonna be ok.

  22. My mom's from Dayton. I have spent so much time in that city (mainly at the Marriott), but I have never seen your convenient store. Also, I totally would have fallen for your pickup line...and I'm a girl :)

  23. and i thought working at the gym on campus was a hot spot, that sounds like an amazing job, love it.

  24. peter - you are a floozy

    little ms blogger - crap, that's what i was afraid of...

    ANG - we should have been friends while we were there. how did this not happen??

    lacochran - now that comment made me laugh

    teen - stepho does deserve much respect, obvy.

    matt - while i love the browns above all, the broncos head coach is from my hometown so i gotta semi root for him right?

    sarah - flyer enterprises decided to to focus on other student run businesses instead i guess. so sad.

    poopoo - we didn't get caught cause i had a key and the alarm code, duh.

    mom - you love me.

    laura - that line beginning of junior year will forever be one of my all time favorite quotes from college. i'm seriously laughing out loud right now thinking about it.

    marie - but you are MY hero.

    georgia - god, what kind of monster have i created?

    spin doctor - funny that you said that! i had a clerks reference in the post prior to editing. it's so relevant.

    justjp - i don't get it...

    narm - a big burrito

    TKTC - aren't those memories the best? aw, college.

    luli - shhhhh don't tell anyone.

    shine - but you had burgers! i only had frozen white castle. ha.

    mandy - i adore you more.

    elizabeth - don't mess with a man and his late night hot pocket.

    lbluca - i'm sorry i ruined it for you.

    AAB - you aren't either...

    carrie lea - uh oh, you may be right.

    brooke - i've got moves you've never seen before

    katelin - it was an amazing job, i was a lucky girl.

  25. Random fact about me? I've never eaten a burrito.

  26. It sounds like an awesome job for college. Deliciously fun, especially the late night raids of food.

  27. Wow you lured guys out in walk in coolers? You're definitely my new role model :)

  28. I also loved my college job, but yours is clearly way kewler so I won't even bother to explain... Moving on now.

  29. "what happens in the walk in cooler, stays in the walk in cooler" - love it!

  30. I loved Rudy's!! I can't believe they closed it... those late nights were the BEST! also that we would DRIVE from 35 to rudy's. soooo lazy but awesome. *sigh*

  31. That's awesome! We had a little store near my dorm on LSU's campus like this, but nowhere near as cool. It also wasn't run by students.

    Glad it was such a good experience for you!

  32. Oh, man.

    I love UD. SO HARD.

    My favorite Flyer Enterprise was the Blend, though. Amazing coffee in the library. Mmm.

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