my labor day weekend in cleveland

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

the cleveland weather gods blessed us with a picture perfect weekend - the best weather anyone could have asked for. well monday night got all rainy, but it made me feel not guilty to stay inside and lounge.

so i'm not quite sure how i am going to recap friday, saturday, sunday and monday in one post - but i'm going to try.

to my blogger friends: this may be totally boring for you to read

to my non-blogger friends and or online stalkers: you will find this fabulous

the scene: cubby and martha's house/backyard in lakewood
the food: cookout grub - hamburgers, hotdogs, etc

the people: too many to name here

we hungout, laughed a lot, drank girly beer (michelob ultra pomegranate raspberry), and played with fire. the fire, and my fire stick, were my obvious highlights.

martha, the klutz and kim - back decking it

cubby, head lamp for guidance and all, starting the fire

the klutz, babs, mrs verdova, cubby, mr verdova and bo

some of the boys, being boys

muffin's cookout/backyard shoes. although she did get bonus points for wearing my cleveland's a plum t-shirt - have you bought yours yet?

the scene: bo and babs's house/backyard in tremont
the food: queso con carne dip, crab rangoons, salsa stuff, pasta salad, brisket sandwiches and oreo dirt deliciousness

the people: too many to name here

a few key thing from this party need mentioning:
- me, babs, beaver and heather completely dominating muffin, mr and mrs verdova, DBLB, and dan in partini
- another fire (YAY!)
- a university of dayton (my alma mater) vs everyone else flipcup game where the UD alumni didn't even allow "everyone else" to win one game. go flyers!
- a lone cubby verse 8 girls flipcup game where cubby drank and successfully flipped 8 cups beating all the girls. that was a bit embarrassing for us.
- a dude who i have never met picking a fight with me during boys vs girls flipcup because he "hated me". as if that's possible... don't worry we called a truce.

muffin, martha wearing heels, and the klutz

"everyone else" on the left verse the dayton kids on the right

captain, brooke, babs, martha, the jerk, muffin, mr verdova and steve - ya know, just some of the UD flipcup champions

the scene: the superior viaduct, whiskey island/sunset grille, w 6th
the food: late night panini sandwiches (a bacon egg and cheese for me, um yum) - oh and brunch with cubby and martha at the west side market cafe
the people: muffin, erin, lastic, the klutz and i - and various guest appearances

just when i thought i couldn't go out again after friday and saturday i got a third wind for sunday. party up. it was fun times out at whiskey island, and even more fun people watching. unfortunately i didn't take many pictures.

lastic, erin, the klutz and muffin at sunset grille

the scene: crocker park
the food: aladdin's eatery
the people: muffin, the klutz and i

we grabbed some lunch, and after i found out that swirl cupcakes in crocker has pinkberry style frozen yogurt and that just about made my month. so damn good.

after the lunch and fro-yo we went and saw my boy jason bateman in Extract. the movie wasn't the best, but bateman showed some michael bluthesque characteristics so i could sit through it to watch him alone.


end scene.

shit, back to the daily work grind.

have a good week kids, just think - it's only a four day week.


  1. Wow with a weekend that good, I think anyone's gonna be smiling for the rest of the week :) your life is fab!

  2. I'm torn on wanting to see Extract.

    I have a bro-crush on Jason Bateman.

    But I fear that, if it sucks, it will somehow wreck my Office Space love. I mean, Affleck is in it and some dude gets hit in the junk with a projectile...

  3. michelob ultra anything reminds me of summer. have you tried the catcus lime one?

  4. You get rained on yesterday?

    Great recap. Mmm...Crab Rangoons.

  5. Sounds like a great weekend, Mine was good, but not nearly that good. I should take lessons from you.

  6. I'm a little sad in my heart that I had to miss out and wondering if we need to start a new t.v. show called "Cubby Vs."?

  7. What a fun weekend!!

  8. what did you get at Aladdin's? you know I need food deets.

  9. Looks like a fun weekend sorry I missed it:(

  10. man, i'm used to some pretty packed weekends, but you fit a LOT of awesome into one weekend! :-)

  11. Wait, there's a pom-flavored beer and it's ultra, as in light? Why don't I know about this? Can't focus. Must stop by store on the way home.

  12. Who the EFF said he hated you? Oh, it's on. ;)

  13. Um, sounds like a pretty awesome damn weekend! And one guy beat 8 girls in flip cup?! WOW. THAT IS IMPRESSIVE. So impressive it deserved all caps.

  14. Hey it's Brett's friend John from Sunday night. Good times at Whiskey Island. Great blog!!

  15. you had a completely opposite weekend from me i spent it quietly lounging. It was a nice change, but I do miss the action!

    Alladins. mmmmmm! yummeee!

    yes four days they can hurry up and get here too!!!

  16. michelob ultra pomegranate raspberry just made me LOL. seriously? love you guys!

  17. Looks like you had fun! I love Aladdins!

  18. um that sounds like a fabulous weekend. but man i am horrible at flip cup, i refuse to play ever i am truly that bad, haha.

  19. Pom Raspberry Michelob Ultra? WTF? WHERE???

    I think I got that backwards. I don't care. I'm too high on the wireless fumes.

    Happy Anniversary LOVER!!! High Five!

  20. Looks like a great weekend. I know SO MANY people going back to Cleveland this fall for weddings. Maybe I should hitch a ride?

  21. You are a rockstar. I am pretty sure that if I had the weekend you did, I would have called in sick today to recuperate. Here's to a short weekend!

  22. Who's the dumbbutt who said he hated you? I'll smack him.

    We should have more long weekends and they need to be like yours.

  23. Um, I am just a little bit jealous of your life.

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