lexa and maxie take over cleveland, and this blog post.

Monday, September 28, 2009


friday evening as i cleaned my apartment and waited anxiously for my friends maxie and lexa to arrive i paused and thought about this blog and how if i never started the plum these awesome people that were visiting me wouldn't be in my life.

even if i decide to shut this blog down tomorrow i'm so thankful for all the awesome friends i made through this little social media project of mine.

(cue sappy tears of joy)

once my emo moment passed on friday i quickly twisted open a jug of carlo and rossi sangria (classy) and waited.

narm came over around 11pm which with both of us combined created the best cleveland welcoming committee ever. so when i heard maxie and lexa rolling their luggage down my hallway i jumped out of my chair mid conversation with narm and ran to greet them.

i even flashed my underwear to maxie in the process of jumping up and down with joy while in my dress. talk about a welcome present.

wine was immediately poured and laughter was immediately heard.

narm, lexa and maxie on my deck - pardon the grainy blackberry picture quality

after multiple bottles of wine the music started to get louder and we started to whip out our cellphones - drunk dialing our blog friends obviously.

we also happened to make friends with boys on an adjacent deck in the building next to mine, going as far as to inviting them over at 3am.

don't ask.

saturday i made a delicious sausage egg bake for brunch and we chilled at my apartment for a bit before heading out to explore cleveland.
with stops at the west side market, rock and roll hall of fame area, banyan tree and the cleveland bridge project i think i gave the girls a great tour of the city.

(sidenote: the cleveland bridge project was AMAZING. such a cool hip event, i hope it happens again soon)

after some needed nap time our saturday evening plans started with @lzone joining us for dinner at michael symon's lola restuarant. with lexa being a DC foodie we let her pick the restaurant and i was obviously happy about her choice - i think she was too. maxie and lzone ordered the hangar steak, lexa the pork and myself the scallops. all of which were glorious.

the pear martini was delicious as well - too bad i broke the martini glass though. i promise to buy you another one to replace it michael symon.

after dinner the girls and i headed to suite sixx on west 6th for my friend lippe's birthday party. seeing as lippe is one of the plum's biggest fans as well as an avid blog reader in general she was very excited to meet the ladies.

lippe, the birthday girl (in the middle) with some of her friends which are girls i don't know other than the lovely kelly on the left

maxie, lexa and lzone at suite sixx

we picked up some more friends at suite sixx in lara and karate jon before we tackled the rain and made our way to touch supper club in ohio city for old school hip hop night with my favorite djs mick boogie and terry urban.

touch was a blast as always, we danced our asses off and i don't think i have ever sweated so much on the dance floor which was exactly why i wanted to murder this photographer who was taking pictures of the dance floor (specifically where me and my friends were dancing) every two seconds.

i politely asked him to stop taking pictures of me to which he said no (shocking), but wasn't too happy when i went to take a picture of him... hypocrite. i'll refrain from posting the picture i took of him, he doesn't deserve the plum real estate.

lexa and @lzone - sweating to the hip hop

muffin and gina taking a break from dancing upstairs at touch

aside from losing maxie only to find her "resting" in the bathroom and me not taking nearly enough pictures the night went off without a hitch, although i'm disappointed that lexa didn't cuddle me when we were sleeping.

sunday morning brought us brunch time with myself, lexa, maxie, the klutz and selvaggio heading to melt in lakewood for lots of good food and laughing about selvaggio being old and maxie being young, followed by shopping at big fun and flower child.

i didn't have nearly enough time at the flower child retro shop which may quickly become one of my favorite stores in cleveland - i simply can't wait to go back.

and thus wraps up the XXX's weekend fun and i can't thank maxie and lexa enough for coming to visit. i love them so much and was sad to say bye - luckily i'll be in DC in october so we'll all be united again.

have a great week kids!


  1. Dude, that sounds like a completely awesome weekend! Also, I've never been to Cleveland, but it sounds pretty great. Good food city?

  2. That looks AND sounds like a bad ass weekend! Glad you ladies had fun!!

  3. What a weekend! Ahh, Lola, how I miss thee! I talk about Michael Symon and his brilliance with bacon all the time!
    Did you make friends with the new neighbors?

  4. You really can never go wrong with Maxie and Lexa. It's just impossible.

    Glad you ladies had an awesome weekend!

    And can't wait to see you Ms. Alexa in October!

  5. See, now I'm pissed I didn't reply to your text until Saturday. I missed out on drunk dialed entertainment.

  6. You should ahve titled this post LEXA'S BOOBS.

    They are pretty awesome though. I get it from my momma.

    I promise to cuddle you next time.

  7. I hate you all.

    Also, you're pretty.

  8. Pretty sure you blew Cleveland's wad on the weekend - what to do if they come back again?

    Amazing meeting you two - hope we can do it again soon and I can partake in the shenanigans. Except the dancing, for everyone's sake.

  9. I also had a little meet-up with a blogger this weekend. But, I can pretty much guarantee that mine was not nearly as off the wall as yours. You never cease to amaze me.

  10. a clusterfuck of awesomeness. i can't WAIT for october.

  11. I, again, agree with Lexa. Completely.

    I feel like this is becoming a pattern today.

  12. Awww wow, sounds like such an amazing weekend ! Hanging out with the coolest peeps :) Yay !

  13. Sounds like so much fun!

    And...October, you say?

  14. haha. maxie "resting" in the bathroom?

  15. Had fun hanging with the cooooolest ladies from the Land of Blog.

    P.S. - I may be old, but my skin is still supple...thanks to Dove.

  16. I agree with brookem, sounds like a great weekend!

  17. You guys were at touch on Saturday night too??? How did I miss you?! We were there as well. Sad.

  18. ARG! It sounds like you guys had such fun.

    I want to go to a bloggy meet up!

  19. hmmmm you didnt have the mac and cheese at lola? I'd take a bath in it, and still eat it. mmmmm

    Sounds like a lot of fun! the only cool place ive been in cleveland is garage bar. I havnt been to 'the flats' since i was a youngin!

  20. the Cleveland Bridge Project was awesome....did you get a chance to see Woyzeck piece while there?

  21. alexa.....no need to worry about the glass...i hope you had fun at lola...cheers...msymon

  22. You had me at sausage egg bake . . .

  23. sounds like the perfect weekend. especially since everyone's friend carlo rossi was in attendance as well, you can't really go wrong there, haha.

  24. Isn't it a ton of fun to meet other bloggers? I think it needs to happen more often.

  25. hey, alexa, i got photo tagged, and i'm tagging you in return! can't wait to see your 10th photo!


  26. Isn't it mind blowing the people our blogs have brought into our lives? I think thats the best part of the blogging community.

  27. ALEXA!! Thanks for coming to my party AND bringing the bloggers! I was SOO excited to meet them!! And, love my little shout-out! :)

  28. You're an amazing hostess! Seriously taking them around to visit all the hot spots and introduce them to new people are way to go! I'd like to visit too..I adore your blog..

    Ps. Please elaborate on maxie resting in the rest room haha

  29. it was so awesome meeting the XX's! i had a freaking blast! by the time we got to touch my vodka tonics kicked in and we didn't stay much longer...that akron 1/2 marathon literally kicked my a$$.

    you are always so much fun to hang out with!


  30. I'm obsessed with Michael Symon, despite having never been to ANY of his restaurants. I interned at Cleveland Magazine for a summer and it made me love him and his food by proxy... God, I gotta get home!

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