d-ray and teen take over cleveland

Monday, October 12, 2009

this weekend three two of my best friends and roommates from college came to visit me in cleveland.

one from pittsburgh (teen) and another one (d-ray) from a town that i lovingly call "the bubble" but is actually grosse pointe, michigan.

reason #521 how you can tell d-ray is from the bubble, she wears MONOGRAMED LEATHER CLOGS!

d-ray's pink monogrammed clogs? PREPTASTIC! but don't expect me to be rocking AMH anytime soon... (we harass because we love).

sadly another one of our roommates seifs got sick last minute and had to cancel - we missed her though.

i'm a very lucky girl in that i met these two ladies freshman move in day at UD august 1998, we lived together all through college, i was a bridesmaid in d-ray's wedding a few years back, and will be in teen's wedding in april

i'm really good at being in and attending weddings if you guys haven't figured that out yet...

these two ladies are very important people in my life and the fact that they came to cleveland this weekend made me very happy - and d-ray is even pregnant with her second child, that's dedication!

everyone arrived saturday afternoon. and teen surprising me with her mother's famous chicken dip, my favorite snack in college (thanks mrs t!). also, my mom made the trip from canton to hangout with us for the afternoon cause i think she loves teen and d-ray as much as i do.

after stopping at phoenix coffee to say hi to my CLE clothing friends and for my mom to buy a plum tshirt we headed to bar cento for lunch. sidenote: i never realized how many of my favorite restaurants aren't open for lunch on saturday...

arriving at bar cento i informed the group that we needed to get the pomme frites and the sunnyside pizza which everyone was glad i recommended. veggie burgers, ohio beef burgers and acorn squash ravioli was also consumed.

and wine, don't forget the wine - none for d-day though, sorry friend.

another surprise d-ray and teen had for me was that they had purchased in advance the "cleveland's a plum" tshirt and had worn them to cleveland to make me blush.

teen, me and d-ray - i wasn't embarrassed at all taking this picture, (PSYCHE)

after a long lunch of catching up with did some shopping with stops at banyan tree, room service and duo home.

sidenote to the dude at duo home
: if you would have taken a moment from checking facebook during our entire visit in your store to say hello maybe we would have bought something. end rant.

saturday night brought us to a girls night out party at MOB's house in westpark.

our fabulous hostess MOB and her crazy wiener dog monti

there was tons of food and drinks, lots of catching up and laughing at ourselves.

one gem in particular: my very dear friend beaver thought that the gps system GARMIN was actual called a CARMEN and was a play off of "where in the world is carmen san diego" - i have no words, just snorting laughter for this one.

here are some pictures from the evening. i am absolutely IN LOVE WITH MY NEW CAMERA - it's a sony cyber-shot dsc-h20 - i still have so much more to learn about it though.

party people. party shot.

MOB, muffin and kate

beaver torturing monti the wonder dog

the klutz, babs and mrs. verdova having a dance party humpfest with MOB's boyfriend pete when he got home all bombed from an all day bachelor party. this is what happens when a boy walks into an all girls party

all the girls minus myself and court (not sure where she was) - mrs. verdova, the klutz, muffin, martha, kate, MOB, babs, the giff, beaver, teen and d-ray.

after i had multiple black cherry cruzan rum's and diet pepsi i was ready to cause a ruckus at the public house but thankful with d-ray's bun in the oven we needed to head back downtown. i thanked her in the morning for my lack of a hangover - the public house (or the blackout house as i call it) would have put me over the edge.

we woke up sunday and headed to brunch at the tremont taphouse with beaver. there's a reason i named it best brunch in cleveland - it never disappoints.

after brunch teen and d-ray headed back to their home states of michigan and pennsylvania and i headed to my couch. i'm so thankful that i got to hangout with them this weekend, we need to do it more often.

the last and final thing that i did on sunday was go see the movie WHIP IT with beaver - we really enjoyed it and i definitely recommend it to anyone. as i mentioned on twitter, i'm a sucker for all sports themed movies and my crush on everything that drew barrymore does officially continues. i guarantee that whip it is way better than couples retreat which got the most horrific reviews ever...

so that's my weekend in review, i hope you all had as good a weekend as i did.

but is it bad that i'm already counting down the minutes to friday's cleveland magazine best of cleveland party at the rock hall (did you buy your tickets yet?) AND my trip to DC on saturday to see my lovelies maxie and lilu get married?

didn't think so.

have a good week kids!


  1. Girls - I can't believe I missed it! I heard all about do's crazy shoes but the visual makes it that much better! I'm home sick from work today - still not sure what crud I have but I'm glad I didn't give it to any of you! (hack, hack) Lex - be checking your phone in a couple days for a special pic that I'll be sending - it will be me in my "arrival" for cleveland outfit.

  2. great post and the monogram shoes...priceless. had a great time. next reunion, pburgh in april. love you and miss you already. ps. you didn't hold my hand....

  3. seifs - if it's possible i think you got me sick all the way from dayton - i'm seriously coming down with something, not good. and i can't wait for the pic!

    teen - teen i'll see you waaaaaaaaaay before april dude. and while i may not have held your hand we totally snuggled on the couch. meow.

  4. HA. Monti the wonder dog!

    Cant wait for DC!

  5. Was that girl going to eat the wiener dog?

  6. I had the same experience at duo home - cute little store, but atrocious customer service, the man didn't even look up when I walked in. Too bad.

  7. Monti the wonder dog! Ha Ha And the picture of Pete is hysterical. Thanks for coming over it was a really great time!

  8. love that you always include so many links and references to cleveland shops/resto's. i've never been there but feel like i get to know this "plum" of a city through your posts!

    and those monogrammed clogs are sumthin else! maybe she was channeling a bit of Brad Pitt? http://www.shoemanychoices.com/uploaded_images/bradpittshoes.jpg

  9. MOST jealous of your DC trip. Give those biotches a hug for me!

  10. Wow, you did all that in a weekend?! Sounds fabulous, I need friends like youuu! The situation about 'Carmen' SanDiego is pretty much hilarious, & quite clever of your friend. Love it.

  11. hahah the clogs. LOVE. LOL. Looks ike a blast, i love friendssss weee!

  12. I am totally getting you a pair of clogs monogrammed with Facebook-esque hearts.

  13. Holy shit monogrammed leather clogs? That is too much, I must have them for Christmas. Goes well with the LV :)


  15. what a fun party! ARe those gobs on the table? if they are youll know what I mean.

    I'm so starved for them.

  16. Ohhh the party looks fun. I haven't gone to any house parties in a month and I'm having serious case of withdrawal and a bit tired of clubs. Sure there's always house dinner parties but never really anything that crazy these days. Maybe I should throw one?

    Your friends kick so much ass wearing the shirts to surprise you! You're really a big deal in your city, Miss!:)

  17. I had no idea monogrammed clogs existed. Someone is brave enough to wear them??!! Crazy...

  18. That fantastic! realy! these website is way better then everything I ever saw. Thanks admin.

  19. Great blog post! Thank you for sharing!

  20. Holy shit monogrammed leather clogs? That is too much, I must have them for Christmas.


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