bring ben to cleveland for the gay games in 2014

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

a couple weeks back my lover from the north ben from no ordinary rollercoaster decided to let his readers ask him ANY question to which he would answer said question with a video response.

excited to be able to see ben's adorable face so prominently place on my my blog i quickly came up with the following question for him to answer:

so cleveland has just been announced to host the GAY GAMES in 2014.

now while i love my gays, you know this, i can't help but think about will ferrell doing the ribbon dance routine in the gymnasium during the movie old school every time i think about the gay games.

is this a problem? haha.

so what is your take on the gay games?

are you going to be representing Canada in 2014? if so, what event will you be competing in?

please tell me the ribbon dance. PLEASE.

if you aren't competing i can expect you to visit me in cleveland in 2014 right?

yeah, i kinda asked more than one question, sue me.

i wasn't quite sure what to expect from bennie and the jets in regard to an answer but i couldn't be happier with the results - he's so hilarious and my love for him has only grown.

i don't want to spoil too much of the video for you but the following topics are discussed:
- shirtless men and short shorts
- lesbians

- what ben really thinking cleveland is really like

- sponsorship bribery opportunities
- awesome math skills

- the word bitchin'

just watch....

NOR Video for from Benjamin Boudreau on Vimeo.

thanks for answering my question ben - you are my hero for making all of these videos.

now if you can excuse me, i have some phones calls to make to get you that free trip to the cleveland for the gay games in 2014 - just know that if it doesn't work out, i have a very comfy couch for you to crash on.


  1. I have a smidge of a crush on Ben, I think. I am ok with it. Ben, are you reading this? Call me!

  2. Ha! I love that Ben selected outfits for our videos.

    (FYI: My vision of Cleveland is of Joe Walsh busking on a street corner while dozens of people in Browns jerseys mill about.)

  3. There's only one problem with this.

    You are going to be living in DC by 2014.

  4. I just stared at the green headband and all its awesomeness.

  5. Um, pretty much awesome. And ribbon dancing?! I think I will fly to Cleveland for a little of that action.

  6. Ohhhh, those shorts. I bet he'll be a big hit.

  7. Yes, I say Ben needs to come to Cleveland. Work on it Alexa!

  8. Fact: The Indian kid during the spirit dance scene > Will Ferrel ribbon dance.

  9. Bring it on, Cleveland. You make it happen and I'll be there.

    Jesus. I'll almost be 30.

  10. haha love the headband, and the anchor shirt, so fun.

  11. i want ben to wear that outfit every day.


  12. I love that he calls himself a slut then shows us his short shorts, ha.


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