best of cleveland party, DC for pb and tuna, and jay z taking over CLE

Saturday, October 24, 2009

what am i doing blogging on a saturday?

i have no idea - blame the cold medicine.

i've been admittedly a horrible blogger this past week having not recapped some of the fabulous things i've been participating, in some of which occurred over a week ago - oops.

even now i'm going to take the easy way out and just post some pics, you'll have that.

so remember when cleveland magazine voted me best blog in cleveland? well they did, and last friday they threw me
a party to celebrate at the rock n roll hall of fame.

it was a packed event, tons of people, tons of food and drinks and very fun music - i would go again.

muffin, MOB, the klutz and court at the best of party at the rock hall

my friends and fellow best of cleveland winners CLE Clothing Co - buy their shirts!
last saturday found me hoping a flight from CLE to DC for a night to see maxie and lilu get "married".

my dearest
lexa was kinda enough to host me and matt for the night and i had so much fun my head was buzzin' from all the people i was meeting for the first time. or maybe it was the gallon of carlo and rossi sangria we drank before we headed to the bar...

either or.

the list 35+ bloggers in attendance at the blessed wedding event is just too many to list right now, but trust me in saying that it was simply wonderful getting to meet and hangout with bloggers that i have been reading for years.

the happy couple, lilu and maxie!

some of my favorite lady blogger friends - shine, (girl that i don't know, sorry!), lilu, katie, maxie, alice, PQ, lexa and marie.

at brunch the next morning where i may or may not have drank 4 bacon bloody mary's - lexa, katie, cavy, maxie, jenn, f.B. and lilu

as quickly as i arrived in DC i left, and brought some sort of sickness home to cleveland with me but that couldn't stop be from attending the jay-z concert this past thursday night at the wolstein center in cleveland.

i've mentioned it before and i'm sure i'll mention it again - i love jay z.

i love him A LOT.

thankfully investigator muffin got us some excellent pre-pre-sale tickets and we had killer seats.

with this being the second time i've seen HOVA live in concert i kinda knew the awesomeness that was about to happen but throw in the 11th row center floor seats and my expectations were exceeded.

jay z is amazing. his stage presence, his swagger, his talent, his band, his extensive song catalog, his humor, his ability to keep 9,000 plus people dancing and singing nonstop is breathtaking to watch.

yes, breathtaking. all hip hop fans know what i'm talking about.

here are some pics i took from the concert...

jay z came out hard with "run this town" and "DOA (death of autotune)" off his blueprint 3 album


did i mention lebron was on stage for the majority of the concert? well he was, and was rapping every single word of every single song

pharell from N.E.R.D (who was an opening act) joined jay z on stage as well

lebron showing off his guns while shawn carter provides the musical score

jay z and lebron - ya know, just hanging.

i have a ton of video that i want to post but for whatever reason i haven't been able to figure out how to export them with my new fancy camera - i'll post them when i do.

now if you'll excuse me i've got to go back to bed - mamma needs some rest after this past week.

and to think i haven't even recapped taco-thon '09 yet...


  1. Well, your life is beautiful! I saw Hanson a few days ago... & I was maybe as excited about that as you were about HOVA. Yes, I'm still down with Zac Hanson. I don't even care if someone calls him "dad."

    So nice to meet you at pbandtuna! I didn't make it into ANY photos, so it's sort of like I never existed, but... nice to meet everyone nonetheless! <3

  2. Girl! You have been BUSY! :) Good for you for having so much fun!

  3. Wow! Looks like you were super close to Jay-Z and Lebron. That is pretty friggin' awesome lady!

    It was so good to see you! I hope you're feeling better.

  4. The girl your missing is JerzeyGrrl.

    Thank you so much for coming-- it was an excellent weekend. You need to upload some pics to flickr or picasa or something... I feel like there are still photos floating around that I haven't seen yet!

  5. Those are crazy, the wedding and Jay-Z!

    Seriously, I would have cried on the spot. I'm a huge fan!

  6. I can die a happy woman now that I've completed my life goal of being in a picture on the plum :) haha. So great to finally meet you -- miss you!

  7. That Lebron is one good looking guy.

  8. But... what was LeBron doing on stage?

  9. You are all kinds of awesome. It was great meeting you.

  10. It was great to FINALLY meet you!!


  11. Have I told you lately how much I hate you (and hate how much fun your life seems)? 'Cause I do. It had to be said.

  12. Wow! Sounds like fun!!And the rock and roll hall of fame is such a great venue! I'm sure you haad a great time.


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